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The Voice, Apr. 24 – Elimination, And the Prophesy is Fulfilled!!!

Welcome to Elimination night on The Voice!

Are we in for any big surprises? We lost James Massone and Pip as well as Pip’s bow tie last night. Sounds like Juliet Simms hit the top of iTunes again last night.

Florence and the Machine are musical guests tonight. Flo, as her friends and website call her, starts off the show amid many dancers dressed in long flowing robes.  She also hits an annoyingly long note towards the end of the song.  Team Cee Lo join her, hidden under more robes. Are we all headed to Hogwarts?

So who’s on the chopping block for night?

Team Adam Levine:

Tony Lucca


Katrina Parker

Team Cee Lo Green:


Jamar Rodgers

Juliet Simms

Team Adam is placed in front of the firing squad first. Hard to imagine who is safe and who isn’t.  None of them did massively better than the others.

Adam rambles on, again. Then Carson Daley tells us what we already know about what happens tonight. And America saved … Tony Lucca.  So Katrina and Mathai will duke it out for the save.

Now onto Team Cee Lo. His team was really powerful last night.  Only Pip seemed off, and he and his bow tie are already on their way home,  so who stays and who goes?  I’m guessing Juliet Simms is safe.  If America doesn’t save her and it goes to Cee Lo to pick, then Juliet will be safe. Hard to see Cee Lo getting rid of Jamar Rodgers either, so I wouldn’t want to be Cheesa.

After more platitudes, Cason announces that America saved … Jamar Rodgers.

So it’s between Cheesa and Juliet Simms.  Hmmm, like I said above, I wouldn’t want to be Cheesa.

Mathai ~~ Cowboy Casanova

I’m a big Carrie Underwood fan, but Mathai just doesn’t have the chops to take on one of her songs.  She sounds squeaky and looks a little out of place.  I was under-impressed, but at least there was no dope on a rope.

Blake: I’m glad to see her embracing her hillbilly side

Christina: I could feel the nerves in it; Adam’s in a tough spot tonight.

Cee Lo: I really liked the aggression you used tonight.

Me: She best hope the dude on the rope from last night shows up and falls on Katrina.

Katrina Parker ~~~ Perfect

She also sounds a little overwhelmed, but her voice fills the song much better than Mathai did with hers.  This is of course the PG – Rated version of the song.  When the song kicks into high gear, Katrina delivers the goods.

Blake: Katrina’s the best singer on your team.

Christina: I 100% agree with Blake. I’m most excited to hear original material from you.

Cee Lo: You sung with a lot of clarity and conviction.

Me: No contest. Give it to Katrina, have a nice day.

Now it’s time to see who should stay and who should go. The coaches vote.

Blake: Katrina

Christina: Katrina

Cee Lo: Mathai

Me: I think I made that clear.

Adam: First he yammers on, then he picks … No, he doesn’t pick, he keeps yammering … Shut up and pick!!  He picks Katrina!!!

(Oh thank God that’s over.)

Cee Lo’s team is up now. I almost feel like it’s a waste of time because I really can’t see Cee Lo sending Juliet Simms home. Still Cheesa is really good.

Cheesa ~~~ Already Gone

A little iffy on the lower register notes, but once she goes to the higher notes, she’s better.  Not Great. I can feel it.  Great money note at the end. However, is this really a great song to do?  With a song title of Already Gone?  Kinda prophetic, huh?  Might as well sing Take This Job and Shove it.

Blake: It’s hard not to get excited when Cheesa performs.

Christina: You’ve done amazing things with your journey on this show.

Adam: You made a lot of people believe in you.  Today wasn’t as strong.

Me: We all heard the iffy notes, but she soared in the end.  Won’t matter, she’s already gone. (Sometimes I just crack myself up!)

Juliet Simms ~~~ Torn

This isn’t quite the rockin’ Juliet that we’ve seen before, but she’s still killing it.  The emotion is pouring through her and she sounds great.  It’s really all over except the mulling over the obvious.

Blake: I think I was the only one who didn’t hit my button, I just wasn’t a believer.  I love you now.  I get it now.

Christina: She needs to be reminded what her big song was.

Me: Has Juliet been better before? Sure.  But she still blew Cheesa out of the water, which isn’t a knock on Cheesa. Juliet is just really good. Let’s just give it to her and call it a night.

Now it’s up to Cee Lo.  Oh boy. He’s the one who kept Erin Martin over the Shields Brothers right?  Well, it’s between two girls tonight.

Blake: Juliet

Christina: Juliet

Cee Lo: (Here comes the long speech.) He asks them to smile one last time for him.  They do so, and then they both cry.  Nice Cee Lo.

He picks … Juliet.

Even Cheesa saw that coming.  Next week, the semi finals and the top 8.  See you then.

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