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The Voice, May 1 – Last Elimination Before Finals Edition

It’s that time again.  Time to see who goes home and who lives to sing another day.  That day being next Monday for the big finale.  That’s right, tonight is Elimination night on The Voice.  And there are no more saves left, no more last chance performances.  (Thank God.)

Since they start off with their own recap, let’s do our own, but without the overly dramatic music between clips.

Team Adam: Katrina Parker vs. Tony Lucca

Team Blake: Jermaine Paul vs. Erin Willett

Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms vs. Jamar Rodgers

Team Christina: Lindsey Pavao vs. Chris Mann

See?  Isn’t that better without having to fast forward through the recap?  

Last year’s finalists are in the house.  Kidd Cudi and last year’s finalist Dia Frampton (Team Blake) take the stage.

So the coaches rated their singers, dividing up 100 points between them and then America voted.  Both scores were merged, so once again, it’s not up to us who stays or doesn’t. At least not totally. Unless they all give their singers 50/50.

First up: Team Christina: Lindsey Pavao vs. Chris Mann

Christina Aguilera’s score: Lindsey Pavao 50% vs. Chris Mann 50% (That’s the way to wimp out, Christina!)

America’s vote: Chris 104%, Lindsey 96%.

Chris Mann moves onto the finals; Lindsey Pavao is eliminated.

This was a little hard to call for me.  Chris was better, but Lindsey was more contemporary.  So even though I just called her a wimp for doing it, I can’t really blame Christina.

Next, former finalist Vicci Martinez (Team Cee Lo) takes the stage with her mentor Cee Lo Green.

Now we’re up to Team Adam: Katrina Parker vs. Tony Lucca

Adam Levine’s scores: Katrina: 40%, Tony 60%. (Ooh, that’s gotta hurt.)

Add America in and … Katrina 92%, Tony 102%.

Tony Lucca goes on to the final, Katrina parker is eliminated.

Adam summed it up, Tony gives him a better chance to win.  Can’t argue. But Adam not used the 60/40 split, Tony might not have been the one moving on. Katrina’s 92% minus 40% is 52%. Tony’s 102% minus 60% is 42% Katrina had more votes from America. If Adam had pulled a Christina and gone 50/50, Tony would have been eliminated.

Cyndi Lauper takes the stage with Beverly McClellan .

Last year’s Voice Champ, Javier Colon performs.  My local affiliate seemed to have missed his intro and the little The Voice place card that follows each commercial break.  Oh well.

Team Blake: Jermaine Paul vs. Erin Willett

Blake Shelton’s Scores: Erin 50%, Jermaine 50%

Tallying in America….. Erin 77%, Jermaine 123% (Wow, that wasn’t even close.)

Jermaine Paul goes to the final, Erin Willett is eliminated.  

I think America got it right here.  Sorry, Erin.

Last up, Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms vs. Jamar Rodgers

Let me say, it’s hard to see anyone but Juliet getting this, but we’ll see what happens once Cee Lo stops prattling on.

Cee Lo Green’s Scores: Jamar 40%, Juliet 60% (Hard to disagree.)

Add in America’s vote … Jamar 79%, Juliet 121%

Juliet Simms goes to the final, Jamar Rodgers gets eliminated. This is one where Cee Lo’s 60% advantage to Juliet didn’t matter. Without it, she would have still had 61%, while Jamar would have had 39%. It’s clear Juliet was Cee Lo’s and America’s choice.

And there you have it. Going into next week’s final are:

Team Adam: Tony Lucca

Team Christina: Chris Mann

Team Blake: Jermaine Paul

Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms

Is it too early to call it yet?

I think that the right ones are going through, although I still think the Shield Brothers got robbed and I miss Pip and his bow tie.  Any thoughts?

See you next week at The Voice Final!

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