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Interview with Chip McAllister, Winner of The Amazing Race 5

by Brian

When you first started the Amazing Race, were you intimidated in any way, or at any points just felt like you could not do it?

[b]When we first started TAR, we were super excited, energetic and anticipating an awesome experience. I would not say that we felt intimidated. But we were very interested to know how we would hold up under the grueling adventure ahead.

During the climb up the helicopter ladder in New Zealand, the cliff climb in The Philippines and the mountain climb in Canada … I felt that I was not going to make it . . . I just had to push myself.[/b]

What was your personal highlight from the Amazing Race?

[b]Other than the obvious one (THE WINNING MOMENTS), just being there when Kim came out of the water in New Zealand. She had just sledged in white water rapids, and she can’t even swim. THAT accomplishment summed up why I love her so much. She is willing to put her personal fears behind her in order to achieve our goals. Also, do to the high emotions, after she got out of the water, we must have had one of the most emotional and heartfelt embraces ever (FIREWORKS!!!).[/b]

Who was your favourite/least favourite teams that ran the race with you?

[b]Marshall & Lance were our favorites. However, we liked and got along great with all of the other teams.[/b]

Have you stayed friends with any of the other teams?

[b]I communicate with Marshall all of the time. Linda and I Instant Messenger each other frequently. Kim and I love to get together with Linda, Karen and their husbands . . . And want to do it more often. My little brother, Brandon and Niki have gone with us to our church and to bible studies with us. I periodically talk with Erika, Alison, Dennis, Donny and The Twins. We communicate through email with Marsha (and we LOVE Jim too). I LOVE Charla and Mirna and communicate with them a lot.

My personal biggest disappointment is that we don’t have a relationship (and probably will never have one) with Colin & Christie. I TOTALLY understand that I was the one who ruined our GREAT relationship . . . And that I have to deal with it . . . But, I love them.[/b]

What has been the biggest change in your lives since winning The Amazing Race?

[b]We are approached on a daily basis by people who are so emotional in expressing how Kim and I enriched their lives by the way we played the game. It is so weird, the response that we are continuing to get is blowing our minds. We are at a GREAT place in our lives right now. We are in the midst of dealing with several companies, institutions and organizations that want Kim and me to partner with them in different endeavors.[/b]

What advice would you give to future contestants?

[b]Concentrate on the positive . . . RUN from the negative.[/b]

Do you have any favourites in the current season? Who are they, and why?

[b]I like and think Kris and Jon are going to win. However, I like Gus and Hera too. Those two teams seem to be concentrating on winning instead of cutting each other down.[/b]

How did you spend your down time at the pit stops?

[b]Having fun . . . That is what I love to do. I spent time laughing, talking and not thinking about TAR. That is how I remained stress-free. Of course we also had to eat, shower, wash clothes and sleep. But, having fun, and NOT concentrating on the stressful race, gave me strength.[/b]

Which locations that you visited would you like to return to?

[b]El Nido (the Philippines) is first on our list of places that we would like to return to. However, we would LOVE to return to all of the other places to . . . As, we loved them all.[/b]

Is there anything else you’d like to tell your fans that you haven’t gotten a chance to?

[b]I would like to tell our fans that Kim and I REALLY appreciate their VERY VERY kind and heartfelt letters, messages, gifts, invitations and words. Kim and I are overwhelmed by the constant and continual support that our fans continue to bestow upon us. We also want them to know that we LOVE EVERY TIME one of them comes up to talk with us. It seems that some of them think that they would be bothering us by approaching us . . . NOTHING could be farther from the truth . . . We LOVE our fans!!![/b]

A big thank you to Chip, we look forward to hearing more from the both of you in the future.

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