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American Idol, Apr. 19 – Outlook for Remaining Top 6

I was a little nervous heading into last night’s American Idol results. I had no idea what would happen. If I were to have guessed, I would have thought the three guys would be safe, and that a girl would go home, although a guy or two would show up in the bottom three. I also figured Jessica would be safe after her save last week, thinking her fans came out in droves to save her this time.

I was one for two on the night with Colton Dixon heading home last night. That was definitely a shock. True, he didn’t have the best second song, but his first song was great, as usual, he’d never been in the bottom three before, and everyone has been figuring this guy had a voting block locked up with his looks. Either his fanbase wasn’t what people figured, or his fans left him just for this week to save someone else they thought needed their votes.

Jimmy Iovine has joked that Elise Testone has a vacation home there in the bottom three, as she’s there so much, and sure enough, she was again. Hollie Cavanagh is simply at one of those extended stay hotels, but she might want to consider purchasing a vacation home too, as I don’t see her escaping the bottom three again with just six left.

Everyone was apparently saving Joshua Ledet and Jessica from the bottom three, but Elise’s fanbase either isn’t big at all or wasn’t worried about her chances. The judges gave her some constructive criticism this week, so maybe she’ll climb out of the bottom three next week. Yet if I were her, I wouldn’t sell that vacation home just yet.

Here’s a look at what the top 6 have to do to stay out of the bottom three next week, as there are no more saves left.

Hollie Cavanagh – While the judges were right that Hollie did show more emotion than she had been showing, she still has her pitch issues. They seemed hesitant to mention it to her this week, like they just didn’t want to beleaguer this young girl any more. And in the process, she appeared in the bottom three, but stayed, while we lost Colton, whose only crime was one bad song choice. For Hollie it seems just a matter of time until she goes home. It’s a little too late to figure out how to show emotion. Others have been doing it the whole time.

Skylar Laine – She sang two powerful songs this week, and neither was a country song to begin with. That’s impressive. However, she needs to go back this next week and show a tender side to her again. We’re looking for a good all-around singer, and while she does the powerful performances great, even if they aren’t country related, we know she can do tender as well, but she needs to keep reminding voters of that versatility.

Joshua Ledet – He avoided the bottom three this week, which is a good sign, but the fact that he’s shown up there a couple of times so far leaves questions of how long his duration on the show will be. There is no question as to his talent, so if he shows up in the bottom three again, it will be apparent that his talent is just not what voters are looking for. For him, he needs to just be perfect every week with the hopes of staying in the game.

Phillip Phillips – Phillip is the only one left who has not made a trip to the bottom three. Previously, he shared that tag with Colton. It’s definitely good news for him to be the only one left, but the surprise elimination of Colton means it could happen at any time. However, winners of the show don’t often appear in the bottom three. It’s happened before, but not often. It’s only good news for him. After eleven seasons, voters want something different, and he definitely fits that bill. He has the best shot of anyone in winning this show at this point.

Jessica Sanchez – Her fans obviously saved her this week, and that’s good. However, it might just be a matter of time before she’s voted out again without a judges’ save to keep her there. Should she be voted out? No. Jimmy is right that part of this is her song choices. While she sounds great on them all, they’re too old for her. But the same thing can be said for Hollie. Both of them are too young to be able to connect to the words they’re singing. Fans want more than just a stunning voice, they want to be able to connect to the Idols, and when they don’t, they don’t get to the finale. No one with a save used on them has made the final two. That doesn’t bode well for Jessica’s chances.

Elise Testone – Just like Jessica, there’s no question as to Elise’s talent. She’s a vocal coach, and not one of those who don’t appear to know what she’s doing. She definitely does. The judges think she’s not showing her emotion enough, and I disagree with that, but I do agree that there’s a problem somewhere in Elise’s connection to the audience. Like Hollie, she’s made too many appearances in the bottom three, and doesn’t have much of a shot at winning, and it’s really just a matter of time before her bottom three appearances translate into her being voted out.

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