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Survivor: One World – Ep 9 – I Repeat…A Survivor Star Is Born

Treemail Top 10
• Troyzan’s idol play was a case of him reacting to the last minute scramble that took place before the walk to Tribal as everyone started to lay their cards on the table. However, he would have been better off with the bluff at this point. Kim was aware that Troyzan was on to her and was throwing votes her way with his idol. As far as he could ascertain, they were going after him or Jay, but with a split vote. At the F10 spot, it is hard to play that idol, even if you go home with it. Because having it flushed out and in the vast minority puts you in a rough spot. With Jay and Leif voting for Alicia and Troy for Kim, that left seven votes, likely to be split 4-3 between him and Jay. The women may not have known that Jay/Leif/Troy were splitting between two women. With three votes going to a woman, and three to a man, and four to a potential idol player, would Kim have wanted to take such a risk? I think it is worth at that moment for Troy to bluff the idol and roll the dice that Jay had the four votes. That would leave him down in the F9, but at least with an idol to protect him for a few more days.
• Jay dreamed that he got shot. Well, it wasn’t a literal assassination, but he was taken down. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar in dreams, and other times it is a blindside.
Reward Challenge – No Probst. The F10 are split in two teams randomly – Alicia/Troyzan/Jay/Tarzan/Kitten vs. Kim/Chelsea/Cha/Sabrina/Leif. They must toss a bolus onto a pole with five levels of pegs extending out. The bottom level earns one point; the top peg gets five points. Each one gets a toss. Kim/Jay misses. Kitten gets two, while Leif misses. Troy/Chelsea misses. Tarzan grabs a big four points, while Cha gets one. Alicia misses, while Sabrina’s attempt at the five to tie comes woefully short. The Tarzan-led team earns a boat ride and BBQ. Meanwhile, Troyzan’s play by play is snoozeworthy.
• Troyzan wants to get the girls all drunk on rum. A) This is how fraternity guys get in trouble, B) this is how pirates date, and C) this is the only way the guys can win this season.
• Jay tempts fate with such lines – “I definitely see some blindsides coming up, I hope it is not me.”
• More on Kim’s excellence – she wanted to be calm, soft-spoken, a little forgettable but still calling the shots. Mission accomplished to this point – but less going forward. However, if she does manage to pull off the biggest female alliance in show history, does anyone think one of the other five women can match wits with her? Chelsea can’t even bring herself to lie to Jay. Alicia and Cha are on the bottom of the alliance – do they have any influence? Kitten brain just hurt reading this paragraph. Only Sabrina may be capable of derailing the Kim train at that point.
• Sabrina regarding Chelsea’s waffling – “It’s time to make big girl decisions and put on your big girl panties.” I think I speak for the show’s producers when I say that the words “panties” and “big” are not welcome for combination on this show. Just remember Amanda and her three seasons of pixilated buttocks.
• If Jay could not figure out the ladies were lying to him when they all paused for a number of beats before saying they were good with the Alicia plan, I don’t know what to tell him. Kitten even pulled the answer a question with a question thing – Jay asked her about joining the boys and voting Alicia. Kitten responded, “What, am I going to say no?” Classic non-answer answer.
Immunity Challenge – The classic giant bucket filled with colored water over the head challenge. Added bonus – the Probst treat tease. Probst tells them the challenge is officially…and Tarzan is out. Ok, the challenge is officially on. He has their first item for…and Cha is out. Boom. The first item for temptation is two giant cookies and milk – and Sabrina is out. Kim/Kitten leave shortly afterwards for cupcakes. Presumably no milk. Alicia says she could win if she wanted to, but instead would rather take the next item no matter what it was. I was so hoping it was something gross. But it’s a bowl of candy. 45 minutes later, Troy slips. Jay drops out for chicken wings and beer. Amazing. Leif actually speaks when Chelsea outwits him, telling him that dropping out makes him less of a threat. He buys it and drops to eat burgers, chips and beer. Chelsea wins. And I will never understand the minds of people.
Tribal Council – Tarzan says the women are smarter than them. Very low bar to clear. Only Kim, Troy and Jay think they are in trouble – Jay thinks he is in so much trouble that he doesn’t bring any of his stuff. What? Chelsea Sherlocks that Troy has the idol because he is wearing different shorts full of pockets. Tarzan continues to show he is in some alternate timeline as he says after this vote; the alliance he knows of will be strengthened, and become a powerhouse to take to the end. Then why are you just letting that happen and voting with them? You are not part of that alliance, dude.

Votes – Jay 5 (Kim, Tarzan, Sabrina, Alicia, Cha), Alicia 2 (Leif, Jay), Troyzan 2, but nullified by the idol (Kitten, Chelsea), Kim 1 (Troyzan)

Next week – Troy fights back. And I don’t believe that he does.

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