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The Voice, Apr. 16 – When Beefcakes Attack Blake Edition

Lindsey Pavao ~ Part of Me.

Lindsey gets the beefcakes to hold the mic for her as she starts singing. They aren’t doing much, but she has a couple of dancers on platforms performing. She sounds good, but not amazing. It’s okay.

Cee Lo: I enjoyed it; you did a great job.

Adam: That was really great. The pitch got away from you a little bit.

Blake: I heard a couple of the pitch things too. I’m already a fan. I’m a fan of hers.

Christina: I adore you; I believe in you as an artist. I love the human microphone.

Me: Both Cee Lo and Christina mentioned that they didn’t know the song. I’m glad, because now I don’t feel so un-hip that I didn’t either. (Of course, I just said un-hip, so that isn’t helping me sound more hip.) It was okay. No great moments. A few off notes. Safe? No. Out of everyone so far tonight, probably the least safe.

Blake takes the stage with his team with the Eagles’ Heartache Tonight. His team sounds great, although Rae Lynn may have over “hicked” it.  Still, this rocks.

Jermaine Paul ~ Against All Odds

This is one of those songs that usually will either be amazing or really not. Jermaine has a quiet beginning, with several nice touches. Plenty of runs with a simple stage production. Plenty of vocal acrobatics. I’m not sure if this was the best arrangement.  I felt it, but this song has such a great melody, did we really need all those runs? Still, you could believe the emotion there.

Christina: I think you’re a phenomenal singer. You found your own connection.

Cee Lo: You’re looking sharp brother. You made it your own, you gave it soul and Phil Collins has an awful lot of soul for a white guy. You are definitely one of the other strong contenders.

Adam: It’s hard to make something like that your own thing; you have such a rich beautiful tone in your voice. You over-embellished a little bit.

Blake: I think someday you’re going to look back on this performance tonight to be where everyone said “Oh My God, Jermaine is a superstar.”

Me: I agree with Adam. It was a little too embellished.  The song didn’t need all of that. But it was still powerful, and you can’t get away from how well Jermaine sings.  I think Jermaine is probably safe for the night, especially considering what Blake just said, but tomorrow may be different.

I’m thinking Erin may be the most vulnerable for the night from Team Blake.  Tomorrow is a tossup between Rae Lynn and Jermaine.  (Of course, if I’m wrong about tonight, who knows about tomorrow.)

Chris Mann ~ Viva La Vida

Surrounded by female models playing violins, Chris belts out in perfect pitch while descending on lighted stairs. It’s an amazing vocal performance, but not as moving as some of the earlier ones. It’s fun, not touching. Not one bad note, but was it drop dead amazing?

Adam: Look sharp, look awesome; Maybe I just wanted to be moved. It was a little odd. I’m not really sure how I feel.

Christina: You definitely stepped out of your comfort zone. You really made it your own.

Me: Why this song? Give him something from Queen! I think Chris Mann has one of the best voices in the competition and technically, it was one of the best performances tonight.  But it didn’t bring the house down. Safe? For tonight, probably, but tomorrow? No.

I think it’s Lindsey going home from Christina’s team tonight.  Chris or Ashley tomorrow.

It’s now time for the instant eliminations.

Christina’s team is up first.

Jesse Campbell, Ashley De La Rosa, Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann.

After a long speech praising everyone, including herself a little, Christina  eliminates Jesse Campbell. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. I thought he did the best on her team, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his sales on ITunes were the lowest.

Team Blake is next.

Rae Lynn, Jordis Unger, Jermaine Paul and Erin Willett.

(After Jesse got let go, I want to go back and erase my guesses, but what fun would that be?)

Under the gun for time since Christina yammered on, Blake gives the heave-ho to Jordis Unger because she was eliminated by America a couple of weeks ago.  Again, I didn’t guess that, but at least that makes sense.

Of course, the remaining 3 members of each team still have to get through to tomorrow. Who will America save? Who will be sent home?  I’m guessing Lindsey from team Christina.  It’s anyone’s game from team Blake, but if I had to guess, which I don’t, but I will anyway, then Erin.

Leave a comment and let me know how off you think I am! See you tomorrow on The Voice!!

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