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Over-Bimboed – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 7

[i]by atarus[/i]

This episode we start off on the plane, on our way to Tokyo. Branson introduces the remaining seven to the next challenge: they have to present the new first class area on Virgin Airlines to Japanese people. Branson says the challenge is communicating with non-English speaking people. Erica does rock-paper-scissors with Shawn and loses, so she is the new leader. She says that once a decision is made, to not question it. Gabriel is chosen to be the leader of the meager group of three.

Gabriel, Candida, and Heather sit in a hotel room and start “brainstorming,” where brainstorming = listening to all of Candida’s ideas. Heather says she is relegated to “listening to a bunch of crappy ideas and pulling the least crappy idea out.” Gabriel finally comes up with the idea of getting Sir Richard to sumo wrestle with a real sumo wrestler to start off their presentation. Shawn, for the other group, says live music and dancing is the best idea, and he’ll play music while the girls dance in a very Broadway-esque style.

Branson takes them to dinner, and at dinner Shawn finds a cook that will be a bassist for their presentation. Meanwhile, Gabriel is telling Branson his idea and the part he will play in the presentation. Back at the hotel, Sara, Nicole, and Erica are practicing the dancing, and Sara feels that Nikki and Erica are being mean to her. Erica says that it’s better to have one person do everything and lets Nikki be the choreographer. (So basically, Erica isn’t doing anything. Much like the last time she was leader.)

Gabriel tells Candida to get the sumo wrestler, and she begins to call up people to try and find some sumo guys. Gabe and Heather goof around in sumo outfits, and Candida feels like she’s the third wheel of the group. In the other group, Sara is still feeling bad because every time she messes up dancing, there isn’t laughing, but instead there’s eyerolling and disgusted looks. Shawn notices this and sympathizes with Sara.

We are left with a tense moment when Gabriel is afraid that Candida won’t pull through and they won’t have the sumo wrestlers, which is the biggest part of their presentation. However, they pull up to the place where the presentation is going to be, and they see two round, big, beautiful sumo wrestlers. The other team sees the sumo wrestlers come in and they know they’re going to have some stiff competition.

It’s now time to present in front of Sir Richard, who will choose which presentation will be given in front of the Japanese crowd. It starts off with Sir Richard battling a sumo wrestler, and then Gabriel gives a very detailed explanation of the new Airline first class seats. Then the other group goes, and Shawn bangs around on the piano and gives a great musical presentation while the girls dance around (and Sara looks very cute in the uniform they wear.) However Erica is worried because they weren’t perfect in their dance routine.

Branson says that Gabriel’s presentation was informative but a bit dry. He said that Erica’s presentation was fancy but needed more substance. However, in front of the Japanese group, he tells them that Erica’s presentation has won, and in private says that music is a good way to transcend language and that’s what they had. Heather, however, isn’t as excited as she says she wasn’t impressed at how over-bimboed their presentation was. Gabriel is forced to make the decision of who he will face, and he chooses Candida.

Back in London, Candida says that the others see her as the weak lamb and they are not happy and feel threatened by her honesty. She eats dinner by herself when the rest of the group is eating, and after a half-hearted “hey Candida we have a seat for you” by Nicole, Nicole says eh she’s in a foul mood or something. Sara says that Nikki doesn’t have a regard for other people’s feelings, especially Candida’s. Gabriel goes up and talks to Candida, and he feels that she’s been misunderstood and that Nikki’s been a bully to her.

The five that aren’t Nicole and Erica have a “Heckle and Jekyll” meeting (according to Shawn) about how they are rude to everyone else. Sara says that “we’ve all been railroaded” and Heather says that “we all need to tell them how we feel.” So right after Nicole begins to try and find out what chance Candida thinks she has against Gabriel, and Candida stands up for herself and gets into a fight with Nicole about the fact that she won’t answer the question. Then Nicole and Erica gang up on Sara about the fact that Candida says that the two of them are rude, and Sara in a more meek way defends herself, but Candida isn’t happy about that. Nicole then says in confessional that people see me and Erica as a threat because of their outward appearance (um, excuse me? Sorry honey, you are not the best-looking people, either of you.) And if they see her as rude and abrasive, that is her, what you see is what you get, and she doesn’t care what others think.

The next day, Nicole approaches Heather about what Candida said, and Heather, contrary to what she said last night, kisses Nicole’s butt heavily. She says that it’s to her advantage to make sure that people she doesn’t like still like her. However, Nicole goes to Shawn who tells Nicole that Heather said she was rude too. Shawn then goes to Gabriel and tells him that Heather “is the new Steve.” Gabriel is really regretting his decision to take Candida to the competition. He talks to her and tells her he’s sorry, and she’s glad.

Branson takes the crew to his version of a “company party,” which looks to me like a huge amusement park-style get-together. Erica exclaims “this is the family picnic”? The challenge for Gabriel and Candida is they have to cross two high-wires by holding each other up, balancing on each other’s weight.

They get two attempts. The first attempt, Gabriel says that he “thought it would be easy because it’s balance, but it uses muscles all over the body because the ropes are thin and aren’t taut. They get about a quarter of the way across before Candida topples forward and both of them fall. They get a second try, and Gabriel is determined to get them across. He is very confident and intense, and guides Candida and they start going across the second time. On the ground, Sara says that while she is hoping they make it across and cheering for them, Nicole is saying “Fall, fall, fall” and she thinks that is just mean. But Gabriel and Candida are halfway across, 3/4 across, and then BAM! They’ve made it. On the ground, Sir Richard is impressed and tells them that the people that maintain the ropes say that it would normally take 8 or 9 tries to get the hang of it to get across, so he thought he was going to have an easy time at the tarmac, but unfortunately now he has a hard decision.

At the tarmac, he talks to both of them, he feels that Candida has really shown a new side to herself, however he hands them the tickets and Candida has been eliminated. Branson tells us that she really redeemed herself, but she didn’t have the respect from the group and Gabriel did. Candida, in her final words, says that she hopes Branson got a glimpse of the true her, thanks him for taking her around the world, and she’s leaving with her head held high.

After this week, I am confident that Sara, Shawn, and Gabriel are the three top contenders for the prize. The negative editing towards Heather, Nicole, and Erica is showing a big fall on their behalfs, especially since Heather is the new Steve. I’m hoping that those three go down in a big ball of flames. Send me an e-mail at atarus33@yahoo.com if you think the same or differently.


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