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The Voice, April 23rd – Darkwing Duck Steals Bow Tie Edition

Tony Lucca ~~~ Hit Me Baby One More Time

Playing guitar, with flashing lights and some dancers backing him, Tony comes off much more original that he did the last time.  There’s some edge to this. It works pretty well.  The crowd goes nuts, so much so that Carson has trouble getting to the coaches’ comments.  I liked it better than the original.

Christina: Let’s get Britney Spears out here and do a real reunion.  It was fun; it was different.

Blake: It pisses me off ‘cuz it was really smart.

Adam: God, I love you. This was one of those things where you just embraced it.

Me: It was really good and should keep Tony safe, at least until tomorrow.

Cheesa ~~~ I Have Nothing

Cheesa is glowing blue as she starts. She’s hitting the big notes, which is no small feat.  There are a few pitch issues. Nothing big, but it’s not perfect. Still, I feel it. She gets a well deserved standing O.

Christina: You still managed to do your own thing with it.  This week, team Cee Lo is where it’s at.

Cee Lo: Baby you did such a wonderful job. This is a grown woman song. Not some of this auto tune kind of thing.

Me: It was impressive.  Big song. And Christina is right, tonight belongs to Team Cee Lo.  It’s too bad that even if his team blows Team Adam away that by tomorrow night, two of them still go home.

Pip ~~~ Somewhere Only We Know

First off, no bow tie?  Pip with no bow tie is like Thanksgiving with no turkey! It’s like Christmas without Santa! It’s like Abbott without Costello! It’s just wrong! I protest! I object! I throw a huge temper tantrum!!  But instead of a bow tie, Pip picks up a piano. At least for the beginning.  It sounds okay, better than when he tried to rock out. There’s more than a few straining notes, followed by a high one that tries to save the performance. Not bad, but Pip should have:

A) Kept singing while playing piano because it was mostly downhill the moment he grabbed the mike and stood up, and

B) He should have kept the dang BOW TIE!!!

Blake: I thought it was going pretty good til the end.  Where the hell is the bow tie? (Thank you!)

Adam: Couple of moments that weren’t quite perfect.  I’m proud of you man.

Me: It was nice. It was sweet. It was mostly forgettable. Pip without the bow tie is like KISS without make-up. It’s just not the full experience. Safe?  Nope, not by a long shot. If he survives tonight and tomorrow, it will be by the last thread of his absent bow tie.  Like clean underwear, Pip should never leave his house without it again.

Team Adam takes the stage with their coach Mr. Levine singing Instant Karma.

Juliet Simms ~~~ Cryin’

Juliet did the best the last time Cee Lo’s team was on, so she gets the best spot of the night. She sings like an angel!! Or at least she has the wings of one.  Black wings.  It’d be cool if she could take off with them.  The wings, I mean Juliet, is solid, but she doesn’t sound quite as amazing in the beginning as she did a few weeks ago. The second half of the song really kills it though.  She’s bathed in white feathers as someone feeds a bunch of feather pillows into a shredder or something. One of my favorites of the night.

Blake: It brought back memories of duck season. It was doubly awesome.

Christina: You’re just so, you don’t care. I love the way you just sort of roar on stage.

Cee Lo: I’m impressed with your voice. It’s so rugged; it’s like leather.

Me: Duck Season, Juliet Season, Duck Season, Juliet Season, Shoot!!!  Safe? You bet your down jacket she is. (Anyone else thinking of Darkwing Duck now?)

Again, I think that Christina was correct. Tonight belonged to Team Cee Lo.  Can we just eliminate Adam’s team and let all of Cee Lo’s go through?  Didn’t think so.

I think that Adam will have to let either Mathai or Pip go. Not sure who Cee Lo gets rid of. Probably James.

Cee Lo is up first. He reads a long, poetic and weird note. It makes no sense to me. But it’s very Cee Lo.

From Cheesa, Jamar Rodgers, James Massone, Juliet Simms.

Cee Lo axes……. James Massone.  Can’t say I’m surprised or disappointed.

Team Adam is next.

We’ve got: Katrina Parker, Mathai, Tony Lucca, Pip.

He rambles on.  Now he says this is a stupid thing, last week he was all for it.

He gives the heave ho to … Pip.  Dude, should have worn the bow tie. Bye, bye Pip.

No surprises tonight. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.  Go vote, because if your favorite isn’t # 1, they aren’t safe.  See you tomorrow.

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