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Survivor: One World – Ep 11 – Slippin’ And A Slidin’ And A Progression Of Dumb Mistakes

Treemail Top 10
• Tarzan thinks his smartest move would be to “go with the girls or be exposed.” First of all, please don’t expose yourself. I had to turn away during the lubing! Second, that is not your smartest move. Your smartest move was to join with the guys and Cha a few episodes ago. Now, you are in a lot of trouble, Dr. Tarzan.
• You know how I feel about Alicia – but her mocking of Troyzan after he lost the Reward, “This is MY island,” was pretty funny.
• Kim voted for herself as who to be stranded with. It’s not as if she has a very high opinion of herself, or just wants to be alone on an island, but it is a perfect example of how well she is reading this room.
• Chelsea says the chopper ride is one of the Top 10 things she has ever done. I love when reality show contestants prove just how young they really are.
• Troyzan did have a good line after the reward – “It’s not about food, it’s a strategy.” He is correct. No doubt. And, “you think you’re in the know, but you’re not.” Also quite true.
• Nice move by Sabrina in talking down Kitten – “She kept the two she knew were not going to falter, that’s who she kept here, don’t let him get in your head.”
• How sad was it watching Troyzan and Cha trying to strategize. I am not entirely sure they were speaking English.
• Loved the motley crew of pig warriors – Chelsea with rope, Cha and an axe, Sabrina with a huge branch club. They would have had a better chance destroying that pig by launching birds at it.
• Probst to Cha – why are you still here? Cha- “I’m one lucky girl.” Way to work the jury for votes! Claiming that you have no idea why you’ve lasted this long is a great strategy.
• Not sure why Troy told Kitten to “Do it” as he left – perhaps he just wants her to fart on someone else.

Votes – Troyzan 4 (Kim, Kitten, Alicia, Chelsea), Cha 3 (Troyzan, Tarzan, Sabrina), Chelsea 1 (Cha)

Next Week – Tarzan is the last man standing. Amazing. The women may be starting to turn on each other.

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