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Fact or Faked Q&A with Ben Hansen, Lanisha Cole and Austin Porter

Season three of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, takes paranormal to the next level as the team uncovers the truth behind supernatural and unexplained occurrences that have been caught on camera. In each episode, the team searches far and wide for interesting images, videos and unnatural phenomenon found online and all around the world. The team selects the most compelling cases and head into the field to recreate the video, perform experiments, and question witnesses.

The team investigates all the clues and looks thoroughly at the evidence and ask the objective question, “Is it real?” Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent, heads the team. His lifelong fascination with the paranormal led him to the this field of study. He is now in charge of an elite team that conducts paranormal experiments that re-create elaborate paranormal events. Ben and two other cast members, Lanisha Cole and Austin Porter, took part in a Q&A to discuss the series and the wild world of paranormal phenomena.

This season the team has been bombarded with videos of paranormal footage, and Ben has turned to the social networks to keep a real connection with viewers and paranormal fans. Without giving away details, Ben explained “we’ve got some really funky cases that you just can’t categorize,” and for season three, the team is expanding their horizons and going beyond just ghosts and UFOs.

Porter said the most exciting aspect of the series will be delving into some of the really funky cases including superhuman abilities. There will be new equipment introduced this season Hansen said his goal is “to introduce something new every single episode.” He is proud of his new ghost-hunting equipment, including his new touchscreen wall device he proudly compares to CNN’s situation room, but Ben just calls it his “magic wall.”

One of the challenges they face for this season is re-creating some of the dramatic events. “Its fun getting our hands dirty and being able to build and blow things up,” Cole said. Porter added, “If our hearts are still ticking, and we’re filming, then we’re all still here.” Hansen, still an agent at heart, will not give away details, but his worker’s comp papers would say something along the lines of “I was swinging a medieval tool at a minivan. ”

Ben and his team are open to anything in the world of paranormal. Ben said as long as there is evidence, then the evidence alone speaks for itself when the team has to investigate a phenomenon. He does not categorize anything or work with a close mind in order for him and his team to fully function. They all keep open minds and think outside the box.

Porter and Cole want to do the best job that they possibly can but they must be realistic and review the data and evidence before the excitement of a true find can come into play. “I have come to look at it with more of a skeptic approach,” Porter says.

That is what makes them a good team; they all have open minds, but they still remain skeptical about certain things that the public may consider to be taboo, such as Bigfoot or UFOs. Porter said, “It is the idea of us not being alone in the world, ” and that there just may be something or someone else out there, and if there is, Ben and his team will find it.

That is what makes Fact or Faked fascinating. There are new cases every week, and it is never the same for this team. Their pure dedication and investigative work, and their ability to fully re-enact these amazing occurrences, makes the show worth watching.

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