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The Voice, April 10th – Elimination round, Bow Ties for Everyone edition!

It’s elimination time on The Voice!!  Who from team Cee Lo and team Adam will be safe?  Who will go home? Who will sing for their lives?  Who will just plain old beg?

We learn from Carson Dale that Tony Lucca and Juliet Simms hit the top of the charts with their ITUNES downloads from last night.   Jessie J starts off the evening with a little help from team Christina on Dancing in the Moonlight.

Team Adam is up on the chopping block first.

In no particular order, the saves are:


Tony Lucca


Pip! (Yes, his fans were in the audience wearing bow ties. I love it!)

So Katrina Parker, Karla Davis and Kim Yarbrough are sent backstage to prepare to sing for their lives as Cee Lo Green’s team gets ready to go in front of the firing squad.

So Again, in no particular order the safe ones are:

Juliet Simms

Jamar Rodgers


James Massone! (Cue the screaming teen girls!! And probably a few middle-aged housewives.)

So the remaining singers Tony Vincent, Cheesa, andErin Martin go off to prepare to do battle.

I have a feeling that Cee Lo’s votes were closer and higher than Adam Levine’s.  In fact, right now, I’m giving the edge to his team.  I know who I’m hoping gets saved and who goes home, but I’ll keep that to myself.

Kim Yarbrough singing Spotlight

Big vocals, a commanding presence and a great song.  It’s a solid performance.  Sure, she doesn’t cover much of the stage, but her vocal ability is amazing.

Karla Davis singing I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Adam has his eyes closed as he listens.  I don’t see him smiling the way he did for Kim.  This is one of those songs that can be amazing or put you to sleep depending on how it’s done.  This was somewhere in-between. There were a few iffy notes, but it was good.

Katrina Parker singing Don’t Speak.

Adam has his eyes shut again.  Katrina sounds good, but not amazing.  It’s a cool song choice,  and the ending was better than the beginning, but the song was bigger than her voice.

If it were me, I’d go with Kim.  No Doubt. (heh)

Blake Shelton: I felt the urgency from Karla and Katrina.  He picks Katrina.

Christina Aguilera: Agrees with Blake, gives it to Katrina.

Cee Lo: Also Katrina.

Now it goes to Adam.  He saves Katrina.

Me: I don’t think any of them were a bad choice, but I still think Kim rocked it.

Tony Vincent sings Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Great song and Tony looks fierce standing center stage and snarling out this vocal.  This was incredible! Better than last night!  Yes, I liked it.

Cheesa singing All By Myself

Huge song.  Cheesa has the breathy haunted sound down for the verse, and she explodes on the chorus.  Cheesa is hitting some big notes.  That was great.

Erin Martin singing Your Song.

Great song. Can I hate her performance yet?  OK, she’s not horrible, even pretty decent here,  but unique and quirky can only take you so far.  Please Cee Lo, do the right thing.  You’ve got 2 singers who you can’t go wrong choosing to save.  Either one of those.

Adam: Why did you wait until now to give your best performance. You all just did an amazing job: But it came a little late.  He picks Cheesa.

Blake: I was reminded why I liked Erin.  Tony won me over for the first time.  You two’s problem is Cheesa knocked it out of the park.  He also picks Cheesa.

Christina: Tony, (She seemed unsure of his name for a second.) you’re an original. Cheesa you knocked that note out of the water.  After droning on so long that Carson has to speed her up, she picks Cheesa.

Cee Lo: His mind says Tony, but his heart says Cheesa.  (I’m glad he didn’t extend that to tell us which body part said Erin.)

So there you have it!!  I’m a little disappointed that we have to say goodbye to Tony Vincent and Kim Yarbrough, but I’m not sorry to have either Katrina or more so Cheesa.

Did the coaches get it right? Did I get it right?  Did anyone get it right? Not sure, but either way, I’ll see you next week!

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