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The Road to Stardom With Missy Elliott Episode 2

by Driven Ambition

[font=Arial]Twelve remained, after the dismissal of the Bostonian MC, Heather. The show opens with the cast on the bus that reminds me of the basement that Missy and other artists spent their early careers at in Rochester. They all began to discuss how serious the competition was, and how any of them could be next.

The group then arrives at Electric Lady studios, recording home to the legendary Jimi Hendrix. While in he studio, the contestants begin to freestyle to music that Record Producer, and Judge, Dallas gave. There was even a hint of romance between Nilyne, the Rapper/Singer from Jersey, and Nic, the 29 year old Californian. Each contestant was given a copy of an original song, composed by Dallas. Their first challenge was to create an original song to the music. The winner of the competition will have the song released as his or her first single.

Each week, the contestants receive two challenges, the first is Performance, and the second is Road. This weeks’ Road challenge was something that some of the contestants were familiar with. Everyone was broken into groups of three, with four groups in all. Each group had a corner that they had to perform on. The group with the most money would win, and after a half an hour of the singing and rapping, and begging, and pleading, Jessica, Deltrice, and Eddie won the competition. All groups earned a total of 250.00, and the winning group got to keep all of the profits. In addition, the winners were granted private face time with Missy Elliott. The rest of the contestants went back to the bus, and were forced to clean it.

The winners met up with Missy and her flunkies at Chelsea Piers Bowling Alley. They all spent the evening bowling, and talking. Perhaps what I consider to be the highlight of that night would have to be the advice that Missy offered. She told Jessica, Deltrice, and Eddie, that it’s all about the personality. She said that you could be the best singer in the world, or the worst, but it’s your personality that makes or breaks you.

The next morning, all of the contestants arrive in Maryland, where they each are given the opportunity to eat, sleep, sight see, or perform. What drew the most attention that day, was the conflict between MC’s Nic and Brooklyn born Frank B. The conflict started when Nic was speaking to someone else, and Frank offered his opinion about Nic and his personality. The small tiff eventually erupted into a problem. When challenged to a battle by Frank B, Nic declined saying, “He can battle better than me”. The problem eventually turned into threats.

After the contestants left Maryland, they are told that they are going to meet with Missy in Virginia, but to their surprise they were actually on their way to their second performance challenge. Again, they had to meet in front of Judges; Mona, Dallas, and Teena. This time they were asked to sing, and rap, to the music that Dallas gave them. Some had their music completed, or almost completed, while others hadn’t even listened to the song. All of the contestants’ performances were good at best with the exception of Houston Texan, Marcus, whose lyrics and vocal arrangement was reminiscent of a young Al Green in his prime.

The judges’ positive remarks were few and far between. Teena dismissed Nic as an LL Cool J wannabe. The judges seemed like a less smart and witty Simon, Paula, and Randy; just a hint judges, stop trying to parlay this into a career comeback for yourselves. During the final judging, they all agreed that Cori had the weakest performance.

Next came that time that the contestants hated. Someone had to go, and when the smoke cleared, the spotlight was on Nic and Cori. When the two separately met with Missy, she expressed her shock, to see Nic in the bottom two so early in the competition. He then gave her an original rap, and she didn’t seem too satisfied. When Cori had her final meeting with Missy, she justified her performance as her trying to stay as rock as possible. Here’s a hint Cori, right voice wrong competition. Cori’s private performance was dismissed as being very Britney Spears. When Missy made her final decision, it was 21 year old Cori, who was eliminated. But buck up Cori, American Idol auditions start next year. [/font]


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