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American Idol, May 3 – Outlook for Remaining Top 4

Every American Idol season has one. A person who everyone expects to go each week, but who manages to hang on week after week. They appear in the final two or three week after week, but never go home. Sometimes they hang on until the bitter end at final three, but they never make final two. Season one it was Nikki McKibbin. Last season it was Haley Reinhart. Sure, she had a lot fans, but she also had that vacation home in the bottom two or three.

This season that spot belongs to Hollie Cavanagh. She’s had many weeks where she just wasn’t cutting it, but she’s always hung on. The question tonight didn’t seem so much “who will go home,” but “Will Hollie go home tonight, and if not, who will it be?” No one enjoyed the answer. Hollie fell in the bottom two again, but she once again lasted, this time watching her best friend on the show, Skylar Laine, go home. The judges seemed to feel everything we were feeling watching her leave. They didn’t want Hollie to leave, but they also knew Skylar deserved to stay.

Just like the natural-born performer she is, Skylar went out on a high note. She took that stage and rocked it out to Gunpowder and Lead. She gave it every ounce she had, and instead of going up and thanking the judges like other ousted Idols, she gave it to the fans, shaking hands with as many as she could in the first few rows of the audience.

One thing I know. Skylar leaving makes it that much more likely that Phillip Phillips will stay. He’s the only different one left. This isn’t to take away the talent of the other three, they’re all extremely talented, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet have talent that far exceeds anthing you’ll hear on the radio, and probably more than you’ll hear on any other talent show. Hollie is very talented as well, just without the maturity of the others. But they aren’t unique. You can find similar. You won’t find another Phillip, and you won’t find another Skylar either.

Aside from that, Phillip is the only one to not appear in the bottom two or three. The last time a winner had appeared in the bottom was season three with Fantasia. Season five Chris Daughtry, who had never appeared in the bottom, went home in fourth place. But, Taylor Hicks was still there, and he hadn’t ever been in the bottom either. Hollie, Jessica, and Joshua have all appeared in the bottom two or three. Most likely the race is between Phillip and either Jessica or Joshua. Still, Jessica needed a save to stay, and no one needing a stay has ever made it as far as final two before.

Here’s a look at what the top 4 have to ensure they make it to the final 3.

Hollie Cavanagh – This girl is still living on borrowed time. Make no mistake; she was absolutely fantastic this week. And I was sitting here primed and ready with my red pen to mark off all her faults. However, I didn’t find any. But this is the first week for that. Randy Jackson can say she’s peaking at the right time all he wants. Final five is not the right time. Voters have already made up their minds about her, and that’s why she is now living in Elise Testone’s permanent vacation home in the final two. It’s too late to get it figured out, but I give her a lot of credit for doing so.

Joshua Ledet – Both Steven Van Zandt and Jennifer Lopez issued warnings to Jimmy Iovine that he not screw this one up when it comes to giving Joshua a contract and getting his first album released. It’s pretty much a given. No matter where he finishes, Jimmy is signing him. He doesn’t need this win. I think with the talent residing in the top 10 this year many of them will go on to make records, be it with Jimmy or someone else. Joshua has already earned that just be being himself. He hasn’t ever made a mistake with song choice or performance. He has a good shot at final two.

Phillip Phillips – Phillip is still really sick. He wants this thing so badly, though, that he’s still hanging in there. It might be earning him a few sympathy votes, but I think the majority of them are for his talent. After one of his performances this week, the judges were underwhelmed to say the least, yet the crowd went crazy for quite some time, and the judges had to wait to be heard. Jimmy is right, though, that Phillip had some very subdued performances this time. That means next week he has to rock it hard. If he brings it, he writes his own ticket to stay.

Jessica Sanchez – Jimmy was 100% right that it was a mistake to have her dress sexy and try to pull off Tina Turner. However, He and Jennifer were saying middle America could have been offended. I wasn’t offended; I just felt it was flat out wrong. I have a 15-year-old daughter. I wouldn’t let her dance in a short tight dress like that onstage. When you see her perform that, you almost fall for it, then you look at her baby face that still has the space of a tooth missing on the side, and you say “huh uh.” It’s not right.

She has the talent to sing older songs, but it’s just not right to do that to her. The worst part was the look on her face tonight when Jimmy was saying this. She was very hurt as she thought she looked beautiful. She shouldn’t have been put in this position. She needs younger songs and a younger image.

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