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The Voice, April 23rd – Darkwing Duck Steals Bow Tie Edition

Tonight on The Voice, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo fight to stay in the competition. Watch, listen and then vote for your favorite. Assuming, of course, that your favorite doesn’t get the axe at the end of the night by the two coaches before you have a chance to cast a single vote. If that happens, vote for your second favorite. (Hey, you can’t have everything, right?)

Keep in mind that unless the one you’re rooting for captures the top spot in tonight’s vote, then they will still face elimination from their own coach. In other words, even though the top vote getter and the runner up may be separated by only a few votes, while the third place runner up may be way behind, you could still see them going bye-bye tomorrow night.

So pull up a chair, grab a bowl of popcorn and get ready to see what happens tonight.

Let’s review the players.

There’s Adam Levine and his team: Katrina Parker, Mathai, Tony Lucca, and of course, Pip.

Then there’s Cee Lo Green and his team, Cheesa, Jamar Rodgers, James Massone, and top ITunes winner from 2 weeks ago, Juliet Simms.

Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera are there as well , mostly along for the ride, and of course to give their two cents. I, of course, will also give my two cents. However, I’m aware that the coaches wouldn’t pay one cent for my two cents, but that’s ok, I’m not bitter. Much.

The show starts off with the coaches defending their choices and a lot of laughing going on about something that may have been related to an off-screen bodily function of Cee Lo.  All I can say is thank the Lord this isn’t a scratch and sniff program.

Jamar Rodgers ~~~ It’s My Life

Surrounded by flames and dancers with broomsticks, Jamar takes on the Bon Jovi hit. It’s a great song. The arrangement is really different from the original and fits Jamar well.  The crowd gets into it big time.

Adam: We all feel like we missed out on something amazing. (By not picking you for our teams.)

Blake: I don’t know that there’s ever been a better pairing of an artist and a song.

Christina: I loved that you made that song your own.  Besides my team, you’re the one I’m rooting for.

Cee Lo: Listen to the love. You are such a strong and sweet spirit … I love you sir.

Me: I thought it was a great start to the show. Jarmar’s reaction to the crowd was moving, as was Cee Lo’s tribute of a speech. I imagine he’s safe for the night.

Katrina Parker ~~~ Jar Of Hearts

Katrina stands in the middle of the stage, in the middle of a giant pink heart with her hair down taking on a big song. The rest of the stage looks like a collection of mini-spotlights in dry ice.  Most of song is well delivered. There’s a couple of off notes, but not many.  There wasn’t much going on visually from Katrina, but vocally she delivered.

Blake: That was awesome.

Christina: You are Katrina Parker and own that.

Cee Lo: It’s like seeing and hearing you for the first time. Your voice sounds equally flawless. I heard some wilt in your voice.

Adam: I’m so proud. You weren’t one of my favorites on my team at first, but you’ve come so far. That was incredible; that was flawless.

Me: I think it was really good.  However, last week the coaches heaped praise then cut, so I wouldn’t be too confident if I were Katrina.  Most likely not getting cut tonight though; tomorrow may be a different story.

We get treated to a version of Dancing in the Street by Cee Lo and his team, with Cee Lo in a giant black and white TV before he and his team come out in very reddish colors. Cee Lo has hair again. Cee Lo with hair is like Pip without his bow tie. It just doesn’t seem right.

Mathai ~~~ I’m Like a Bird

Mathai just looks cute and adorable as she sings.  You wish you didn’t see the guy swinging above her who I guess is supposed to be the bird? My, he’s annoying.  Her voice is unique, but it fits the song.  She seems to have a few breath issues at one point, but they don’t last long.  Really, the dude on a rope was not needed.

Blake: I could have done without Captain America swinging around.

Christina: I didn’t feel like you connected with the song.  It sounded a little forcefed.

Adam: That’s like your opinion man. (To Christina) I didn’t know about the sketchy dude. (They guy on the rope.) I thought it was great. I’m really, really happy, and I hope that you are to.

Me: So Adam had no idea that some guy was going to be swinging up above her head like a giant Yo-Yo? I hope he was supposed to be there and didn’t just decide to drop in. Mathai sounded great. Safe? I don’t know.  I hope this wasn’t one big rope-a-dope.

James Massone ~~~ I Want You Just the Way You Are

On a staircase singing to a girl in the shadows of a doorway, James begins what I think is a brilliant song choice for him.  It fits his voice, and the young girls will love him no matter what and the, shall we say, more mature set like myself will simply dig the song. He does it better than I thought he would, but not amazing.   And ooh, we get to see the pretty young girl from the doorway at the end.

Blake: I don’t know how I feel about that.

Christina: You have a special voice; I wanted something a little different

Adam: I loved it a lot.

Cee Lo: I enjoyed it. Your voice is so sweet, so soft spoken.

Me: It wasn’t bad. It was sweet. Was it amazing by any stretch of the imagination? Nope. Is James safe? No. I think James is likely to go home, if not tonight, then tomorrow.

Another performance from Cee Lo Green, this time with Goodie Mob. Dressed like a cross between the Solid Gold dancers and refugees from Tron, they all look like they swallowed a bunch of fireflies since their teeth are glowing.  Guess now we know why Cee Lo had gas earlier.

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