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Total Blackout, Apr. 25 – Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

Total Blackout next welcomes four teams of two to compete for five thousand dollars. Let’s meet the scream queens. Jonathan and Sylvia are from Los Angeles, CA. Kellie and Katie are twins from South Jordan, UT. Brandon and Maxwell are a couple from Buffalo, NY. Alexis and Huguette are from Montreal, Canada, and are mother and son.

No one is freaking out yet, but they will be soon. There are four tanks filled with random items, and Sylvia and Jonathan are up first. Sylvia likes to scream a lot, and Huguette’s heart is beating really fast. Sylvia starts crying, crying … Really? Come on, be brave, and just reach in the random fish tank in the dark.

Maxwell and Brandon are trying to figure out what is in the tank, while Alexis guesses right away. Sylvia can’t stop screaming; she is rather dramatic, and she should be in horror movies. Alexis’ mom is speaking French and manages to use French to say what is in the tank. She is lifting the item and guesses a tarantula.

Jonathan guesses a brush. Sylvia is more disappointed that he picked it up and guessed what it was and all she did was scream. Maxwell and Brandon are doing good as Brandon figures out it is wet, and he doesn’t want to get bit. “Don’t do that, Sir.” Back to Sylvia and her crying. She feels for a second, then begins to cry again.

Katie and Kellie use the word “like” a lot, and manage to guess there is an eel in the tank. Alexis and his mom are cursing in English and French. They are quite talented. Sylvia is reaching into another tank, and once again she finds a worm. There are no worms Sylvia, move along!

Jonathan tells Sylvia to man up or woman up as she reaches into the tank again and discovers there is in fact a spider in one of the tanks and not a worm. She starts crying again. Enough with the crying. As she screams and cries, “That was a spider… ” Sylvia starts yelling at Jonathan. He yells back at her because he is mad, yet she keeps saying there are worms in the tanks.

Lord help these people as they continue on their mission for five thousand dollars, and maybe a therapist after all this is over, as they move on to the next challenge. But first Alexis and Huguette jump into the black hole, leaving  Kellie and Katie, Jonathan and Sylvia, and Maxwell and Brandon in the game.

The next challenge involves a false sense of fear of heights, because as we all know, it is one of the most common phobias out there. The contestants will be hoisted up in the air, or in all actuality, a step above the ground. The teams must cross a narrow bridge without falling, and this really messes with your perception because they hoist you up, yet you are only inches above the ground.

Kellie and Katie are first and are screamed to death; Syfy is happy. They both just say, “Oh my God.” Brandon and Maxwell are super nervous. Sylvia is screaming again. There is nothing like being up in the air and having someone scream in your ear. Brandon and Maxwell make it, as do Kellie and Katie. Sylvia is still crying as Jaleel tells her to be careful because it is a long way down.

You know what Sylvia does … She falls a few inches and is in pain. She hit her hip bone and it hurts. Jonathan thinks it is funny, but Sylvia does not. Their time is up and only two teams can go to the final. That leaves Brandon and Maxwell and Kellie and Katie.

The last challenge involves a critter-infested obstacle course in which the constants must wear a hat with a spider or a scorpion on their head, but there is a catch. The spider/scorpion is really a rubber duck. They must use all of their senses. Maxwell is deathly afraid of spiders.

Kellie and Katie are “like super stressed out.” That must be a lot of stress. They start at a ramp and their imagination is running wild. Brandon and Maxwell run into the start line, yet still can’t figure out how to get through. Kellie and Katie are “like really discombobulated.”

I feel like I am watching “Bill and Ted, like totally.” Katie and Kellie have now moved on from “like” to “Oh my God.” Brandon and Maxwell are almost at the finish line, and finally Katie and Kellie make it. Meanwhile there is a spider and tarantula somewhere laughing hysterically.

They were two good teams, but there can only be one winner. Maxwell and Brandon win while Kellie and Katie get dumped in the black hole. “Like totally!”

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