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Survivor: One World – Ep 10 – The One Where They Remember Leif Was On The Show

However, it did work on Leif. And as a result, Leif got the ax. Leif voted with Troyzan to vote out Kim. That left seven votes, and the women split their votes to account for any hidden idols (because they had enough numbers to cover that scenario) – three for Tarzan and three for Leif. And here is where it turns. (Might I add – Kim’s brilliance…she knew votes were coming her way, but knew that she was safe in a revote. She was willing to put herself in that position, solidifying her power). Tarzan went for self-preservation, while Leif blindly followed a failed alliance. So, Tarzan’s vote was the difference and Leif is gone.

Treemail Top 10
• Arrogance may be setting in for some – Chelsea actually told Troyzan to chill and accept his fate. Because Jay “took it like a man.” Wow. And amazingly, Troyzan stamped out all sympathy moments later when he said they were like women in real life who took your house, food and stuff before deciding they don’t need you. Um…issues?!?
• Kitten upon the Letters from Home reveal – “Somebody wrote me?” Seriously, does she even know where she is?
• Sabrina and Troyzan are the new rivals. As Troy ranted, Sabrina added, “We’re still gonna vote you off.” My bets are on Sabrina in that battle.
• Troyzan at the challenge – “You cannot mess with Troyzan…they’re very scared!” Editor’s note – They are not.
• More Kim smartness – As Troyzan searches, Kim watches. And notes, “There are eight of us, and one of him.” Quite true. However, based on the fact that all were searching and none found it, it may not be there.
• Note to future Survivors – wear clothes with lots of pockets. Troyzan made a smart move by pretending to have the idol. He just has to wear those shorts at all times now. Of course, even if his bluff works, let’s say he loses immunity this week. The women can vote three at each Zan, knowing that only two votes can come at one of them. No worries about that idol now. But still, good bluff.
• Tarzan wanted to pocket the auction cash to pay for his truck’s shocks. Um, isn’t he a plastic surgeon? Why is he saving up for shocks? And why is he driving a truck?
• Where did Leif get the face paint? No one else was wearing it. Did he have this hidden stash of war paint? And is he really that boring that the show chose not to show the little person putting on face paint before a challenge? When no one else was doing it? I question these things because I care.
• Tribal Council – Sabrina and Troyzan bicker. It was tedious. Troyzan sarcastically called himself the ultimate terror. This coincidentally is the wrestling name I was going to choose for myself when I go pro. Sure beats the hell out of Mrs. Truth.
• In a season where Matt couldn’t count to five, it seems Chelsea can’t either. She couldn’t figure out that if Troyzan’s new alliance had formed that it would have spelled doom for her Core Four. Really, where do they find these people?

Votes – Leif 4 (Chelsea, Sabrina, Kitten, Tarzan), Tarzan 3 (Cha, Alicia, Kim), Kim 2 (Troyzan, Leif)

Next Week – Kim and Kitten seem to have a rift, and Troyzan tries to take advantage of it. My skepticism rises.

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