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Real Housewives of Orange County, Ep. 10 – “Cabin Fever”

Glamping, little boobs, bonding.

Tamra shows off her new smaller boobs to Vicki, who doesn’t understand why anyone would want “itty bitty titties.”

“Where are your boobs?” Vicki isn’t holding back. “Let me get my microscope.”

We get the word of the day from Alexis: glamping. It’s like camping without getting close to nature. No tents, but cabins. There will be s’mores and then a posh bed to sleep in. Alexis is supposed to take a nurse on this glamping trip, so she opts to take her friend/assistant.

Alexis looks a little different to me, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s in the face somewhere, I’m sure.

Gretchen is coughing, and Slade is preparing grilled cheese sandwiches. “Gretchen, do you need something to drink?” he calls from the kitchen. “And don’t answer me. Text me!”

What a boyfriend, that Slade is. Gretchen considers going on Alexis’s glamping trip with the other women. Slade advises her not to go. He has her best interests at heart. Right.

Looks like Alexis’ glamorous camping (“glamping”) trip will only include Vicki, Briana (Vicki’s daughter), Heather (this lady is a trooper!), and Alexis’ “nurse.”

Heather admits, “Being stuck in the woods with Alexis scares me a little bit.”

Alexis’s turns her brain off and commences dancing in the car with her “nurse”/friend/assistant.

The ladies check in at their cabins for glamping. They learn they have to cook their own food. Well, you have to put the camping part in glamping some kind of way.

Whenever the women are in dire need of something – as Alexis’ card to each woman alluded – Alexis is on her phone requesting such things as a wine opener. How else are they going to crack open that bottle over a campfire? Now where’s the trash can? Alexis makes a phone call to solve that little problem.

While the other women have their wine ready and chairs by the fire, Vicki is kicked back on the bed chatting away to Brooks. Brooks, Brooks, Brooks. Heather’s left to make small talk with Alexis.

Since Tamra is absent from the glamping trip recovering from surgery, Vicki is coming around to Alexis. She actually likes her. The women are instructed how to build a proper fire, but it seems only Heather actually paid attention. Glamorous Heather builds the fire to cook their food.

Alexis isn’t really feeling cooking her own food over a fire. It’s only too soon before she’s on the phone considering a pizza. There’s a crack in the bushes. Is it a bear? A boogieman? No, it’s a skunk. A skunk. Vicki plays hero and makes it scurry off.

Vicki’s sharing a cabin with her daughter and tries to get the scoop on Briana’s new relationship. Vicki is apprehensive about the new guy because she doesn’t know him and doesn’t want him taking advantage of Briana. Funny, because everyone else feels that same way about Brooks towards Vicki.

Gretchen makes a visit to another vocal coach. Her pipes are doing so well. She tries some notes out for “Fever,” the song she is to perform for the big Pussycat Dolls Show in Vegas. That goes flat, literally. The countdown to showtime is ticking. Will her voice recover for the show?

On the next episode: Alexis wants a coach for some reason and Kim doesn’t approve. Gretchen and Slade go to Vegas for the Pussycat Dolls show. Brooks makes a public declaration of affection to Vicki, and Tamra calls bullsh*t.

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