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Amazing Race 20 – Ep 10 – “OK, I’m Gonna Ride You Now”

Route Markers
• I wish I had a dollar for every time JJArt or Army Wife had a confessional where they talked about how awesome they were and how much other teams sucked.
• Baby essentially reduced India to “the place where Gandhi lived and came from.” At least she didn’t go with Mowgli.
• Vanessa said that Ralph was one of the few boyfriends she has had that hasn’t crossdressed. Wha?!? I wonder, were they crossdressers before meeting her, or after? If after, then there’s time for Ralph to get fitted for the latest Vera Wang.
• Typical Dave 21st century thinking while making rope – “Ralph, why the hell are we doing this?” Because rope making is lady work, right Dave? And positive reinforcement is only for girlie men. Man, I can’t believe I have to root for this moron.
• How pointless were last week’s promos showing Vanessa falling? She got a scrape on her shoulder. Glad we wasted all that time. Although we do know that she may have big eyes, big hair and big boobs, but she does have a high tolerance for pain. That makes her an amazing Bond villain.
• Here’s a good thing about Vanessa – she loves elephants and monkeys. Well, it’s a better quality to focus on for once rather than the chest.
• Army Wife Rachel to the elephant – “Ok buddy, I’m gonna ride you now.” I respectfully refrain from double entendre here.
• In some country, there are probably bets being place on crap wheelbarrow races right this very second.
• Brendon has a skill! The man can operate a wheelbarrow. Congrats.
• Dave made a great move! To get the ferry to go before the others arrived, he bribed the ferryman. Nice. And he didn’t even have to go to the Underworld!

Order of Finish – Army Wife (10K each), Baby, Stalker, JJArt and Bopper (ELIMINATED)

Next week – The finale. The teams fight among themselves. Shocker. And a team arrives at the Mat having failed to properly complete a task, thus delaying a potential win. Oh, thanks for spoiling that, Show.

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