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Amazing Race 20 – Ep 7 – Do I Have To Pick A Side?

There was no Roadblock this week as the next challenge was to set up a campsite as a team. It was one of those challenges often seen in recent Races where they get a finished product and they have to mirror it. Inevitably, some minor detail is lost on them. In this case, it was providing water for the working shower. That detail enabled Army Wife to pass Bopper for first place. There is a big boo for this challenge, and another example of how amazing it is that KNat and Kisha/Jen won Races. All female teams are often put at a disadvantage in challenges. Feds are very physically fit, and rather intelligent. But they cannot do anything about having to put together that tent frame which required strength and height that they just didn’t have. They were doomed from the start of the challenge, with just the inevitable Non-Elim there to save them.

So, maybe next week there will be less sniping and some more Race-centric action. And even though they have been underwhelming, I am hopeful the Feds survive and take out one of these teams that make me want to bang my head against the wall

Route Markers
• So Jamie once shot herself in the leg. Maybe they should have become school teachers instead. I guess she didn’t go to jail like Plaxico Burress did.
• UC operations. That bit of cop slang blew their cover. Boy, I hope they are not undercover federal agents – between that and the self-inflicted gunshot wounds, well, it doesn’t bode well for national security.
• Art thinks school teachers would be friendlier than the Feds, while Baby thinks they are bouncier. Bouncy, friendly teachers – clearly these two haven’t been in a school recently.
• Is it required that all Africa references now have to bring up Hakuna Matata?
• Vanessa called them Team Big Baby. Hey, that’s copyrighted!!
• Poor Bopper can’t tell lions from tigers. No word of his take on bears.
• Loved the small dots on the ground – better known as flamingos.
• Nary passed out on the plane – no flamingos and tigerlions for her!
• Army Wife – “We’re your boss, applesauce.” That just needs to catch on.
• Ralph – “They seem happy to see us.” Vanessa – “They haven’t met us yet.” Word.
• Sandals? Those are not sandals, Phil. Those are pieces of plastic wrapped around feet.
• Interesting to see Brendon tell Bopper to do the jumping challenge – maybe everyone just wants the Kentucky boys to win!
• Dave is ok with the weapon challenge, because it is just like knife throwing. He may be a bit annoying and OCD, but man, he’s a bit bad ass.
• Good to see JJArt get lost and have to scramble for once – at least when they aren’t stumbling upon Japanese tourists.
• If not mistaken, we have gone seven legs in the Race and only Army Wife and JJArt have won legs. This feels like AR9 where two teams just dominated the others from start to finish.

Detour – Marksmen – JJArt, Army, Stalker, Feds. Dancers – Baby and Bopper.
Order of Finish – Army Wife (going to Costa Rica), Bopper, JJArt, Baby, Stalker and Feds (NON-ELIMINATION)

Next week – Feds fight, Double U-Turn, and the JJArt vs. Army Wife begins.

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