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You Messed My Face Up! I'm Super Model! – The Amazing Race 6, Episode 8

by LauraBelle

While the recap episode last week was extremely entertaining, many people felt cheated after being left hanging by the previous week’s To Be Continued episode. The two weeks’ wait for this episode was definitely worth it. For a person like myself that loves the sound bytes, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The main issue we were left hanging with was what was to become of Lori and Bolo. It looked like they would be stranded for the night, not being able to get a train to the Net Klub Internet Cafe in Budapest, Hungary until the next morning. Bolo takes it upon himself to ask around and make sure there is no more trains. His hunch pays off as he finds one departing at 2:55 AM. Being that the Internet Club is open until 10:00 AM, they should make it.

The first three teams let into the Internet Cafe are Gus and Hera, Jonathon and Victoria, and Freddy and Kendra. They need to read emails from the AOL service to find their next clue. This clue sends them back out to catch a taxi to Hungary’s Rail Museum where they will need to ride a rail car over fifty miles per hour to get yet another clue. As those teams exit, the other three teams of Adam and Rebecca, Kris and Jon, and Hayden and Aaron enter, and Adam picks the wrong time for this fingers not to work on the keyboard as Rebecca says, “Adam, why do you have to be retarded right now?”

Scrambling for a cab, Jonathon is at it again as he begins another onslaught of verbal abuse aimed at his wife, Victoria. He yells at her to hold the cab, and as she lets it slip away, he yells, “Damnit! What part of ‘Hold the cab’ do you not understand?” As she begins to explain, he yells at her to shut up, then follows with, “That’s why women don’t rule the world.” He later calls her dumb. There Jonathon goes, being non-entertaining again.

As Lori and Bolo are waiting for their train, Lori decides she is stinky and dirty. All of the other six teams arrive at the Railway Museum to find it doesn’t open until ten AM. They all decide to get food, and then check in for the night at Hotel Fortuna. Rebecca is getting fed up by Aaron, saying she loves him like a brother, not romantically. She wishes they had a healthier relationship like that of Hayden and Aaron or Jon and Kris. I notice she doesn’t mention Jonathon and Victoria.

Lori and Bolo do their thing at the Internet Cafe and head to the Railway Museum at seven AM. Since the others are all asleep at the Hotel Fortuna, Lori and Bolo have moved form being horribly behind to being comfortably in first, waiting for the Railway Museum to open. The other six teams all leave the hotel in cabs, trying to be first to the museum. Apparently, Jonathon thinks if he treats the cab driver as if he is as dumb as he believes Victoria is, it will help him understand English. He says very slowly and deliberately, with hand signals, “We are all in a race.”

All seven teams now stand waiting for the gate to open. As the gate is raised, there is a mad dash inside. The gate falls and hits Hera and Freddy in the head. They are running to a pole with the numbers one through seven on it, and everyone tackles the pole trying to get the number one. Lori and Bolo, the wrestlers, are the lucky recipients. Freddy, in a red doo-rag, is pissed about being hit in the head. He is yelling at Jon, and oddly enough, the cooler head that prevails in this is Jonathon, who calms Freddy down, only for Freddy to walk away snorting that someone will pay for that.

Lori and Bolo, with their number one, ride the rail car first and grab the first Fast Forward of the race. I wonder if they really want to get ahead, or just want to get sleep sooner. For this Fast Forward they will need to travel to the old Transylvanian part of Budapest, walk through a Labyrinth, and drink pig’s blood. As they drive away in their cab, Bolo does a hilariously funny impression of a falsetto Freddy, “You messed my face up! I’m Super Model!”

Hayden and Aaron take the rail car next, followed by Kris and Jon. As Adam and Rebecca ride away, he yells, “Choo! Choo!!” I’m suddenly remembering Rebecca calling him Wussy Boy in last week’s recap show. Freddy, still complaining about his face, and Kendra are next, then Jonathon and Victoria, and lastly Gus and Hera. The clue all these teams have grabbed instructs them to a Detour at Nemzeti Sportuszoda. They need to choose between donning swim gear and getting a goal in water polo against a member of the Hungarian team, or using a hand pump to blow up a raft and paddle across the Danube River.

Kris and Jon arrive and decide to do the water polo. Jon is shocked he has to wear a Speedo, but eying him, Kris exclaims, “Dude, my man is unbelievably hot!” they make their shot easily and head to the Grindel Restaurant for the next clue. Adam and Rebecca arrive at Nemzeti Sportuszoda and also choose the water polo, scoring easily as well. After Hayden and Aaron also score at water polo easily, Aaron walks away saying he feels like the Michael Jordan of water polo. Jonathon and Victoria decide to also do the water polo, and he says he just wants to take off his underwear and jump in. Luckily for us, he added the Speedo to this equation. They, too, score easily, along with Freddy and Kendra right after them. Gus and Hera are the only ones to choose paddling across the Danube, but seem to do it easily enough. This time Hera does not get seasick.

Lori and Bolo are still riding around in their cab, and they fear the driver is lost. Eventually he finds the Labyrinth, and they rush through quickly, having no problem downing the pig’s blood. They receive the next clue to the pit stop, the Fisherman’s Bastion, which they need to get to on foot. They do this quickly and arrive in front of Phil and a Budapest local who loudly announces his welcome. I missed what trip they won as I was too astonished to see Lori pull a Mike Tyson and bite Phil on the side of his head or neck while she was hugging him. Okaaay.

Kris and Jon arrive first at the Grindel Restaurant to find a Road Block where one of them will need to eat a twenty-four ounce blowl of an Hungarian soup that is very spicy. Jon chooses to do the task. Hayden and Aaron arrive as well, and Aaron chooses to eat the soup. As he sits down, he asks the chef if he made it. Sampling some, he says, “Too spicy! Tone it back a little next time.” As Jonathon and Victoria arrive, he insists she should do it. As she sits and begins eating it, Jonathon tells her she’s doing it wrong, and to look to see how Aaron and Jon are doing it. As Victoria struggles, Jon calls her a lightweight. Too bad he wasn’t the one asked to tone it down a little. Aaron asks Jonathon why he didn’t do this Road Block, and Victoria says she does all the hard stuff.

Adam and Rebecca arrive at Grindel’s and Rebecca just starts slamming the soup down. Victoria asks for something to throw up in, and does so. She announces she can’t possibly eat all that, as it will kill her. This follows by her complaining there’s a hair in her soup. Adam and Jonathon are simply amazed at how easily Rebecca is doing this. Aaron tells Hayden she’s the biggest pain in his ass, and then barfs. And this is the type of relationship Rebecca is wishing for? Rebecca and Jon finish. Jon says he needs a window seat in his cab after the “bowl of Tobasco sauce and screeching violins.” Adam asks Rebecca if she’s going to throw up on him in the cab, and she replies maybe.

Jonathon is still hounding Victoria, and she tells him to go away, as it’s making it worse. He calls her a drama queen. Hayden tells Aaron he is going to have the runs for a week after this. Jonathon yells at the musicians to be quiet, and then tells Victoria, “You can’t do this, Drama Queen,” as she proceeds to puke again. Aaron tells Hayden that’s what’s getting to him, Victoria puking. He literally blows chow, and the musicians start holding their noses.

Freddy and Kendra arrive, with Freddy doing the soup-eating. Aaron barfs again as Hayden rolls her eyes. Victoria and Aaron finish at nearly the same time, and rush off. As they leave, Jonathon explains to Victoria the reason he had her do it was because she liked food so much. Yes, that will make it up to her, Jonathon, pointing out how much she likes food. Freddy is just slamming the soup down until Kendra tells him to look at Aaron and Victoria’s puke that is not yet cleaned up. He does, and then pukes himself, right back into his soup. Now he needs to eat soup and puke. A lesson for the future, if you want someone to hurry their eating , don’t tell them to look at other people’s vomit. He eventually finishes and they leave.

Hera and Gus get to the Grindel, and as Gus eats the soup in nearly one big slurp, we wonder if it’s a little too little, a little too late. The other teams are beginning to arrive close the the Pit Stop. Hayden tells Aaron she loves spicy food, and to wipe his nose, because it’s full of snot. Victoria tells Jonathon she threw up in her hair. The Amazing Race is glamorous, Kids. Jonathon tells Victoria not to cry at the pit stop this time, harking back to the day he physically abused her when she picked up his pack for him. As she says, “We’re gonna lose,” he tells her to shut up. Kris and Jon edge in to the pit stop in second place, with Jonathon and Victoria in third place.

Hayden and Aaron and Adam and Rebecca get near the pit stop at the same time. Adam says he wants to “ride that neat train thing up” (aka Funicular), instead of taking the stairs. I would love for the cameras in the middle of the night to sneak into his hotel room to see if he’s in Choo Choo jammies watching Thomas the Tank Engine. Hayden and Aaron beat them running in for fourth place, with Adam and Rebecca and Freddy and Kendra taking fifth and sixth. We know what this means, Hera and Gus are in last place, which kills me. I am hoping very badly this is a non-elimination round. My wish will go unfulfilled as Phil eliminates them, with Gus and Hera stressing how this experience has changed their relationship for the better.

This epsiode had all the drama we had been hoping for, and many laughs to boot. I was wrong in the first paragraph when I said I couldn’t have hoped for anything more … I could have. I could have hoped Jonathon and Victoria would have been eliminated instead of Gus and Hera. Instead we will have at least one more week of his verbal assault aimed at Victoria. I could have hoped she would have thrown the hot soup in Jonathon’s face, but instead she puked and listened to his insults. Maybe next week.

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