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Monster Man, Apr. 11 – Cool Aliens and Gigantic Boots

On tonight’s episode of Monster Man, Cleve makes the impossible very possible as he meets Jackass star Wee Man and creates an elaborate monster to cut Wee Man’s throat (sounds simple enough), and Puss In Boots, boots become gigantic.

In Los Angeles at SOTA XF, Roy is freaking out and his blood pressure is through the roof as usual, bu  for good reason this time. Roy and Cleve have a scheduled client meeting with Wee Man who is branching out from the Jackass franchise to make his directorial debut. Cleve is late, and his voice mail is full. Roy is flipping out.

Cleve has a good reason for being late; he is getting a much-needed manicure and pedicure. Cleve created “Manicure Mondays” for his family to spend some quality time together. Cleve is on his feet all the time, so he feels getting a manicure and a pedicure is worth it. Roy is still freaking out, but he decides to listen to Wee Man’s concept for his movie he is directing.

Wee Man describes the scene, and it involves an alien that tears his face off, then reveals he is also an alien. Roy listens, then continues to freak out, so he heads outside after Wee Man leaves and Roy considers firing Cleve because Dreamworks is their next client, and he does not want Cleve to miss this meeting. Cleve is still at the nail salon and with his new purple nails. He used to new SalonTouch spa software to decide on the color and it worked perfectly for him. He is happy and content and claims he and his team will work much better after getting off their feet for a while and getting pampered.

Back at SOTA FX, the Dreamworks team was created by director Steven Spielberg, so it’s a big job and must be done. Becky and Bob from Dreamworks show up and have a crazy project. Roy wishes Cleve was there because mad genius minds do not grow on trees. Becky and Bob inform Roy about the project. Becky describes the “Puss N Boots” idea for the movie premiere, and they need a giant pair of boots for people to pose in front of at the premiere.

Finally Cleve returns in his hearse, and Roy flips his lid. Cleve explains to Roy he was with his family and got a ghost on one toe and a spider on the other (nice). Roy wants Cleve to know that he needs him to be there for the meetings, but Cleve tells him that he doesn’t. He just needs to be there to make the monsters. Roy explains they have two major projects that need to be done in three days.

Roy is freaking out because he needs a fifties style alien done, and Cleve is an expert, but Roy is worried about the time because “time is the enemy of creativity.” Cleve gets a kick out of Roy and tells him he will let him know who is doing what by Thursday, but Cleve is ready and knows what he is doing. Cleve advises the team that they need to make two giant boots and a fifties style alien in three days.

Cleve wants Constance to do the alien head design, and Cleve advises her that he will not be the Monster Man forever and hopes that Constance will be the Monster Woman one day. Constance is not thrilled that he wants her to do all these projects, but Cleve wants her learn the tricks of the trade.  Cleve begins sketching the Wee Alien as he is calling it for Wee Man. He is using old school aliens as inspiration; Cleve is pulling up pictures of aliens and working on Wee Man’s Wee Alien.

Constance heads back to Cleve’s room and wants to know what he is doing besides sitting in his office. She wants him to get off the computer and help her. Cleve wants to be inspired, and in order for him to work properly, he needs to find inspiration. Constance then decides to hide her dad’s laptop. Sonia jumps in to help Cleve find his computer, and Constance is still mad. Sonia yells at Constance to find Cleve’s computer. Constance finally reveals to her mom where she hid her father’s computer.

Wee Man shows up to see Cleve’s sketches and also get his life cast done. Wee Man looks at the sketches and is stoked and very excited to see what Cleve created for him. Wee Man knew all he had to do was tell them what he wanted and they would create the ultimate alien. Wee Man is ready to get his life cast done and gets ready. Constance is excited to work with him and  has fun when he won’t stop talking during the process (You really don’t want to eat latex).

Cleve is working on the boots for Puss In Boots, and from the images Cleve received, he decides they are very old and very seventeenth century “Three Musketeers.” The boots look very worn and old. Cleve gets two large twelve-foot pieces of foam to carve out to create the boots, then prep and paint them. He studies the images for awhile and then is ready to sketch and get the boots ready.

Johnnie, Roy and Constance find themselves facing a big challenge with Wee Man, because he is still talking even with a big blob of goo in his mouth. Roy finally gets the mask off, and despite all of his talking, his mask worked and came out good. Johnnie works on the latex mask that Wee Man rips off. Meanwhile in Monster land, Cleve uses his chainsaw “(I bet your Mom never gave you a chainsaw to play with.” He just smiles as he acts like Leatherface before ripping into the foam with the chainsaw. Roy believes Cleve carves foam like Superman bends steel.

Cleve continues carving the foam, and it looks like it is snowing in Los Angeles as foam flies everywhere. Cleve creates magic as he carves with a chainsaw and a handsaw and is covered in foam. The Dreamworks team will be showing up the next morning, so Cleve must work through the night. He is met by Becky and Bob, and they examine the boots for the Puss In Boots premiere.

Becky and Bob ask Cleve to move the build up another day, making him freak out because it only leaves him an extra day. Meanwhile Constance is working on the Wee Alien for Wee Man’s movie, and Cleve realizes that he can’t just hand the entire project over to Constance, so he is going to give her a lesson in old school fifties kick ass aliens. He feels she needs to embrace the old school alien look and plans to help her.

Cleve works on helping Constance with the alien head, and she mainly learns that working with her dad means that he does most of the work, so this makes her happy. Hill is working on the blood and goop that will go with Wee Man’s idea of having his face ripped off. The fun part for Cleve is creating the giant bloodshot alien eyes. He takes a pin and scrapes each one with a pin, then spray paints them with red paint. There you have it… bloodshot alien eyes.

Back to the amazing giant boots. Roy adds the texture latex, then paints them. These boots will stand behind Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek at the premiere. The paint is not even dry yet, but Bob and Becky want to take them the same night and have them delivered to the premiere. Roy is hoping they will like the boots that Cleve and his team created, because Dreamworks is one of their biggest clients so far.

Becky and Bob love the boots and think they are perfect. Roy is thrilled, because despite the short schedule, the team managed to pull off one massive project and they are ready to go. The boots are delivered to the red carpet and look amazing on display with the stars in Hollywood. (Go Cleve!)

Wee Man arrives to check out his set and get ready for his directorial debut and the chance to have his face ripped off. Wee Man inspects his set which is an alien spacecraft and waits for his alien. Cleve works on the glaze coating for the alien, and Constance helps him, but they are not thrilled with Cindy coming in every few seconds complaining and asking for a time amount and whether or not it will done now or in “Cleve time. ”

Back on set, Wee Man is waiting for his alien and begins filming a few small scenes. He decides to call Cleve and ask for it. Meanwhile the alien emerges, in daylight no less. Cleve is wearing the alien head (my guess would be to hide the stress). Sonia needs to open the hearse and can’t figure out how to open the door, so Cleve tells her to just climb in. Sonia tells him she doesn’t understand how she was married to him.

Sonia wonders if Cleve could ever just be normal and buy a normal car. He shakes his head no while wearing the alien head  and ask Sonia, “Don’t I look normal” while still wearing the alien head (Normal is boring). Cleve is officially on his way to Wee Man’s movie set with his alien. They are late, but Cleve made an awesome alien. Cleve and Constance arrive on set, and Wee Man is waiting for them as Cleve takes the alien out of the hearse. Wee Man’s jaw drops as he looks at his alien. It looks very fifties inspired, quite the ideal creature.

Cleve and Constance hand the alien to Wee Man, and he is so happy and stoked. It is time to make a horror movie. Constance does Wee Man’s make-up, and Cleve preps the gory knife scene. Constance needs to get her make-up ready for Wee Man to get his face ripped off. Cleve is introduced to Wee Man’s stuntman Joe Griffo, whom Cleve worked with before, but the alien head was made for Jason’s head (Wee Man) not Joe’s. Cleve must make adjustments on the alien head as Sonia looks on with horror.

Cleve works on or “operates” on the alien mask trying to make the mask fit Joe for the stunts. He tries to make the mask so Joe can seek but the producers are only giving him five minutes. Cleve is not happy with the time limit. Finally Cleve makes adjustments and the mask fits Joe, but Hill has his work cut out for him with the blood scene. Constance is trying to finish the mask, but Jason has a tan Constance did not anticipate.

Cleve watches on as his alien is now ready for his close-up and filming begins. The next scene is Jason will get his head sliced open and now Hill is up with his blood work. They have one shot to get the blood right and Hill preps as the alien comes in for Jason (Wee Man) and slits his throat to slice his face off and Cleve advises Hill to pump the blood but it is too thick so it is not going anywhere (where are the blood thinners when you need them *sighs*) so the director yells CUT and they must fix the blood.

Cleve helps Hill fix the blood. It must be thinned, yet there is air in the bag. They prepare to shoot again, and Wee Man gets his throat sliced again. Cleve instructs Hill to pump the blood. and it is perfect, but they are not done yet. It is Constance’s turn to sell the final effect, and it is very important to sell the fifties campy alien effect for the film. Jason prepares to get his face ripped off. Constance applies make-up, and Wee Man is ready for his close-up.

They must get it right so it looks there is an alien under Wee Man’s face. This is the big moment, the final reveal, as the anticipation builds. Wee Man is excited, and they are ready to shoot. The alien rips Wee Man’s face off and the final reveal shows Wee Man is the alien. That’s a wrap. He is one hundred percent stoked, and Cleve and Constance are thrilled. Constance feels honored that her father made her a part of his project, and Cleve is excited to pass the torch down to Constance.

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