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Amazing Race 20 – Ep 8 – Not The Bees, Not The Bees!!

Route Markers
• Gotta love how U.S. politics make their way to super-rural Africa. Small “shops” – and basically they were just small carts – were named after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, er, Clington. Finding the Clinton cart was the second task – easily found by everyone except for Stalker, who amusingly wandered for a long time seeking it enabling the Feds to make up almost all of their lost time.
• Interesting to see the departure times on the legs following non-elims since we get to see when the last place team arrived. Army Wife beat Team Bopper by two minutes last week, with JJArt 18 minutes later. Baby was 25 minutes behind JJArt, and Stalker another 28 minutes behind. Bopper’s struggles with the shower lost them the leg, while the others all finished that camp task fairly easily. The Feds finished two hours after Stalker – amazing considering that they arrived before them. That’s a huge hole to overcome with a Speed Bump and no airport equalizing.
• Bopper’s knee injury may become an issue later – let’s see what happens. And hope “cutting it out” does not become an option. That’s some TV viewing I can do without.
• “Let them drink their Haterade” – Baby. Ugh. These two are everything that’s wrong with reality TV. They’re almost like cartoon characters instead of real people. They sit there and think of these little sound bytes, and manufactured drama just to get their mugs on a few extra minutes of TV, expanding their Warholian 15 minutes of fame. I’m completely done with them – except I still have at least one more episode left to watch them (and I totally expect this week to be non-elim or a Super Leg).
• I am sure coo-coo-cachoo is not a mating call as well. It’s something you say to Mrs. Robinson.
• I don’t get why JJ is a lion. Is the Race now putting inside jokes on TV?
• Baby – “This is so much cooler than the zoo.” Africa. Basically, they are living a scene from The Lion King. A zoo? Really?
• A rare endearing moment from Vanessa – she REALLY wanted to go on safari and see an elephant. The first task was for the teams to basically go on safari. Her look of absolute awe was a rare moment of reality on some of these people who are on TV for attention or just to be mean. For this brief moment, I really liked her.
DetourWater Supply or Air Supply. This village has no plumbing, so folks line up to fill up containers at a well. Teams have to stand in line and fill up tanks. The second task is to listen to late 70s, early 80s easy listening music…what? Oh, not that Air Supply. Ok. In this task, they have to fix a leak in a bike tire. At first glance, I would have done the water. As it turns out, that one was not the right choice, as the line’s wait would be 40 minutes. All but JJArt chose the bikes, but Baby and Stalker had to do both tasks.
• Hey JJArt…don’t be dissing Hillary Clinton. Keep that up and we’re officially fighting.
• Mark comments that the bikes, which are in terrible shape, are second nature for them. These are the bikes they have too – not a lot of cash in rural Kentucky to buy new bikes.
• Army Wife bickers over the bike tire. Sunrise. Sunset.
• Hey Army Wife Rachel – I like you. Besides Bopper you are becoming my last hope for a likable winner. But we may have problems if you keep using words like “bamboons.”
Roadblock – One team member has to don a beekeeper suit and harvest honeycomb from a swarming nest of African honey bees. I have two great phobias that if I ran the Race would require my teammate to do the task because I would be pee-myself-frightened. The super height tasks would be a problem for me, but I would scale 100 buildings before I put myself into an African honey bee hive. All I have to say is that Nicolas Cage had it right. I’m not even sure if the million bucks is worth it. Well, ok, it is, but I would become a totally viral video if I had to do that. Roadblock done by – Mark, Dave, Art, Baby, Ralph, and Nary.
• Not gonna talk about the latest Baby breakdown. I’m tired of it.
• Love Phil’s new band. I’d get their latest tune on Itunes.
• Art felt like Winnie the Pooh, which is ok, if Winnie the Pooh decided not to talk to Piglet because of something ridiculous.
• Baby said her plan to do the bee task was to keep them nice and confused. Just start talking to them, Baby, that’ll do it.
• Stalker and Feds basically arrive at the Route Marker at the same time, leading them to the Roadblock. However, the Feds had to do the Speed Bump, where they have to set up an art stand. This is ironic because the Feds were in their time hole this week because of their failure to set something up. For once, the Speed Bump is the difference and the Feds get booted. No one to join KNat and the Hoffman sisters as the all-female winners.

Order of Finish – Bopper (finally someone else wins a leg! And they go to Hawaii!), Army Wife, JJArt, Baby, Stalker, and the Feds (ELIMINATED)

Next week (or tonight) – The JJArt/Army Wife feud escalates and Mark has a breakdown in India.

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