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Real World Philadelphia, Episode 18

by Driven Ambition

[font=Arial]On the episode that I affectionately call scabies, the cast spends the better part of the episode gearing up, and making final preparations for their presentation to the Philadelphia Soul. The show opens, as usual, with a wide range of shots from all over Philadelphia.

The show then takes a hideous turn, as the often times know-it-all, Mel, shows Landon and MJ her skin. Usually the male audience would have both eyes wide open, but not his time. Mel had a bad case of what they then thought was a rash. They ignored it for a while, as they went to the office, to go over the presentation.

Landon has stated before that he has experience in the field in which they were working in, so when he naturally took the lead, Sarah had a problem with it. After the arguing, the two decided that the presentation would be done Landon’s way. If things aren’t done Landon’s way then it’s the highway, as Sarah so graciously pointed out. Gee Landon, an attitude like that wont help you during a Real World Road Rules Extreme Challenge.

Meanwhile, when the group returned to home sweet hell, Mel returned with news. While Landon and MJ begged to know what the hell was on her skin, she reveals the nasty truth; she had scabies. The looks of suspense on MJ and Landon’s faces quickly turned to disgust, can you blame them? As Karamo stated, who get scabies in 2004? But then again, someone had to explain to him what scabies was, and I ask you, my loyal readers, who doesn’t know what scabies is in 2004?

After everyone was made aware of the fact that it was contagious, everyone suddenly felt the urge to clean, and wash. Nothing like an itchy skin condition caused by tiny mites to make everyone want to clean up. I declare scabies to be the quicker, cleaner, picker-upper.

What I consider to be the most humorous part of this episode would have to be when Landon answers the phone, “Scabies Central”. Hey everyone, Landon said something funny, and he didn’t even have to be drunk to do it.

In true Real World fashion, the cast minus Mel, talks about their roommate and how no one can touch her, because they’ll catch it. The next hours were spent spraying, and tossing everything in the plush home that used to be a bank; it used to be clean, we all know how sanitary money is. The doctors came and checked everyone out, and no one tested positive to having scabies.

Wow Mel, good job at separating yourself from you roommates even more than you were before. Up until now, they were treating her like she had a disease, now they have an excuse. Hey Mel! I have an idea, why don’t you go to your private bar that you didn’t want any of your roommates to know about, and spread the wealth?

When Landon, Shavonda, and MJ shared a small dinner, they came to the conclusion that, for a lack of a better phrase, Mel had a know-it-all complex, big surprise!

The last day before the presentation, Landon expressed his concern about the presentation to MJ, because let‘s be honest, who else would care?

On the day of the presentation, our dynamic cast of multiple personalities shows up bright and early, dressed in those oh-so chic Polos, and they give their presentation. That day they had a surprise when Jon Bon Jovi, part owner of he Philadelphia Soul, shows up to lend an ear.

The presentation was actually good, and Jon Bon Jovi told them that he was impressed, which put a smile on each of the cast members faces. They were told to return to the newly infested home by at least 2:00pm.

When that time came around, something coincidentally seemed to be wrong with the door. When they finally got it opened, they each got luggage with their names on each piece. I have to say that I am very impressed with their looks of surprise, because anyone that watches the Real World knows that each cast goes somewhere different, and I know they watched the Real World before they decided to audition.

After searching the luggage and finding things that are used for travel, they finally find out that their destination is Fiji, so buckle up, because its going to be a bumpy ride. Lets hope no one gets drunk and has a 3-way, then mysteriously doesn’t remember like our dear brooding Alton of Real World Las Vegas. MJ, I’m holding my breath. [/font] 😡 😆


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