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Survivor: One World – Ep 10 – The One Where They Remember Leif Was On The Show

It’s Kim’s world, and we’re just watching her dominate it.

This episode was all about Troyzan and his efforts to get back in the game – and it was interesting to watch him do smart and dumb things at the same time – but the underlying theme remains this…Kim is TOTALLY dominating this season. The best part of it is – I really don’t think the other women even understand how much she is dominating.

But this was Troyzan’s episode from start to finish – even though he was not the person in charge and he was not the person going home. We open with Troyzan reacting to the elimination of Jay – and in a deleted scene on the show’s website, an explanation to him from Kim as she lays out what’s what. Troy now knows the women are a tight six, and the dudes are in trouble. If he doubted he was on the outs, the reaction to his question of Cha by Alicia sealed it. If you watch, Troyzan was not being aggressive, loud or mean to her. He simply pointed out to Cha that she’s been on the block several times, and she is sixth out of six with the women. He asks her if she ever even considered his proposal to join up. Before she could answer, Alicia yelled at him and told him not to attack Cha. Voices raised as a result. Troyzan even talking to their weakest member resulted in a quick attack against him. He was alone.

And the other dudes were no help – Leif doesn’t speak, and while this was going on Tarzan was excavating his nasal passages. Perhaps looking for a clue.

However, Troyzan’s attempts at getting back in the game were not successful. And compounding his failure, Troyzan stamped out any chance he had of winning the season. Because, for some reason, he thinks that mocking the other Survivors is a good way to ensure their vote. I just don’t understand the logic, Troy. Let’s argue for a moment that Troyzan pulls this out of a hat. Or Tarzan’s nose. Who knows. He wins immunity this week. Tarzan goes home. At F7, he tries to shave off three women to get a 4-3 advantage (likely to fail), and wins immunity. Cha goes home. At F6, he tries to convince Alicia, Kitten and Sabrina to flip. He fails and wins immunity. Alicia goes home. At F5, he tries to get Kitten/Sabrina or Chelsea/Kim to go with him to the F3. He fails, but wins immunity. I think that elimination is up in the air. At F4, again, he tries for a F3, fails, and wins immunity. That puts him in the finals after winning six consecutive immunities. Maybe he has Leif, Jay and Sushi on his side. Mike can’t stand him. He and Tarzan are not allied. The women now all hate him. At best he gets three votes, and his only hope is the two women next to him split the other six and we have the uncharted territory of a 3-3-3 split vote.

And that is his ONLY realistic scenario where he can win. Now, if he didn’t openly mock them, well, that might have helped, no?

This season has closely mirrored Vanuatu in many ways – and might I add, Vanuatu is one of the most underrated Survivor seasons in the show’s run.

However, despite the thematic similarities – strong women’s alliance rises from a fake co-ed alliance formed during the tribal shift – there are major differences. On Vanuatu, there were some very, very good players – Chris (of course), Ami, Scout, Eliza, even Twila, Julie and Sarge had some good qualities. All of who would be good choices (some already have) to return for another season. Chris was able to make his move in that season because there was more than one woman trying to win, and he had the skills to take advantage of that and then carry it from there. He did that because people liked him.

Get that, Troyzan? Chris won because he stuck around and was able to fracture the alliance, but more importantly because he was able to win their votes. And he actually screwed over a couple of them – but they still voted for him. Do you think you can win by getting in the face of all of these people and shouting boasts at them? That’s not a Chris Daugherty move, that’s a Russell Hantz move.

More on Vanuatu – while the similarities are there, there are no Scouts this season that would have the ability to make the move she made. To recap – when that season got to the F7 with six women and one man, they could have taken out the last guy once he lost the F7 immunity. However, knowing that Ami, Julie and LeAnn were the power and that she and Twila would be out quickly once the men were gone, Scout gathered up Twila and approached outcast Chris and pariah Eliza to form a new power alliance.

Can you see Kitten doing that? Alicia? Maybe Sabrina can, but basically, there is no Scout this season. No matter how good of an argument either Zan makes, they are doomed minus an immunity run, barring some very unexpected breakdown. To me, the season is closer to Redemption Island. Rob dominated that season, just as Kim is dominating this one (although the first half of this season was all Colton, Kim has been calling the shots from Day 1). His was more impressive because of the built-in target on his back from the first moments of the game; hers is not to be shrugged off. If she closes the deal as he did – hers will go down in Survivor lore as one of the best executed game plans in show history. Made especially so by a collection of characters who never, ever posed a real threat to her.