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The Voice, Apr. 30 – Final 8 Edition

Jermaine Paul ~~~ Open Arms

I don’t know, the piano starts off, then Jermaine sounds like he came in a little too soon.  It was a  little awkward and clunky where they chose for him to begin. The stage opens up behind him as Jermaine’s voice takes flight. Once the song gets started, it’s really good in the first verse. The second verse and chorus are simply amazing.  I couldn’t help but feel it.

Christina: You are a crazy talented vocalist. I think you killed it.

Cee Lo: I love to hear a strong male vocal. You did a wonderful job.

Adam: I’d like to congratulate you because you a no longer a background singer, my friend.

Blake: Every time you get on stage you separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Me: It was really good. I think his best yet.

Katrina Parker ~~~ Killing Me Softly

Katrina also has her hair straightened. She’s center stage.  A sort of greenish rainbow starts to dance behind her.  Katrina doesn’t put on an amazing performance, but she can really sing. Big finish.

Blake: It’s hard to believe just a matter of months ago you were sitting in a cubicle doing whatever the hell it is you were doing.  You have just an awesome tone.

Christina: I’ve truly fallen in love with you. Take a look at Katrina Parker, she’s a star. (Christina also mentioned percentage voting by the coaches tonight.)

Cee Lo: This song has a very timeless song: You just reinvented it just again.

Adam: You didn’t sound like Lauren Hill; you sounded like Katrina Parker.  I’m extremely happy.

Me: It was very well done, but will it score well enough against Tony? Not sure.

Blake Shelton debuts his new song Over.

Lindsey Pavao ~~~ Skinny Love

Playing guitar for the first time on The Voice stage, Lindsey is flanked on either side by other guitar players.  She’s got the unique voice going on, but there are some notes that just simply soar.  I think this is the best I’ve heard her.

Cee Lo: Skinny love? I’m more into Big Love. I think that your voice has a very shy quality.

Adam: Everyone is just so different. Incredible job.

Blake: That was refreshing. It was really cool.

Christina: That was so great. (Another hug,)

Me: It was great, and I could see that Lindsey loved doing it. Her voice isn’t as big as Chris Mann’s, but her style may appeal to The Voice viewers more.

Team Blake and Team Christina join forces to sing.

Juliet Simms ~~~ It’s a Man’s World

Juliet, the ITunes queen of The Voice, gets the pimp spot at the end.  She looks red (Of course, Cee Lo) as she begins. Juliet may be in a Man’s world, but she’s trying to make this a one-woman show. She. Is. Killing. It. Over the top vocals, amazing performance. The crowd goes really nuts.

Adam: That was something special. We were all captured in those moments. You’re the one to beat.

Christina: It’sa thrilling moment.

Cee Lo: You killed it. You killed it. You killed it. (Yeah, kinda what I said.)

Me: It’s a real contest to see who will come in 2nd to Juliet. Wait, I’m not supposed to say that?  Oh well.

Time for the scores.  Nobody was bad tonight. Not sure how the coaches are going to give their take, especially Cee Lo who I think either of his people beat all the other people.  We don’t get to see the scores tonight, but their scores get combined with America’s vote.

So who would you vote for?

Team Adam: Katrina Parker vs. Tony Lucca

(I’d give it to Tony. Better overall performance, even though Katrina sounded great. Hard to say who was better. )

Team Blake: Jermaine Paul vs. Erin Willett

(Also hard to say, but I’d give it to Jermaine here.)

Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms vs. Jamar Rodgers

(Jamar was really good, but Juliet was outstanding. No problem deciding here.)

Team Christina: Lindsey Pavao vs. Chris Mann

(I’ll give it to Chris, even though I think America will go Lindsey.)

Tune in tomorrow to see how wrong I am!

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