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The Amazing Race, Apr. 8 – Camping and Arguing Go Together

Dave tells his Rachel that they need to do this the right way, and what she’s doing isn’t right. They’re still working on the frame. She asks him to hold her pole, and he says yes, because he has eight hands. She thanks him for being a darling, and he complains she’s being annoying. Redhead Rachel says the hardest part of this challenge is that one person has to hold up the pole while the other secures them, so if you’re not tall enough or don’t have a strategy, it can be really difficult. Nary and Jamie are finding they’re missing a piece already.

Vanessa and Ralph aren’t too far behind, as they just arrived at the campsite. They hear them all arguing, so know what they’re walking into at this point. Blonde Rachel keeps curtly telling Dave, “Yes sir.” She tells him then that she’s tired of his pouting, and he tells her to shut her mouth. J.J. comments that that’s why he and Art aren’t out there with their wives. Rachel complains Dave is the “most negative person in the frickin’ universe.” Even the teams who have two tall people are having a hard time. Anyone who has ever camped has empathy.

Amidst Blonde Rachel and Dave’s arguing, he sees the problem, that they have a bracket in the wrong spot, meaning they have to deconstruct their whole frame. Now that they know the error of their ways, its going more quickly to put it back together. Jamie complains this is difficult because there’s a lot of pieces that look similar.

Brendon and Redhead Rachel now have the canvas up around their frame, and he’s hammering in the pegs. She comments this is why she prefers a pop-up tent. This is like extreme to her, making her feel like she’s putting up a circus tent. Kentucky are getting their strings tied down, and while J.J. is inside the tent assembling the contents and making the beds, Art is outside putting the remaining poles in. J.J. feels like a woman. Interestingly, so does Shania Twain.

Ralph is saying Vanessa is great about following directions, and she glances over and notices they are way ahead of the “teachers.” Nary and Jamie are still trying to get their frame up. They think it’s the physical part, not technical part, holding them back, noting they don’t have a man on their team.

Redhead Rachel is trying to get the shower up and complains she can’t do it by herself. Brendon tells her to quit whining. Art and J.J. are putting their shower up as well. Vanessa is struggling with this part like Rachel is, and Ralph tells her to relax, as it’s not going to kill her. Rachel and Dave are collecting water.

Kentucky asks to have their tent passed, as J.J. says if they get it, he’s going to kick himself. The judge of the tent city tells them they are not done. They realize they need to get water from somewhere and run towards the bathroom. Blonde Rachel and Dave ask to have theirs passed and note this isn’t fun to do with a spouse. They complete theirs, as J.J. says, “Unbelievable.” They take off for the pit stop. Dave knows they’re stubborn and bitch and complain at each other, but they still pulled it off.

Kentucky fills their shower with water and now pass. They take off for the pit stop stop hoping to pass Vanessa and Dave. Yet, they’re not quick enough for that, as Vanessa and Dave are officially team number one. For this leg of the race they have won a trip for two to Costa Rica. He wants to clarify this is their fourth first place, but she wants that kept a secret.

Kentucky arrive on Phil’s mat to be named team number two. Mark says they’re “slowly walkin’ ’em down,” although I’m not altogether positive what that means. Border Patrol finish and get their tent passed. The judge thinks Art looks like he needs a drink, and he says he needs more than that. Brendon and Rachel get passed as well.

Jamie complains that they haven’t slept in three days, are extremely hungry and tired, and need water. There’s a lot to stress about, but it doesn’t do them any good at this point to get all frazzled. Ralph and Vanessa are still there.

Border Patrol is named team number three, and Phil mentions the race getting interesting bcause of the rift between the teams. They say they’re trying to minimize their involvement in all that junk. I’m not sure who they’re trying to kid with that statement. They were the ones starting the stuff earlier about Nary and Jamie and celebrating that it would cause trouble.

Brendon and Rachel run in to be named team number four. Phil tries to ask them about the nasty turn of the Race, but she says they aren’t going to let anyone’s negative personality affect them any more. I think that’s impossible for Rachel to not let anyone else bother her.

Vanessa and Ralph get their tent passed and take off for the pit stop. Nary and Jamie are busy making beds and constructing the shower. They know they aren’t looking so hot right now. Vanessa and Ralph are named team number five. Phil asks them about the negative direction of the Race, and she claims everyone is on the same page about Big Brother. She has no desire to even speak with them, let alone make up with them.

Nary and Jamie finally get their tent passed and head to the pit stop, knowing they’re in last place. They see some elephants by the side of the road and stop to enjoy this chance of a lifetime. It’s the right move when you know you’re in last place. They tell Phil they have no regrets. Nary tells him they were hoping he wouldn’t eliminate them. He asks if they’d like that, and they respond they’ve love that. In fact, it is a non-elimination leg.

This doesn’t quite have the same emotional impact of the last non-elimination leg when Kentucky was saved. Next week is a Double U-Turn. It almost seems like they’re adding that intentionally with all the interpersonal drama going on. It ought to be very interesting on Sunday night!

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