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The Amazing Race, Apr. 29 – Sequins, Extensions, and Manure

Big Brother arrive at Mat and Matting, and she tells him he has to do the Roadblock. The others hear their voices and question why they didn’t do the Fast Forward. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it, and the others can’t believe no one is doing it. J.J. points out if Kentucky takes the Fast Forward, then the four teams there at the Roadblock are fighting to stay out of last place. Rachel says she just couldn’t shave her head. She knows Joyce did it, but she was really cute and skinny and pretty, and she feels she needs hair to be pretty. After Vanessa already pointed out her big nose, she doesn’t want a big nose and no hair. Say what you want about Rachel, but this makes me feel bad for her and her self worth.

Tension is now up between all these teams now that they realize what’s at stake. Dave gets his rope spun quickly and now must spool it, and Art seems to be approaching that point as well. Brendon starts spinning his as well, trying to get caught up. The other three are all spinning the rope onto a spindle and getting bloody hands in the process as Brendon is just getting to that point. Redhead Rachel states that if they get kicked out of the Race because they didn’t do the Fast Forward, she’s going to be pissed.

Blonde Rachel encourages Dave, and he tells her he doesn’t need positive reinforcement. He appreciates silence. Do you think she’s wishing he’d just go back to Iraq? The first team to finish are Vanessa and Ralph, while Art complains about his back. Vanessa and Ralph’s next clue tells them to make their way to Fort Kochi and look for a barber. Vanessa tells him she’s proud of him, but as they’re running to the rickshaw, she falls and trips and grabs her ankle.

Art and Brendon are anxiously spinning as Dave finishes. He and Blonde Rachel get their next clue. Vanessa says she thinks she heard her ankle pop. Ralph asks if she can walk, and she’s hoping she just twisted it. She knows people think she’s a bimbo, but she has a high tolerance to pain. I don’t think these have to be separate in people. I’m not saying hse is a bimbo, but I think it would be possible to be one and have a high pain tolerance. They continue on and grab a ride in the rickshaw, as do Dave and Rachel.

J.J. mentions he and Art, along with Big Brother, are fighting for last place if Kentucky takes the Fast Forward. He asks Rachel why she and Brendon didn’t do the Fast Forward, and she explains she didn’t want to shave her head. He realizes that’s a tough call for a woman. He trying to get into her head to convince her to pull Brendon aside and to go for the Fast Forward now, basically to save both of their teams and force Kentucky into losing. He tells her Art is almost done, and it will be just she and Brendon left. He knows she’s a very nice lady, but thinks she’s a bit gullible. He tells her she’d look good with a bald head. He’s right; she is gullible, yet she always thinks everyone is against her, so she’s not likely to do this thinking he’s on her side.

Art comes out and is a little upset at J.J. hurrying him. J.J. explains it was strategic to get into Rachel’s head. Brendon is still finishing up, as Rachel mentions she feels bad they’re in last place, and she feels now that she should shave her head, but it’s a tough thing to do. Regardless, they head to Fort Kochi.

Kentucky leaves at 10:38 AM. Bopper notes they’re leaving in last place, but they’re known for comebacks. If they can just get their foot in the door, they’ll push through it. Mark is going to take every advantage they find.

Blonde Rachel and Dave are the first to arrive at Fort Kochi and find the barber. They receive the clue, as do Vanessa and Ralph who arrive just after them. It’s a Detour – Pachyderm or Pack a Box. In Pachyderm, teams will follow an example and decorate an elephant with a headdress and decorate elements, then transport fifteen wheelbarrows of elephant manure to a nearby truck before they can get their next clue. In Pack a Box, teams will head to a ginger processing center, take out ten empty boxes, fill them with ginger, seal and stencil each box, and deliver them to a depot to get their next clue.

Both Rachel/Dave and Vanessa/Ralph decide to do the elephants. Big Brother arrives at the barber before Border Patrol. They receive the clue and decide to do the elephants as well. Border Patrol eventually arrives and know manual labor is their strong suit, deciding to do Pack a Box.

Kentucky encounters the Speed Bump. It’s those dancers painted with big cats on their bellies. They need to paint a tiger on the dancer with the unpainted belly to prepare them for the dance. Bopper paints a lot of rocks with his little girl, so feels comfortable with this.

Blonde Rachel/Dave and Vanessa/Ralph arrive at Pachyderm, and Vanessa states she loves elephants and monkeys more than anything, and they in fact fill up her house. Sounds a little stinky. This is her favorite task, hands down, ever. She and Rachel both mount the elephants while they work to decorate it. Big Bother arrives to start the same task.

Border Patrol arrives at Pack a Box and start gathering their boxes. They’re still complaining about the Fast Forward, saying these are the laziest people they have ever met. J.J. asks if you don’t want to cut your hair for a million dollars, why are you here. He is now waiting to see if Kentucky has half a brain, because if they do, they’ll be in first.

Back at the elephants, Rachel and Dave get their elephant decorated appropriately and take off to start the elephant manure. Brendon and Rachel are decorating theirs still, as are Vanessa and Ralph. Dave goes on and on about he and Rachel maximizing their efficiency as a team, and their Midwestern work ethic. They have an assembly line going for the manure.

Vanessa and Ralph finish decorating their elephant, and start scooping manure. Brendon and Rachel finish as well and head to the manure, as she says, “Holy manure!” Art and J.J. are still working with their ginger. It’s a tedious process that they have to filter and sift before they fill a box, then weigh it.