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The Amazing Race, Apr. 29 – Sequins, Extensions, and Manure

Brendon notes they aren’t too far behind, so have a shot at first place. He’s going as fast as he can, and has to thank his dad the bricklayer for his speed with a wheelbarrow. Vanessa thinks they’re cheating, saying that she was keeping count of what they were doing, and somehow they went from three to seven. Don’t you think with all the producers they have there someone else is counting as well? Rachel suggests Vanessa and Ralph go do the Fast Forward.

Kentucky finishes their Speed Bump and get the clue to go the Mat and Matting or Fast Forward. They don’t know what it is or if anyone else has done it, but decide to go for it. Seriously, at this point, when you’re that far behind, why not try?

Blonde Rachel and Dave finish with the manure and receive a clue to head to the next pit stop, the site of the famous Cheena Vala Fishing Nets. Vanessa and Ralph finish the task next, and take off. Brendon and Redhead Rachel finish just after this and also get the clue to head to the next pit stop.

There’s a ferry the teams have to catch to get to the pit stop, and Blonde Rachel hopes it leaves frequently so that they won’t be waiting, allowing the other teams to catch up. Dave offers to pay rupees to the ferrymen to get them to take off before the others catch it. No need, as they take off just as Brendon and Rachel arrive. Vanessa and Ralph arrive right after them.

Kentucky is still on their way to the Fast Forward hoping it’s the key to keeping them in the game. Art and J.J. are still working on their ginger and bitching about it all the way, claiming it’s not “Artsy Craftsy Dance Day.” They realize they may have taken the wrong task, and are only four boxes into it. J.J. wants to pass the time with role playing, pretending to be Blonde Rachel and Dave criticizing each other.

Blonde Rachel and Dave jump on the mat at the pit stop, literally, and are named team number one. They have won ten thousand dollars each. They need one more to tie the record and hope to do that in the next leg, then get at least one more to win. Brendon and Rachel arrive on the mat next, followed closely behind by Vanessa and Ralph, to be named teams two and three.

Vanessa is asked about her ankle and says she’s okay. Phil Keoghan asks if everyone did everything they were supposed to do, and Vanessa brings up that she counted the wheelbarrow loads and isn’t sure whether Big Brother miscounted or she did. Rachel asks why they’re bringing that up on the mat. Phil asks why they can’t get along, and Rachel tells him, “She doesn’t like my sequins; I don’t know why.” That statement is just funny all the way around.

They go all the way back to the watermelon challenge, as Rachel brings up Vanessa telling Ralph Rachel’s ass was showing. Vanessa says it was. She doesn’t have anything against Rachel, and the boob job vs. nose job statement comes up. Ralph asks if they can just put it behind them. Vanessa apologizes, and she and Rachel seem to put it behind them, but they don’t hug it out, because of the manure. They are never going to be friends. and admit that.

Border Patrol is still packing their boxes and J.J. cuts his finger on a piece of sheet metal on the top of a box. It’s a major cut that’s dripping. He carries on anyway. They try to transport the boxes and for the first time I can remember start fighting with each other. One of them claims he’s never having ginger with his sushi again.

Kentucky lands at the Fast Forward and read about having to shave their heads. It’s no question for Mark, who’s already bald. Bopper is ready for this regardless. He’s never had his head shaved before. It’s money for his kid, though, so he doesn’t care, and claims they can cut his leg off for all he cares.

Border Patrol finishes transporting their boxes to the depot and get the clue to the go to the pit stop. They catch a rickshaw on the way to the ferry. Mark tells the now-bald Bopper he doesn’t look as good as him, but he looks good. They call each other twins. They get a clue to go to the pit stop. They have to take the ferry as well. Meanwhile, Border Patrol is stopped in traffic.

It’s Border Patrol who arrive on the mat first. J.J. talks about failing, but Art tells him they didn’t even come close to failing. Told they’re team number four, J.J. says he’s too tired to jump up and down. Phil accuses him of crying, but he denies it. Art says they have blood, sweat, and tears, and no other team out there has all that. Well, I’m pretty sure Kentucky does.

Kentucky arrives on the mat with Phil telling Bopper he didn’t even recognize him. They’re still the last team to arrive, and this time they are eliminated. Bopper says they did everything they could. Phil wants them to be proud of themselves. Bopper calls it an amazing time on the amazing race, and Mark calls it humbling. driving through all these countries. Bopper can’t even come up with words to describe it. For Mark, it’s just calling everything amazing. They’ve known each other all their lives. They came as friends, and they’re leaving as friends. He wants the state of Kentucky to be proud of everything they’ve done, and I think they are. I think the whole country is proud of what they’ve done.

It was a foregone conclusion that Kentucky would probably be leaving this week. Had anyone else done the Fast Forward, they would have definitely been gone this week. Their only chance at surviving was doing the Fast Forward and having someone really screw up. In that aspect, having the non-elimination this leg just didn’t make much sense. However, when they planned it out, they probably didn’t figure on the team being saved being so far behind. I’m certainly hoping the producers are helping Kentucky out with their money woes. They were definitely the bright spot of the season, and they should be rewarded thusly.

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