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The Amazing Race, April 15 – Kookoocachoo the Baboons

Kentucky’s driver passes Rachel and Dave, and she’s a little incredulous. Apparently everyone else is supposed to let them coast to a first place finish every time. Brendon and Rachel finish their flat tire challenge and take off for the Double U-Turn. Nary and Jamie are walking around searching for Hillary Clin Ton. Vanessa and Ralph are working on their flat tire, and she tells him to start thinking about the next challenge, as she knows they’ll be doing it, thinking Big Brother will U-Turn them. He thinks she’s going too slow while she worries about that.

Border Patrol reach the Gem Gallery, and get the clue. As they take off for the Farm, J.J. is noting that they now know they’re third, meaning Dave and Rachel didn’t honor their word, and they know Dave would. Brendon and Rachel realize they’re Double U-Turned, and use the opportunity to U-Turn their “favorite people in the world,” Vanessa and Ralph. He jokes it’s a struggle to figure out who to do this to.

Nary and Jamie reach Hillary Clin Ton and decide to do Air Supply as Vanessa and Ralph are filling up their tire. They finish and take off for the pub. They realize how far they’re behind seeing the teachers. At the pub, she sees they have been U-Turned, and he figures they’ll be eliminated, as they’re getting their asses handed to them. Nary and Jamie work on the fix-a-flat, as Big Brother are picking up their water jugs. They approach the water line and are really worried, knowing they need all the time they can get. She’s also wondering if they can drink the water.

Kentucky lands at the Farm and find a Roadblock. One person in each team must put on a bee suit and harvest honey from a hive, surrounded by swarming bees. Once they get the right amount of honey, they’ll get the next clue. Mark decides to do this one. Rachel and Dave arrive, and she’d like him to do it. While waiting, Bopper tells Blonde Rachel about his knee problems. He had surgery about six months ago, and it’s been great, but this has been grueling on it. Mark gets instruction on harvesting the honey, and heads out to do it. He just gets right in there and takes charge of it. Dave starts working on his as well.

J.J. is still worried about what happened at the Double U-Turn. He knows Dave would follow his word, and will be disappointed to find out they didn’t do what they promised they would. Art suggests they wait and get to the end to find out what happened. They know Big Brother isn’t happy to have to go do the water challenge, and that produces a laugh from J.J.

Big Brother finally gets their jugs filled, and she starts dropping containers because they’re heavy. They start arguing, of course, and this dumps all the containers as they’re trying not to lose any of the water. Vanessa and Ralph reach the water line, and figure there are eighty or ninety people with buckets. They, too, discuss what people must do just to get water. They know what little the teachers have to do with the flat, so figure they’re in last place.

Mark and Dave are still working on grabbing the honey, and Dave is hoping just to do this and get $500,000. Mark finishes and takes it to the end, and has it weighed and passes. He and Bopper get a clue to make their way on foot to the pit stop, Lake Manyara, a place described by Ernest Hemingway as the “loveliest lake in Africa.” With Rachel and Dave right behind them, and with Bopper’s bad knee, they know they really have to hurry to be named team number one.

Border Patrol arrives, and this might slow Dave and Rachel down a little, as I’m sure Art and J.J. want to have a few words with them. Art decides he’ll do it, just as Dave finishes. But before he and Rachel can take off, Art and J.J. see them, and J.J. asks why they didn’t do the U-Turn. They explain that because the Teachers are so far behind, they decided not to. Rachel asks them if they U-Turned someone, and they say yes, as they thought Dave and Rachel must be behind them. She figures the Teachers won’t catch up anyway. J.J. says there is no more alliance, and it’s just he and Art. He’s not sharing a damn thing with them anymore, and doesn’t want to even talk to them anymore. They just need to do their thing now and win the race.

Kentucky is running, looking for the pit stop, and Bopper is apologizing that he can’t keep up. Dave and Rachel are approaching. Phil Kehoghan is there on his mat jamming with some locals. Sure enough it’s Kentucky that comes running in to take first place. They celebrate, as well they should. Dave and Rachel arrive for team number two. She’s excited, but thinks Dave is being a poor loser. He tries to recover and say he’s happy for Kentucky. Phil tells him to give Rachel some props. Kentucky, meanwhile, has won a trip for two to Hawaii. Bopper never thought in a million years he’d have an opportunity to be on the Race and stand in the middle of Africa with his best friend. Kentucky is in the house, and they’re coming on strong, according to them.

Art is working on the honeycomb and feels like Winnie the Pooh, while being really slow and meticulous. He brings it up and has it weighed, and passes, getting the clue to the pit stop. He wishes the beekeeper there a Hakuna Matata. They take off for the pit stop, while deciding if Dave and Rachel ask them for anything, they’re going to act like they’re not even there. They land on Phil’s mat, and are pronounced team number three. They discuss their beef with Phil and call what Dave and Rachel did a slap in the face. If J.J. could do it over again, he’d get ahead of them and tag them with the U-Turn. It makes him sick to his stomach.

Brendon and Rachel deliver the water, as he worries she’ll hurt herself carrying the water. I don’t think he’s worried about that, but her nearly spilling it again. They get their clue to go to the pub … again. He remarks on the way there that they kicked ass, but Rachel’s hurting and bleeding a little bit. She points it out and asks if it’s a little bit. Nary and Jamie are working on their flat still, as Vanessa and Ralph are filling their water. They get it delivered and take off for the pub … again. Nary and Jamie get their tired passed and also take off for the pub.

Brendon and Rachel look for a taxi and run into Nary and Jamie and tell them they got U-Turned and U-Turned Vanessa and Ralph, so they have a shot. Rachel breaks down in the cab saying she’s mentally exhausted. Vanessa and Ralph get a cab, and she mentions gleefully they have the best luck with cabs. Right after that, their cab gets a flat. How ironic is that after a fix-a-flat challenge and after her remark about the best luck? Nary and Jamie are now on their way in a cab and hoping they can catch up with Vanessa and Ralph. They still have their Speed Bump ahead though.

Vanessa and Ralph’s cab finally has four working tires, and they are making their way again to the Gem Gallery. Brendon and Rachel get there first and take off for the Farm. Vanessa/Ralph and Nary/Jamie get to Gem Gallery at the same time. The Federal Agents find their speed bump and have to properly set up an art stand to match a display. When finished, they can carry on. Ralph isn’t feeling great about their position, as he thinks they’ll get this Speed Bump done quickly.

Brendon and Rachel get to the farm, and she decides to do the honey challenge. He yells out encouragement, and she says she wants to to be careful and respectful. She keeps smoking the bees, saying she’s using it like perfume. She finishes quickly, and she, too, compares herself to Winnie the Pooh. They make their way to the pit stop and land on the mat to be named team number four. She says, “Thank goodness; Double U-Turn that.”

Vanessa and Ralph reach the Roadblock, and he wants her to do it, but she says he is better under pressure. He gets suited up and says it’s a first for him. Nary and Jamie get their Speed Bump passed and take off for the farm. They know they’re in the race after just seeing Vanessa and Ralph. Nevertheless, Ralph finishes quickly, and they make their way to the pit stop. They’re named team number five. They can’t believe they’re still there after getting U-Turned and having every complication you can imagine.

Nary and Jamie reach the Roadblock, and Nary decides to do it. She finishes, and they take off for the pit stop. They reach Phil’s mat, and are promptly eliminated after being the last to arrive twice in a row. He tells them they did an extraordinary job today. Jamie says to share it with Nary with special. It was more challenging than she would have expected. Nary wouldn’t have done it with anyone other than Jamie.

Of course, because of this, we have to again talk about the last team to survive a non-elimination. Kentucky had the speed bump, but managed to stay in the Race, and now they’re number one. You have to appreciate the game they’re playing. They aren’t stooping to a level of talking shit about anyone else and don’t walk around whining when they don’t get their way. Because of that, they didn’t have to even worry about being U-Turned, while the others had the drama of that. They snuck right in there to the lead. Although now that they’re there, they have to keep it. People need to remember even though it’s a race, they’re still a certain amount of social game you have to play.

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