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American Idol, May 2 – Your Choice: Different or Best?

The boys are taking us back to Top Gun as they’re singing You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling. This is just a mistake, from song choice to the two of them together. Bad, bad, bad. Bad, bad, bad. They do what they can, but it’s just not working. Any of it. And I love Phillip, and like Joshua a lot as well. It’s hard for Phillip to duet since he doesn’t like to stick the melody. He only succeeds when he sings with Elise because she’s another rocker and a vocal coach as well. They find a way to pull it together a the end though. I love the end when they’re just throwing it all out there. Phillip totally messes with Joshua at that point and tries to put his arm around him and is pushed away.

Steven tells the two guys that they need to embrace each other, look each other in the eyes, and sing the song. “Get over it.” Phillip puts his arm around Joshua as Steven continues, saying, two of the all-time greats sang that song, and when they sing as good as they do, they need to just forget about everything else on the whole planet. He needed that tonight. It’s back when a song was a song, and the duet was perfect, showing the crazy side of Phillip and Joshua’s beautiful side.

Jennifer feels like Phillip and Joshua were so scared to sing that song together, but it was sung by two guys originally, and it was major heartthrob time. When they finally started letting go, they saw what happened. Randy thinks it started out slow, but once they let go, it came alive and they delivered it. They can sing anything if they remember who they are. Ryan picks up the Top Gun reference, calling them Goose and Maverick.

Jessica Sanchez is singing Proud Mary tonight, and Steven tells her that growing up in bar bands, it was a song they all had to do, so they all hate it. It has nothing to do with her, but he came into this determined to talk her out of it. However, she blew his mind how good she is. He tries to move it from 1/4 to 1/7, and she has no idea what he’s talking about. Jimmy calls it a tall order and thinks Jessica needs to come to the party. Then make sure you invite her.

This is one of those songs that doesn’t seem right sung by a young girl. and she performs it like Tina Turner which is way too sexy for her. Her tight dress, etc., it just doesn’t seem right. Maybe it’s because I have a 15-year-old daughter. I’m not sure. But it just doesn’t seem right, and I’m far from a prude.

Jennifer tells Jessica that she’s so grown up up there that she keeps forgetting she’s only 16. Since Elise was gone, she thought we’d be missing that Janis Joplin effect, but she was glad to see it still there. She loves seeing her move and missed it last week in the rock stuff. Steven cracks that the only thing that gives experience a run for its money is a 16-year-old. She did it again, and she started it slow, then brought it up just like a good song should, and he’s hearing the blues in her. She took a word like “rollin’, screamed it,, and it still sounded great.

Randy was in a little bit of a different place with it. It was barely okay for him because she took on the biggest dragon of the night. Tina worked this thing, sweated the stage. Jessica has that voice where she can sing anything, but it didn’t really sit with him. Jennifer butts in that it’s a contest watching them grow, and you can’t compare her to Tina in her heyday. She thinks Jessica did good for trying something like it for the first time. Randy continues, saying that’s why he agrees with Steven trying to talk her out of it.

Joshua is choosing Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, prompting Steven to say he does a great job of it, and it ends up Joshua somehow. He and Jimmy dance along with him while he sings. It makes it one of Joshua’s favorite sessions. Steven wants Jimmy to sign Joshua, and I think it’s pretty much a given at this point no matter where he finishes. Jimmy knows what he’s showing here with this song is that he has a gift, because only people with a gift can do what he does.

Watching Joshua tonight, I’d say Jimmy was right. He even gets some Temptations style dancing into it. It’s not may favorite of his songs, but he definitely does it up good. I’m sure he’s happy to not have to sing with Phillip, too.

Steven tells Joshua he has to be one of the top two Idols of all time, but it was hard to concentrate on him with his pretty backup singers and his sleeves. But he sings so fine, and is such a talent on fire. He’s taken aback every time he sings. Jennifer likens him to a throwback from another era. He is so sick, and she enjoys every time he gets up there.

Randy brings up a British singer from a few years back who was like an old-school throwback, Terrance Trent D’Arby. Joshua could make a record like that and even bring R&B back in a different way, as it’s been missing from the musical landscape. He thinks he has the power to do that. Randy mentions to Ryan that Joshua’s jacket is fly, plus he loves the flower. Ryan thinks Randy could pull it off better than him. Ryan convinces Joshua to give the yellow tulip to one of the girls in the audience. It looks more like a daffodil to me.

Ryan asks who the frontrunner is from round one, and Randy has to give it to Hollie, Skylar, or Joshua. Jennifer says Joshua and Hollie, and Steven gives it to Joshua, Skylar, and Hollie as well.

For her second song, Hollie is going to be singing Bleeding Love. She knows if people don’t connect to her in it, she could be in real trouble. Stevie wants her to keep it intimate and not sing it to the world, as it helps get to the essence of the song. Jimmy thinks she belongs on the show and tells her her voice is an instrument. She did it there for the two of them, and Jimmy just wants her to do it now onstage.

Hollie takes the stage signing this second tune, and it must be that she connects to something from her home turf, as she connects here better than I’ve ever heard her. I don’t know if it will be enough to save her though, as people aren’t just voting on tonight’s performances. At some point consistency comes in, and it might be a little too late for her to get this. However, she pulls it off.

Steven loved it and thinks it forced Hollie to sing the way she did when they first met her with that beautiful ballad voice. He wasn’t even familiar with the song, but it was good with the words and the way she delivered it. She can sing good and hit the notes, and now they need to get her out of her own self and sing. Jennifer thinks Steven gave Holllie good advice by suggesting she sing to one person, as it did have a really beautiful quality, and she was able to deliver some beautiful runs. She even felt like she surprised herself by the end as she found out what happened to herself when she really let go.

Randy tells Steven it was a really big song written by Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic and a huge hit for Leona Lewis who came from a British talent show by Simon Cowell. It’s an interesting thing with her as he was just taken back to last season when she didn’t quite make it. She’s been a dark horse all season, but is two for two tonight. Jennifer says they have always believed in her, but she belongs here. Randy points out she’s peaking at the right time. Perhaps not if people vote on more than just this week.