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Amazing Race 20 – Ep 9 – The Trials And Tribulations Of Mark

Route Markers
• Sacred Heart College? I thought that was in Connecticut? How’d it get to India?
• Would you travel with Rickshaw Travels? I’d be a bit afraid of that company name.
• Army Wife actually gave us an excuse to break out this classic clip.
• Interesting that Bopper called the team that gave them thousands of dollars “babies.” It’s not untrue, but still, a bit surprising.
• Stalker names for Team Baby – Big Baby, Cry Baby, and Duck Bill Platypus. OK, that’s mean (except the Baby part, expect a call from my lawyers), but pretty damn funny.
• This is going to be a bit inappropriate, but there’s sure a lot of cleavage going on this season, and I am somewhat disturbed that I barely care about it.
• Army Wife was a “high school dance phenomenon.” I laughed off that line from Dave, but after watching her rock the Bollywood dance, I believe it. Get this woman a gig, now!
Roadblock – Learn an intricate dance, Bollywood style. Art plays his I-already-did-an-awful-dance card and JJ had nothing to say about it. Baby liked the glitter, because that’s Rachel. Ralph goes a step beyond sexism by dabbling in a bit of ethnic humor by saying Vanessa could be good at it because she’s part Puerto Rican. Army Wife nails the task, the other women do it in a few attempts, while it takes JJ a long time, it takes Mark even longer.
DetourCricket or Clutch it – In cricket, they have to hit a ball pitched from a pro cricket player to a barrier. In clutch it, they have to learn to drive a rickshaw on a training course. I would not even hesitate to do the cricket challenge, but more teams did the driving task. Dave thinks he could do the cricket challenge because he has “skill and ability in almost every sport.” I want to see him attempt luge. Cricket has the Baby vs. JJArt battle, but Army Wife, Stalker and Bopper all do the driving.
• Love the Ride of the Valkyries music during Dave’s driving . Perfect music cue.
• Another great music cue – the Indian-style baseball organ music.
• Art on JJ’s dance outfit – “He looks like a gorilla in a chiffon suit.” HA!

Order of Finish – Army Wife (Fifth win, and a trip to St. Lucia), Baby, JJArt, Stalker and Team Bopper (NON-ELIMINATION)

Next week – There’s a weird tiger dance. Baby is faced with the Uchenna and Joyce Fast Forward, and the loss of her $500 extensions and Vanessa’s ankle pops.

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