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Damn, I'm Good! – The Amazing Race 6, Episode 9

by LauraBelle

In half of the remaining six couples in The Amazing Race, one member of the team is already complaining they don’t work well together. This definitely spells trouble for them. As Chip and Kim proved last season, you have to work together always and never miss a step or get ahead of yourselves.

Lori and Bolo are the first to leave the Budapest pit stop at 11:12 PM and are headed to Budapest’s 14,000 gallon wine cellar in the neighborhood of Budafok. Bolo knows they need to keep making correct decisions to stay in the race. Kris and Jon leave next, followed by Jonathon and Victoria. Victoria says she doesn’t need a lot of affection or hand-holding. She also says that even though her and Jonathon spend a lot of time fighting, they always seem to kiss and makeup. It’s not that we don’t believe they kiss and makeup, it’s that we don’t see how she could after he treats her so horribly.

As Hayden and Aaron leave, she admits to being a brat, but wishes Aaron would be more assertive, otherwise she’s afraid she will steamroll over him. Adam and Rebecca leave just one minute later, and she is getting very tired of acting as his mommy. For his gripe, Adam is tired of feeling like she’s running the show and he’s her caddy. So I am not imagining it as I kept seeing Bill Murray and the gopher appear. Freddy and Kendra are the last to leave.

Getting to the wine cellar, they find it won’t open until 10:00 AM. As everyone sacks out in the street, my son remarks that it looks like they are in body bags. Once they run into the wine cellar the next day, Freddy is finding his 6’5″ frame needs to run through hunched over. Of course, he wouldn’t want to mess up that face of his again.

Once through the wine cellar, the clue they receive says they need to fly to the Napoleon’s birthplace on French Island of Corsica, the city of Ajaccio. Kris and Jon make a stopover in their cab at a pet groomer to use their phone to secure airline tickets. Not only is a pet groomer an odd place to stop on its own, but also Kris has a dog allergy which kicks up while Jon is one the phone. Is the pet groomer the only place on the way to the airport that has a phone? Adam is busy pouting in his and Rebecca’s cab, as he doesn’t feel Rebecca is including him enough. Apparently he’s getting the caddy feeling again.

Jonathon and Victoria and Lori and Bolo are the first to arrive at the airport and secure tickets right away. The next to arrive at the airport, Adam and Rebecca, miss out on that flight, finding Lori and Bolo got the last seats. Rebecca tries unsuccessfully at working it with the ticket salesperson, and Adam asks “Mommy” if he can go to another counter all by himself and try buying tickets like a big boy. When she refuses he lays on the bench and pouts, saying Rebecca thinks he is a moron. No, I believe “Wussy Boy” were her exacts words a few weeks back. Adam and Rebecca, Freddy and Kendra, and Hayden and Aaron all get tickets on the same flight that Kris and Jon arranged for at the pet groomer. Kris and Jon, though, are upset once at the airport to find they don’t have tickets, only reservations. After much finagling, they finally secure E-tickets for the flight.

Lori and Bolo and Jonathon and Victoria’s plane lands at 6:40 PM, and they run to Napoleon’s birth place, only to find it closed at forty minutes earlier, and won’t reopen until 9:00 AM. They decide to sleep on the beach. The others arrive an hour later, and race to the birthplace, only to find the same information and wait until the morning as well.

All rush into Napoleon’s birth place at 9:00 AM with Adam and Rebecca leading the pack. They snatch up the Fast Forward right away, as do Jonathon and Victoria a few teams later. Both of them rush to a harbor where they will need to walk in scuba gear on the ocean floor to receive their clue from a lobster trap. The other four teams all skip the Fast Forward and have to drive to Camp Rafalli, a boot camp for the French Foreign Legion.

As the teams rush to get into the marked cars, Hayden can’t figure out how to drive the car, and makes Aaron switch places with her. Adam and Rebecca make it to the harbor first, and begin getting into the old-time scuba gear. Finding they arrived too late for the Fast Forward, Jonathon gets pissed at Victoria, and as they head back to Camp Rafalli, Jonathon tells Victoria it’s her fault.

As they climb into their scuba gear, Rebecca admits she’s certified. Several viewers would probably agree that Jonathon is the one that is certifiable, but I digress. In their gear, I think they look like they should be hanging out in the bottom of a fish tank.

After they have gotten instructions, Adam and Rebecca jump in, and Adam shouts out, “Tell my mom I love her!” Rebecca has no problem, but Adam can’t seem to figure out how to sink down. His body keeps rising to the top like cream. Rebecca walks the ocean floor, retrieves the clue from the lobster trap and comes back. Adam, who has since quit, assumes they are done, but is told by the scuba instructors he needs to complete the task to move on in the race. With additional instructions from Rebecca, Adam finally completes it, as Rebecca announces it has changed to a Slow Forward. Adam is completely proud of himself , and I keep waiting for him to sing the jingle, “I’m a big kid now!” They receive the clue to board a small plane to the city of Calvi, then drive to the pit stop at La Pietra.

As Jonathon and Victoria catch up to the others in the race, Jonathon announces, “Damn, I’m good.” I’m confident, Jonathon, you don’t think you’re good at the same things I think you’re good at. After earlier demanding Aaron drive since she couldn’t figure it out, Hayden is now insisting Aaron switch places with her again, as she’s not happy with his driving, the control freak that she is.

Jonathon and Victoria are the first to Camp Rafalli, and find a Road Block – Climb Up or Fly Behind. If they choose Climb Up, they will need to use a mechanical ascender to climb up a forty-five foot wall. Once at the top, they will receive a medal from a French Legionnaire and repel back down. In Fly Behind, one person will ride in the Zodiac boat, and the other ride in a flying raft being pulled behind the boat. They need to check the twenty-five buoys to find one of the clues attached to only twelve of the buoys.

All teams choose Climb Up originally, but Jonathon and Victoria change their minds when they can’t find where to go to make the climb, and Jonathon refers to Victoria as useless. He then admits to not wanting to do the climb. Bolo is having problems fitting the helmet for the climb on his big head. Adam and Rebecca land and get into a convertible. They reach the pit stop first, and win a vacation to the Caribbean.

Hayden and Aaron are lost, and Aaron tells her to control her road rage. As Kendra and Kris are climbing up easily, Bolo notes it’s kind of funny that he’s the strongest male being passed on the climb by the two women. As Hayden and Aaron finally arrive and decide to do the climb as well, Lori is now having problems climbing.

Jonathon flies behind on the raft, and Victoria rides in the boat. They check the first buoy they find, and there is nothing there. They, of course, argue about this. They get to the second buoy, colorful in The Amazing Race yellow and red, which looks a lot different than the first plain white one they originally found. They still come up empty. I wonder if the first one was even intentionally meant for the race. Eventually they find the clue on the third buoy and believe themselves to be very behind, and figure they have now lost. We can only hope.

Jonathon and Victoria get a clue saying to drive to the winery at the village of Zilia. As they arrive back at the cars, they see people still repelling, and know they are somehow still in the race. Beginning her repel, Hayden takes a frightening spill, and begins to panic, but the experts there talk her through saving herself. I can’t watch people repel without thinking of the picture of my grandma repelling. In their fifties, my grandparents joined the Peace Corps, and a picture was taken of grandma repelling. I was raised thinking everyone’s grandma did this.

Freddy and Kendra are the first to reach the winery, and they find a Road Block. One person from each team will need to stomp on fifty-five pounds of grapes, and make enough juice to fill five bottles, then drink one glass of it. Kendra decides to do this one. Jonathon and Victoria arrive, with Jonathon deciding he will be the one stomping. Freddy and Kendra finish, and are on their way to the pit stop at La Pietra.

Kris and Jon arrive, and Kris does the stomping. Bolo chooses to do it as well as they arrive. As Jonathon is on his fifth bottle, the spout in the barrel gets clogged. Perhaps Victoria should have done this Road Block, as she’s doing a pretty good job stomping her feet and yelling at Jonathon.

As Kris finishes, she credits her success at the task to watching I Love Lucy reruns. Bolo finishes as well. Freddy and Kendra have made it to La Pietra, and arrive in second place. Hayden and Aaron switch off on driving chores yet again. Jonathon and Victoria finish, and as they leave they note not seeing Hayden and Aaron yet. Jonathon tells Victoria they deserve to lose as they don’t work together enough. Perhaps there was some truth serum in the juice he was drinking.

Hayden and Aaron get to the winery, and Hayden completes it quickly. Lori and Bolo and Kris and Jon arrive in third and fourth place. Jonathon and Victoria think they are comfortably ahead of Hayden and Aaron, but they see them just behind them as they walk to the pit stop, and the race is on. Jonathon and Victoria edge Hayden and Aaron out for fifth place. Luckily for Hayden and Aaron, this is a non-elimination leg of the race, but they will now lose all their money, and not receive any more for the next leg.

Two of the three teams that are not feeling they are working together as a team arrived in last and second to last place. The third came in first, but it was only with the help of a Fast Forward, or Slow Forward which they ended up changing it to. If all continue to work the same way, one of those teams will be eliminated next week.

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