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American Idol, Apr. 11 – “Crawling Into People’s Hearts”

Phillip and Elise Testone are doing another duet this week, and she rolls her eyes at the prospect. They’re doing Somebody That I Used to Know, and it’s about being in a relationship with someone who treats you really badly, and she’s familiar with that, sadly enough. It’s a different song for Phillip, but he says if Elise likes it, that’s all that matters. He suggested other songs, but she got mad and started throwing things at him. It is a really cool song, and the vocal coach in Elise knew what she was doing picking it for the two of them.

Steven admits he has that song looped right now on his iPod and iPhone, listening to it for hours. They nailed it, and Steven noticed that Elise made Phillip blush a little. He thinks Phillip should take that into consideration and sing with her more often. It’s a beautiful song and a great rendition of it. It’s a song changing the world right now, so it was good for them (Elise) for picking it. Jennifer just loves the feel of the song itself, and what they brought to it as a duet. You’re not sure sometimes if things are going to work, but it did. Phillip was right that Elise was going to sing the mess out of it, as she did, and it was different for him, so there was a little imbalance there. She loves the chemistry between though.

Randy agrees with Steven and Jennifer, and knows it’s an amazing song. In this round, he has to give it to Elise, as she was better, and he feels like she sang more of it than he did. Phillip says it’s just that she’s a better singer than he is. Randy says that’s not true, but the next time they sing a duet, he should choose one that matches him more than her. Ryan asks about the comfort level when they’re singing with each other looking at each other in their eyes. After a nervous laugh, she says they’re comfortable. Phillip admits he’d wanted to do a duet with her, and now they’ve done two.

We’re on the road again, this time traveling to Chula Vista, California, Jessica Sanchez’ hometown. She has a lot of family there who make a lot of Filipino food and get together to watch the show. The support gives her a comfortable feeling.

She wants to sing Stuttering, but it’s a song Jimmy doesn’t even know, and that makes her a little nervous. Jimmy notes her voice could move anyone. She has soul, power, and finesse. Akon can’t believe the voice she has at her age. Jimmy and Akon worked together when the show was at the final 13 stage. Akon mentioned Jessica back then and thought she was the one. “A few more hamburgers, and she’s ready to go.” He wanted to steal her. To take her to McD’s, I assume.

Jessica sings tonight perched on the piano, looking like she could use a few of those burgers now. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect song choice for her talent. She can belt it and show all her vocal gifts that she has. It’s an amazing performance. It’s not something I would ever listen to, but it’s great.

Randy loves the arrangement of the song, aware of the original. What she did tonight was set the bar really high. She’s been doing the songs, but it’s time to show everyone the talent she has. The control and scatting of the song was amazing, just like the original singer. He believes she slayed he biggest bitch of the night. Jennifer’s favorite part of the song was where she started digging in the middle. She has an amazing opportunity to take the audience on a ride like they’ve never been. What she’d love to see are some Joshua type performances with that type of impact.

Every time he hears her sing, Steven forgets where he is. American doesn’t forget, though, as she slays it every time. Not only did she have the nerve to sing that song with such a beautiful melody, but he also thinks she had a lot of nerve to wear Jennifer’s shoes.

Joshua Ledet gets non-stool chat with Ryan, and they discuss his recent birthday. He’s 20. Sigh. Ryan gives him a little birthday gift, and it’s Fantasia wishing him a happy birthday and telling him she’ll be watching Mantasia tonight. He’s shocked and wowed.

This has us traveling to Westlake, Louisiana, to Joshua’s hometown. As if I wasn’t already missing New Orleans enough after traveling there for a wedding last weekend. It’s amazing to him to see all the support from his hometown, including shirts his family designed to vote for him. He tells his mom, though, he won’t wear one himself. It all reminds him he’s just a small-town boy.

Joshua is singing Run Away Baby this week because he can rock out and boogie a little. Jimmy asks how to make the song more dynamic and encourages the band to drop out a little at some point to let him do his thing. Akon likes that Joshua is quiet and that he’s soulful. Jimmy thinks he’ll do well if he can always keep that humility.

Joshua doesn’t seem so humble or quiet starting this song as he’s bumping and grinding on the stairs in front of a girl doing the same and licking her lips looking at him. And honestly, this is a completely different side to Joshua, but he’s nevertheless captivating, just as he always is. This guy, whether he wins or not, is destined for greatness in the music world. You just can’t keep your eyes off him when he performs, and it leads to yet another standing O for the guy.

Steven tells Joshua he can sell a song like a work of art. Every time he sings he sells it, probably because he does it so well. He asks how tall he is, and upon hearing 5’11, tells him he needs to get the number of the girl who was dancing behind him, as she’s 6′. Joshua admits she’s drop dead gorgeous. Jennifer says he has so much control in his voice, and this is what she was talking about talking to Jessica earlier. It takes control of the audience with the energy. It’s not just the vocal; it’s also about being a performer, knowing when to stop and go, and when to push and went to lay back.

Randy calls it another unbelievable performance from Joshua. He also appreciates his look with the socks and the jacket, and Josh lets Randy know he did it all for him. He has the vocals and the performance and has everything going on. He’s in the zone, and Randy tells Ryan they have someone who’s really “got to have it.” His dad is in the audience for the first time and comes up to give him a hug on the stage. Joshua points out and highlights his dad’s large tummy. It’s kind of some father/son “joshing” going on.