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Survivor: One World – Ep 12 – Blindsides Are Fun And Exciting…When It’s Not You

Treemail Top 10
• The loved ones. They are – Sabrina’s incredibly buff brother Tony, Alicia’s incredibly hot sister Leticia, Chelsea’s exactly as you pictured him dad Ken, Cha’s awesomely brave father Sung, Kim’s virtual twin sister Beth, Kitten’s pretty boy cousin Robby and Tarzan’s way too good for him wife Terri. My thoughts on them – if Tony is not an athlete, then he should be. Leticia needs to be cast on this show immediately. Kim’s family must be giants. And…
• …Tarzan and Terri are pretty amazing. In a true real reality moment, Tarzan got down on one knee as she came running out to greet him and they sort of melted into one another. She whispered to him not to ever leave her again (no All-Stars for Tarzan!) He said they were soulmates and that they loved James Bond movies, especially Quantum of Solace…oh, wait…no he said they experience a quantum entanglement with each other. Say what you will about Tarzan, but you can’t deny that he is a true Survivor character.
• What was with that green scarf that Sabrina was wearing that made her look like an extra from Lawrence of Arabia?
• Chelsea to her dad after he commented on her tan – “That’s not a tan, that’s dirt.” HA! And thank you, show, for the slow pan on her “tanned” body during the immunity challenge.
• Kim said after the reward that she needed to do some real damage control back at camp because of Kitten’s decision. Of course, Kim could have relinquished her spot on the reward for Tarzan, right?
• Loved the nature shot of the black lizard. Of course, I would love even more if there was an Avenger named Black Lizard.
• Nice moment between Tarzan and Kim in the Kitten boot plan – he said, “alright Boss Lady.” And she sheepishly told him to stop.
• Chelsea said it perfectly – Kitten uses being 22 as a crutch and an excuse for her immature behavior and decisions, but 22 is really not that young. Granted, at 22 I was a fall down drunk dumb ass, so I can’t really talk, but there are tons of 22 year olds who are not dumb asses. In fact, if I am not mistaken, past winners Jenna and Fabio were younger, and past winner Todd was the exact same age.
• And speaking of age, 28 is not old, Kitten. If it is, then I’m ready for the closest assisted living facility.
• Kitten’s biggest point in her exit interview, through her sobs, was not about game play or deep thoughts, it was outrage that she lost to Cha and Tarzan. There is a lot of time for her to learn self-awareness and I hope this show helped.

Votes – Kitten 6 (Kim, Alicia, Chelsea, Sabrina, Cha, Tarzan), Sabrina 1 (Kitten)

Next Week – Tarzan starts to lose it. Starts to? He’s also wearing Kitten’s pink shirt.

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