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The Voice, Apr, 17 – Elimination Round, Jessie Aftermath Edition

Last night on The Voice, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera each had to eliminate one of their own. I didn’t care for the gimmick, and I imagine many people out there agreed with me.  Blake axed Jordis Unger, while Christina sent Jessie Campbell packing.  While one couldn’t argue with Blake’s logic, (Jordis Unger was nearly eliminated by America) but Jessie Campbell?  Christina’s choice to give him the heave-ho has left many shell-shocked.  So why did Christina eliminate Jessie Campbell? Could it be because of his low ITunes numbers?

If you follow the charting of the iTunes Voice hits, it doesn’t seem like Jessie charted at all.  And while he received a lot of praise last night, more so than say Lindsey Pavao, he couldn’t match her sales from their last time on The Voice sales.

It’s a big enough deal that Carson Daly broaches the subject.  Christina defends her choice, interrupted by many “I Love You” shouts from the audience.

The Wanted takes the stage, joined by Team Blake.

It’s time to see who’s safe tonight from Team Christina – Chris Mann, Ashley De La Rosa or Lindsey Pavao                              

Chris is safe!

So that leaves Ashley and Lindsey to duke it out. My guess is that unless Lindsey blows Ashley out of the water, she’s the one going bye-bye.

Team Blake takes center stage next to see who is safe – Jermaine Paul, Rae Lynn & or Erin Willett.  

Again, looking at how the Voice artists have been charting on iTunes, I’m seeing Jermaine or Rae Lynn safe, and Erin going home in the end.

Jermaine is safe.

That leaves Rae Lynn going against Erin.  Between Erin’s iTunes numbers and the fact that Rae Lynn is country, I would say that gives her the edge.

Ashley De La Rosa ~ You and I

She does a very energetic performance.  It’s catchy and fun.  Plenty of attitude, and she shows that she can own the stage.  While not her best performance, it was really good.

Adam: I didn’t believe and then I believe.  I would keep you around.

Blake: I’d go buy Ashley’s record.

Me: I agree with Blake here.

Lindsey Pavao ~ Please Don’t Go

She starts out somewhere in the audience.  She’s got that unique sounding voice. It seems to be a quiet performance.  And she moves a little like a mime.  It’s not bad, but my vote would be with Ashley. Christina is crying at the end.

Cee Lo: I think you have such an endearing quality in your voice.

Blake: Lindsey is not one of the big vocalists, but there’s something mysterious about her.

Justin Bieber comes out to introduce his new video for his song, Boyfriend. The crowd goes nuts, wanting to be his girlfriend.  Afterwards, Carson Daley invites Justin to perform his song live on the finale of The Voice in 3 weeks. Justin accepts.


It’s decision time for Christina. And she saves Lindsey Pavao.  Well, I guess my opinion means nothing to these people.

Team Blake is up next. We get a little taste of Blake and his team doing an acoustic set in front of a live audience.

Erin Willett ~ Proud Mary

Erin makes her way around the stage, working the groove in the slower part of the song.  When the fast part kicks in she gives us a little shoulder action.  It’s a good rendition, but it didn’t blow me away.  Of course, it’s hard to take on Tina Turner.

Christina: I loved your spirit, and I loved your energy.

Rae Lynn ~ If I Die Young

It’s not the high octane Rae Lynn that we’ve seen before.  This is more subdued and sweeter.  Smart for her to stay with the country as that’s what she does best, and her coach is Blake. However, this seemed very lackluster.  Will it be enough? Will Blake decide he wants to keep the country girl or the one who has more versatility?

Adam: I would have done a lot of things differently.  You played the song, that I like.

Me: Personally, neither blew me away. I find myself very un-invested in who he keeps.  If I’m guessing, based on ITunes, I’d say he’ll keep Rae Lynn.

Blake’s put on the spot, and we’re running out of time as the credits are running while Blake is mulling his choices.  C’mon Blake!! Flip a coin if you need to!

He saves Erin Willett.

And Rae Lynn goes home, proving I haven’t a clue, but we all knew that already, didn’t we? So next week it’s on to Team Adam Levine with Tony Lucca, Pip, Katrina Parker and Mathai. While Team Cee Lo Green has Cheesa, Jamar Rodgers, James Massone and the reigning Voice ITunes champ, Juliet Simms.

I’ll see you next week! Leave a comment and let me know if you think the judges got it right!

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