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The Amazing Race, Apr. 29 – Sequins, Extensions, and Manure

Last’s week’s non-elimination of Kentucky team Bopper and Mark is still just too incredible to believe. I’m sure hoping for something this week to even out the teams a little, like a flight or something. Otherwise, they won’t have a prayer, as I’m sure they’re far behind everyone else, and they still have a speed bump to complete as well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them.

The first team to leave the pit stop in Cochin, India, are once again Blonde Rachel and Dave at 6:53 AM. They receive directions to head to a temple to receive a greeting from the head priest, along with the next clue. Rachel says it would be a huge disappointment to not win a million dollars at this point, as they do believe they are the strongest team in the Race. Hmm. Last time Border Patrol made a statement such as that, they were knocked down a peg and lost their lead. She feels the only thing that can beat them is themselves, not communicating and not being a team.

Big Brother team Redhead Rachel and Brendon leave at 7:20 AM. They recognize that their biggest competition is Blonde Rachel and Dave, and just want Vanessa and Ralph to go home because of all the smack they’ve been talking. They feel the same way about Border Patrol. They want to just keep their heads in the game and not get emotional. That’s obviously directed as Rachel.

Border Patrol agents Art and J.J. are the third to depart, leaving eight minutes later. Art calls this a continuation of no sleep, train rides, bus rides, taxis, and being in third world countries. He also admits he has a cold, and feels it has affected his sharpness. Interestingly enough, we didn’t hear about it when they were in the lead. J.J. calls this the time to dig deep and man up. They walk along a highway asking for directions to the temple.

Vanessa and Ralph leave at 7:32 AM. He explains they always race as if they’re in last place, and funnily enough, they usually are, or at least very close to it. Vanessa isn’t interested in any physical-related activity, which he attributes to her being old. He hopes it’s not a physical activity that beats them.

Kentucky team Bopper and Mark are still sitting in their hotel room. Mark looks like he’s passed out, and Bopper explains his buddy is dealing with heat stroke and hasn’t been right since the dance Roadblock in the last leg. He actually has an IV running through him, and it’s still three hours before they are due to start their leg of the race.

Blonde Rachel and Dave arrive at the temple, get their offering from the high priest, which is something piled up on a huge leaf, and they also get the next clue. Dave mentions the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they now share paying homage to this high priest. The clue has a Fast Forward, but they can’t do it since they’ve already done it one time during the Race. Instead, they are to make their way to Pattanacaud Coir Mats and Matting.

Big Brother arrives at the Temple, and she states it’s “not necessarily my religion,” but to experience it is amazing, as you can read about it, but when you get to experience it, it is very spiritual. Brendon calls it an honor just to step foot in these temples. Knowing Blonde Rachel and Dave can’t do the Fast Forward, Redhead Rachel suggests she and Brendon do it. They need to make their way to another temple and find two priests.

Vanessa and Ralph are the next to arrive at the temple, before Border Patrol. They see the Fast Forward and decide to play it safe and just make the final three. Or rather, he decides that while she’s busy dancing with the locals who have big cats painted on their bodies. Border Patrol arrive and assume someone earlier grabbed the Fast Forward. Blonde Rachel and Dave are only a couple kilometers away from Mats and Matting, but their cabdriver needed to stop and get gas. They hope everyone is having the same difficulty.

Brendon and Redhead Rachel arrive at the Fast Forward and read it’s a custom in India to express gratitude by having their heads shaved. They reflect back to Uchenna and Joyce doing the same Fast Forward. Brendon says he’s done it a million times as a swimmer. Rachel doesn’t want to do it, saying she paid $500 for extensions, and it will make her sad. She asks if he wants her to, and he says it’s her choice. She decides not to do it, but they keep discussing it even in the rickshaw on their way to Mats and Matting.

Vanessa and Ralph are the first to hit Mats and Matting, and I think it might be the first time for them to take the lead in the Race. It’s a Roadblock. One person from each team must use the husks of coconut to spin forty feet of rope, then spin four large bundles onto one spindle to get their next clue. Ralph decides he’ll be doing it and chooses the oldest woman there it seems to show him how to do it. Vanessa feels good about it, thinking he can do anything.

Blonde Rachel and Dave arrive, and he decides he’ll be doing it. Border Patrol are the next to arrive, and Art grabs it right away, as J.J. agrees he’d be good at it. Ralph is still trying to get the hang of it. The men are dressed in traditional garb, skirts, and Blonde Rachel announces Dave looks pretty good in a skirt. Vanessa then proclaims Ralph is one of the few boyfriends she’s had who hasn’t cross-dressed. That response gets a classic look from Blonde Rachel. Art is still getting suited up,

An hour before they’re due to start the next leg, Mark says he feels one-hundred percent better and has drunk enough water to float a battleship. “The sun is shining on these two old dogs, and we’re going to make it count.” Bopper states they owe too much to their families and the county they’re from to give up. Mark still thinks they’re going to win. I think they actually already have.

Back at the husk spinning, the three guys are still working on it, with Dave asking Ralph why they’re the ones doing it. Ralph says he had thought it looked easy, but his rope keeps snapping and he has to keep paying attention to it. He looks at the example and figures his to be a huge mess in comparison.