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The Voice, Apr. 30 – Final 8 Edition

Time for the semi-finals on The Voice!  The coaches give scores to the performers and we can give them right back. Keep in mind, each person needs to only do better than the other performer on their team to advance, but that means that there’s also very little room for error. Who’s going to take the stage tonight, you ask?

Team Adam: Katrina Parker vs. Tony Lucca

Team Blake: Jermaine Paul vs. Erin Willett

Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms vs. Jamar Rodgers

Team Christina: Lindsey Pavao vs. Chris Mann

Who are your favorites going in?  Who do you think will come out alive? Who will represent these teams going into the final?

Tony Lucca ~~~ How Do You Like Me Now?

Dressed to kill is a smooth black suit, with a beautiful dancer draped over each shoulder; Tony descends the stairs and then proceeds to take over the stage. He doesn’t seem to need the dancers to put on a good show. He sounds great. Adam seems thrilled.

Blake: Kinda had a Robert Palmer thing going on. Man, that was badass.

Christina: Great song choice. That was definitely more slickly done. (Carson tried to cut her off, but it doesn’t work as she yammers on.)

Cee Lo: Your performance pleases me. That was a really pleasant surprise.

Adam: You were telling me that this was the perfect move, and I’m glad you did.  This was the perfect thing and the perfect moment.

Me: It was really good and pretty cool. He came out and really performed. But did he have an amazing, blow them all away performance? Not sure.

Erin Willett ~~~Without You

Erin takes the stage alone, with a backdrop of falling purple glowing balls. Her lower register seems a bit off at first.  The high notes are killer.  She’s got her hair straightened and is wearing a long, black dress. The emotion is really there.  She had more money notes than Tony.

Christina: Erin you have a beautiful voice. I thought it was unique and original, I’m proud of you tionight.

Cee Lo: We need more moments like that. So Impressive.

Blake: You look beautiful. I would give anything to have a tenth of the talent that you have. But more that, I would give anything to have the strength that you have.

Me: You may remember that Erin lost her father at the beginning of her Voice journey. Blake also recently lost his father. This song clearly meant something important to them both. As I said, you can see the emotion on her face.  Was it perfect? No. But I was moved. Who could ask for more?

Chris Mann ~~~ Ava Maria

Bathed in a single spotlight, Chris stands in a small fog as he pours his heart and soul into this song. He sounds perfect. The song slowly builds. Naturally, I have no idea what he’s saying, but whatever it is, it’s powerful. Chris is clearly in his element.  I don’t think there was one bad or even iffy note.

Cee Lo: Your voice is so powerful and so pure; it’s perfect. You are the epitome of this song. Stellar performance.

Adam: You’ve kind of lent to the show credibility.  Incredible job.

Christina: I just felt the heavens open up right now. I was humbled. (She goes and gives him a hug.)

Me: There’s nothing bad you can really say about that. It was powerful, amazing and downright stunning. But while Chris Mann was happy that nobody (Namely Christina) didn’t try and make him more cool, he may regret it tomorrow. After all, the viewers that vote want cool.

Jamar Rodgers ~~~ If You Don’t Know Me By Know

Backed by a laser show, Jamar starts his really rearranged version classic. His voice sounds strong.  This arrangement? I’m not sure I’m digging it. This is such a amazing song. Did it need all of that? Still, it was really great.

Adam: I’m just purely a fan of what you do.

Blake: That’s by far the most laid back performance yet.

Christina: It was actually one of those moments; I got motivated to start singing.

Cee Lo: I wanted us to do something intimate, for once.

Me: I liked the original better. Sorry. I do. Do I think he rocked? Yes. Do I think he did an amazing job. You better believe it, Bucko.  Do I think he’s going to edge out Juliet Simms tonight? Not likely, but we’ll see.

Team Adam and Team Cee Lo take the stage together.