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The Voice, Apr. 16 – When Beefcakes Attack Blake Edition

Tonight it’s Team Blake vs. Team Christina. However, there’s a twist. At the end of the night, both coaches have to eliminate one member of their own team. Well, won’t that be fun? Who comes up with these rules? None of the coaches seem to like it, with the exception of Adam Levine who apparently is a control freak.

Rae Lynn ~ She’s County

As if we needed a reminder that she’s a country singer, Rae Lynn comes out full sass by a makeshift barn flanked by a fiddle player on one side and a banjo player on the other.  The verses seem a little off pitch, but the chorus is spot on. This is likely to appeal to the country fans out there, but no one beyond that. Great song by Jason Aldean, but there wasn’t a wow moment.

Christina Aguilera: Man, I’m a fan; you make me want to sing country. You get the job done.

Cee Lo Green: It sounds like AC/DC did a country song.

Adam: I’m a fan and wanted you on my team; this was the best moment you’ve had.

Blake Sheelton: As your coach, this is most proud moment I’ve had for anyone on my team.  You just proved to America that country can kick ass.

Me: It was good.  The song is awesome, and she did it well.  She’s safe from Blake, and as the sole country singer on his team, she should be safe for the night. However, she’ll need that country voting block to keep her in.

Jesse Campbell ~ Halo

Standing in a giant picture frame, Jesse sounds much more contemporary than he ever has before. It’s an amazing visual as the stage is draped with other picture frames, some with moving images, of him and his adorable daughter.  The beginning of the song is really good; the middle to end is nothing short of amazing.  You can’t help but be moved and touched.

Cee Lo: Wonderful; you sung the hell out of that record.

Adam: Your ability is so crazy; you’re a huge favorite to win this thing.

Blake: It was great; no one is going to say that that was anything less than a great performance.

Christina: On an emotional level, you really brought it. Wonderful job.

Me: If you weren’t moved, then you have a hole where your heart should go.  Safe from Christina. Safe from America?  Probably, but the younger generation may not be as touched as the rest of us.

Jordis Unger ~ A Little Bit Stronger

Bathed in soft white light, wearing a white gown, Jordis comes out looking elegant. The verse is well done, but not amazing. The chorus gives us a little more emotion.  She’s delivering on the feeling, but was there a “moment?” If there was, I missed it.

Christina: I like you showing your vulnerable side.

Cee Lo: I agree it was a very touching performance.

Adam: You go so far, the extra mile. That’s what people want to see, the connection.

Blake: I’m really proud of you doing that; you did perfect.

Me: It was an emotional, sincere performance. Was it amazing? I don’t think so, but it was very good. Is she safe? Right now, I don’t know.  Blake really liked it, but if the rest of his team rocks it? She may not stand up against that.  She needs someone to be bad, I think. And I don’t know how America will vote.

After a talk at Starbucks about her favorite charity, Christina comes out to sing with her team and sics some of the beefcake dancers on Blake. They throw fake dollar bills at him since Blake keeps calling them male strippers.

Ashley De La Rosa ~ Foolish Games

This isn’t your mother’s Foolish Games.  Ashley looks like she’s on her knees, center stage, enveloped by the dry ice machine on overdrive. I think I hear a bad note as she launches into the chorus, but it’s followed by many great ones, and one out of this world note. Again, she connects with the song. This is a great version.

Cee Lo: Everybody seemed to enjoy it. It was great.

Adam: I think you are the biggest surprise.  Consistently making me feel what an amazing choice you were for her. (Christina)

Blake: I think the smartest decision made on this season of The Voice was Christina saving you.

Christina: (After a little happy dance.) You go from being a fighter one second, to really vulnerable. You really made that song your own. You’re just growing by leaps and bounds.

Me: Ashley needed to be saved from low votes last week. Tonight she was really amazing, but I don’t know that she will pick up enough votes to make it through tomorrow. If she doesn’t, it’s not that she didn’t try hard enough or even that she wasn’t really good. Out of everyone so far from tonight, Ashley did better than anyone else of making a song into her own. It’s getting hard to predict who is safe for at least tonight, because no one is doing badly.

Adam takes the stage with Maroon 5 to perform their new song Payphone with a little help from Wiz Khakifa.

Erin Willet ~ Set Fire To The Rain

Oh thank heavens. I thought we were going to go the whole night without an Adele song. Thank you, Erin Willet, for we never get Adele songs these days. (Yes, that’s sarcasm.)

Still, it’s a cool song. Erin doesn’t seem to have to bring production like some of the other acts, but she’s got that big voice. And on the last chorus, which rocks, we get some fireworks from the lighting truss.  Big ending.

Christina: You sang your heart out. You made it all your own.

Cee Lo: I think you did it justice.

Adam: I get very Jewish with the fire coming down. (I’m not sure what that even means.) You did an amazing job; the phrasing was a little bit off.

Blake: Adam couldn’t even phrase that sentence, but he’s cute doing it. (Are you hearing this Miranda?) If anyone can do an Adele song, you can do it. That was amazing.

Me: It was really good. Stage presence, she was ok. Was it as good as Adele? No, but it was good. I’m not really sure who he’s going to send home as there’s been nobody bad up. Of course, he has one more up. Safe for the night? No, but not sure to be sent packing. For tomorrow? No, but that doesn’t mean she’ll go home either.