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The Amazing Race, April 22 – When It Becomes “Truly Amazing”

I’m afraid to watch The Amazing Race tonight. I’ve seen and read previews, and my sister just told me she shed a few tears while watching it, so it’s scaring me a little. I’m worried. Definitely worried.

From Tanzania, Kentucky team Bopper and Mark look for medical help in their hotel room. Mark says his leg is in pretty bad shape after injuring it a few weeks ago getting out of the safari truck. He’s devastated that it could take him out of the Race, as it’s important to him and Mark, and they need the money. The medic tells him if he keeps a brace on his knee, it should be enough to keep him in the Race, and he’s definitely relieved.

Kentucky leave at 9:06 PM. Their clue tells them to fly to Cochin, India, and make their way to a bus station to catch a bus to Sacred Heart College. Mark is still worried about Bopper’s knee, and says if he has to do all the running, he will, just to stay in the game. Bopper announces, “Kentucky is still in the game, Baby.”

Blonde Rachel and Dave leave one minute later, and he mentions that their relationship with Border Patrol agents Art and J.J. is pretty much done after they didn’t U-Turn Big Brother team Brendon and Rachel last week. He knows J.J. in particular is upset. She explains they aren’t about to do J.J.’s dirty work. If the relationship can be restored, that’s good, otherwise, they’ll just continue on. They reach the travel agency just after Kentucky. Their flight doesn’t leave until 7:40 the next morning, and Rachel knows Border Patrol should be showing up any minute. She’s wondering if they’ll be asking them questions about their itinerary.

Border Patrol leave at 9:32 PM, and they discuss their agreement with Rachel and Dave to U-Turn Big Brother. Art knows they got screwed over by “Major Dave.” He announces, “We’re done, Major Dave; take your Army ass and get out of my face.” They reach the travel agency and find the other two teams there. They ask to get tickets and for use of the Internet. They ignore Rachel and Dave completely and confirm the 7:40 AM flight is the soonest. Rachel explains they aren’t there to make friends, but win. Kentucky call Border Patrol babies. Meanwhile, Border Patrol is grousing that Rachel and Dave didn’t even say hi and call them out for not having integrity.

Big Brother leaves at 11:55 PM, and Redhead Rachel mentions being U-Turned by Border Patrol on the last leg. Regardless, they survived it, and are over it, feeling they proved to everyone that they are good competitors. They make it to the travel agency and book their flight, which is assumably the same as the others. Vanessa and Ralph leave at 1:31 AM and discussing “Big Baby” U-Turning them. They’re just happy that they still have a U-Turn left to use, if one should happen to pop up. The make it to the travel agency and book the same flight and use the computer for research, finding another flight that will arrive earlier than the others.

Vanessa and Ralph arrive in Cochin first and ask to see a bus schedule. The others arrive while they’re checking into the schedule, and Vanessa growls at losing their lead. Everyone heads out to the bus terminal, and Blonde Rachel and Dave hit the first bus out of there, while Big Brother and Border Patrol hit the second one, and Vanessa and Ralph the third one. Kentucky are trying to figure out where and how to get tickets. They find the terminal, and are concerned to not find any of the other teams. Mark asks if the bus has already left, and told it has, but it will come again soon.

In the buses, Brendon is feeling he is so much bigger than everyone else, as the locals all seem to be smaller than him. As is the usual with teams racing through India, Art seems about ready to vomit because of the smell on the bus. Blonde Rachel mentions India is a very busy place with lots of people and cars, and Dave just finds it very cultural. Kentucky finally catches a bus, and Mark is worried about getting sick. Wait until he catches a whiff.

Blonde Rachel and Dave are the first team to reach Sacred Heart College and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must work on the set of a Bollywood movie and learn a dance routine. After, they’ll join a group of extras and perform it for a Bollywood director. When their routine is “camera-ready,” they’ll receive the next clue. Dave decides that Rachel has all the right right moves and should be doing this challenge. She runs off with an extra to switch clothes. Dave is just happy that this eliminates the dancing for him as he didn’t inadvertently select it.

Border Patrol arrives at the college and argue over who has to do the Roadblock. Art has a pretty good argument. He had to do the last dancing Roadblock. J.J. can’t argue with that one and agrees to do it. Dave laughs a little at the thought of seeing J.J. dance, as Redhead Rachel accepts the challenge for her team, and Vanessa does for hers. Dave wonders how many males who are federal law enforcement oriented are also quality dancers.

Blonde Rachel starts learning the dance, saying she was in dance all through her school years, but has never danced Bollywood style. Dave knows if he was stuck doing it, they’d be there for several hours. Redhead Rachel runs out and is lucky to find a green group to dance with. She thinks they have fun outfits with the sequins and glitter. Ralph thinks Vanessa will do okay at this, as she actually has some Puerto Rican in her. This leaves J.J. as the only “dude” dancing from the Race so far, as Kentucky still hasn’t arrived yet.

Mark is having a hard time in the bus, but has his barf bag ready. He talks about the smog in the air, and says if you stick your head out the window, it just gets worse. The “dancers” are learning the routine, and the girls all look like they’re having no problem, but J.J. is definitely having his struggles, saying he feels like a “fat Elvis.”

Kentucky finally make it to the college, as the others are getting tired of learning this dance, referring to it as the “never-ending dance routine.” Art thinks the “whole arm-foot stepping think is jacking” J.J. up a little. Mark is already sick, but because of Bopper’s knee, Mark has to do the routine. Brendon asks Bopper who Mark’s rhythm is. “He ain’t got much rhythm, but he’s got heart.”

J.J. is the first one to go up and test his dancing knowledge, and Redhead Rachel can’t figure that out, referring to him as a “clumsy oaf.” He takes his spot on the stage, and Art jams along while J.J. dances. He doesn’t look good, and raises his arms while the others have them down. Blonde Rachel calls it terrible, and Art proclaims, “Dudes can’t dance like chicks; it just ain’t gonna happen.”