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American Idol, Apr. 18 – Train Keeps on Going

Jimmy tells Phillip Phillips that he hasn’t been in the bottom three yet, so he should probably just keep doing what he’s doing. Yet … he’s singing an Usher song, You Got It Bad. When Jimmy wants to hear it, Phillip says he gets tired of singing, then admits he’s just kidding. Weird sense of humor on that guy. He picks up his guitar and tries it out for Jimmy, who says this is bizarre and like a new voice for him. He loves his interpretation of the song and believes if he does the same tonight, he might pick up some new fans.

Phillip plays the guitar again tonight and sounds good. It’s true that it’s like a difference voice for him, but not in any way a bad way. It’s just something different. It reminds me of when Kris Allen, who is in the audience tonight, took on Kanye’s Stronger. It’s something different, but is still an honest interpretation of the song. It gets a standing O from the judges.

Steven tells Phillip that they never know what they’re going to get with him, and it makes him feel like a chump up there. He fools them all the way down the line, and tells him, “No chump love, sucker.” He has melody now, the band was great, and it was great tonight. Jennifer calls it “so sexy,” and Phillip doesn’t quite know how to take that. What he did to that song was similar to what they saw him do in the audition process. She loves when he shows that side of him and shows his versatility. A great singer can sing any song, and he certainly is.

Randy smiles every week he sees Phillips, because “I’ve been doing the show for like a minute,” and he loves it that this year they have a true artist on the stage. He wants to set the record straight. Every week he comes up and tries to be original and himself, and that’s the mark of a true artist. Everything he does, he doesn’t listen to anybody and doesn’t need to listen to anyone else. He’s Phillip Phillips and “the bomb.” Ryan asks if Jennifer made Phillip blush a little, and he admits she always makes him blush.

Jimmy doesn’t believe Jessica Sanchez belongs in the bottom three even if she sings Yankee Doodle Dandy, and let’s just hope she doesn’t sing that for her older song tonight. The judges saved her, and now she needs to save herself. She’s the second one tonight to sing Alicia Keys, and is doing Fallen. They spent a lot of time together in this session, and she’s grateful for the help. He wants her to now have a little fun with the song and feel it, and have a big moment, as he feels she needs to be in “blow you mind” mode tonight.

Well, there’s no way this girl can sing this song and not be in “blow your mind” mode. But the problem is, Jessica blows our minds each week, and after awhile the perfection gets a little boring and there isn’t anything else to enjoy or talk about other than her astounding voice. We need to learn more about her as a person than just the obvious, that she’s a great performer and has a stunning voice. Nevertheless, she’s effortless on this tonight. Just effortless. But the judges are so used to it, she doesn’t even get a standing O.

Steven tells Jessica that with talent like hers, she has the right to get mad at a song, as some songs need it. She needs to take her voice and throw it out there like she lost a love, and “Damnit, that’s what that song sounded like.” It was the passion she released, and everyone in America knows she can sing, as if they didn’t know it before. Jennifer noted before she started singing that she looked like such a young baby standing there, but when she opened her mouth and played with the song like she was juggling balls, it was insane. She’s glad they had the save last week and used it on her.

Randy agrees it was the right thing for them to do last week, and hopes America shows up and shows Jessica some support. Her talent is so otherworldly, he doesn’t know if even she knows how great she is and can be. He calls it brilliant and is sure Alicia was listening. He wants her to holler at the dawg and show she loves it as “the girl blew the box out of the song”. Ryan brings up the judges taking the stage last week and grabbing the mic from Jessica, and she admits she thought they didn’t like her and wanted her to go home. Girlfriend needs a huge reality check.

Skylar Laine meets with Jimmy who was happy to see her escape the bottom three last week. She needs to now come out with some attitude and sing like she can win this. This week she seems to be pushing it a little singing Gaga. Like with the Alicia Keys songs, it’s now the second artist to do Gaga. She’s doing the country version of Born This Way. He explains to her that in between the original and the country version is no man’s land. He doesn’t think she wants to live there. He suggests she start the song with the bridge.

She’s being backed up with fiddles and harmonicas and starts it with that bridge, and it truly is a great song this way, as much as it is Gaga’s way. It’s impressive. I’m thinking Randy might must announce that she’s in it to win it. Wow.

Jennifer loves this version of the song. She doesn’t think a more perfect song for Skylar exists. She’s such a fighter, and Jennifer was thinking she’s like a boxer. She was just amazing, and for the third week in a row. Steven is so glad Skylar was born that way. She gve all the other girls in the competition a run for their money. There’s a lot of people out there with a drawl that love her to death. She crossed paths and is so good. He enjoyed it.

Randy picks up on that crossover appeal of Skylar’s, saying she’s such a rock and country girl and so talented, but to hear her sing that, you don’t know if it’s country or Gaga. She put her own spin on it and is so beyond ready to him.

Joshua Ledet had a special message from Fantasia last week, and debuted for Jimmy his version of her Idol coronation song, I Believe. She’s been a huge inspiration in his life, and is one of the reasons he auditioned. Jimmy wants to talk about why Joshua landed in the bottom three, but Joshua just thinks America voted for who they wanted. Jimmy know she’s like a deer in the headlights right now, but he needs to dig down deep, as everyone is as tired as he is. Joshua doesn’t want to go home and wants to fulfill his dream.

Dare I say it? Tonight, Joshua’s version of this song is even better than Fantasia’s. He’s definitely making her proud, this guy who has been nicknamed the “Mantasia.” He lives out every moment of that onstage tonight and once again gets emotional at the end. He gets yet another standing O from the judges.

Randy loves that Joshua picked a song that he believes in, and none of them could believe that bottom three. He hopes that America shows up for him, because he is truly one of the most gifted singers they have ever met on the show. LIke he said to Elise, every week he comes out and can do all these tricks, but he came out tonight and restrained himself so that he could show how much the song meant to him. It’s again the mark of a true artist.

Jennifer tells “Sweet Cutie,” that he leaves it all out on the stage every single time and gives America all of him with tearing eyes and bulging throat. It’s amazing to watch, and she feels blessed to be able to watch him. Steven suggests this song is just another stepping stone to Joshua getting to the end of this competition. He could sing the phone book. He so good at it that there’s just nothing more to say. Ryan talks about hearing Fantasia singing the song with confetti falling and champagne flowing, and is wondering if Joshua felt some foreshadowing. He just laughs as Ryan produces a word bubble, “Yeah, a little bit.”