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Interview With Ann Markley of America's Next Top Model 3

by aurora

Ann was told almost every week that her photos weren’t good enough, yet she outlasted several other models who had fabulous photos. What was it about Ann that kept her in the running until the final four? Find out here!

Hi Ann! Have you mended fences with Eva yet, or do you still think there are issues the two of you need to work out?

Well, we haven’t really been able to talk much yet, but we’ve chatted a couple of times. We’ve sort of worked things out. That whole situation was like when you have a very close friend and you have a stupid fight – you always end up making up. We will always be friends. But just friends! So many people thought I was obsessed or in love with her!

Going into this, were you prepared for the amount of drama that went down?

I knew that if you put 14 girls together that there would be drama. I expected it, but I didn’t want to cause it. That’s the way it’s been all my life; I don’t want to be involved in the drama, but I always end up causing it.

You got a lot of criticism about your photos each week, yet you outlasted quite a few girls who consistently churned out great pictures. What do you think gave you the edge to last as long as you did?

The judges saw potential in me. Nole called me his ‘orgasmic letdown’ – he knew I had it in me to have these great photos, and they all kept telling me how beautiful I am in person. The photos weren’t bad, they just expected more from me and I had to keep stepping it up. On top of that, there’s so much more to modeling than the photos. Commercials, the runway – I could do all of that!

Well let’s be honest – your photos weren’t all that bad either!

I don’t think they were either! Diane Von Furstenberg loved my beauty shot. The panel was always split down the middle; sometimes they loved me, sometimes they hated me.

So let’s clear up the “favourite band/actress” thing. It looked like there was some heavy editing in that scene – can you explain what went down?

My tastes are so diverse and I like such a broad spectrum of things, so it’s hard for me to nail down favourites. Even my friends are such a diverse and different group of people.

I was trying to explain that to them, but I did understand what they were getting at. They wanted me to identify with something that would bring out some passion in my photos. I got that. I just don’t think that for me, it would have made a difference.

For the record though, I love 80’s rock. Motley Crue and Poison are my faves,

If they did an “America’s Next Top Model, All-Star Edition”, would you participate?

It would depend on where I was with my career. I’m planning on moving to New York in January, so hopefully things will take off for me there. If I thought I needed more practice or more experience, then I’d do it again. I loved the experience – we were all treated very well!

If you did it again, what would you do differently the second time around?

I would try – you know, the friendship with Eva wasn’t even a choice. We met and it was just an undeniable friendship. But if I had to do it all again, I would try to distance myself from making friends and try to concentrate more on the modeling.

Was there any one judge on the panel who you thought was more difficult to impress than the others?

No, there’s wasn’t any one specifically. It was always just hard to know what would make them happy. They were all different, and all looking for different things, and it was dependant upon the girl to bring that out. They were all equally difficult.

Norelle told me last week that you all had a ton of fun while you were there. Are you disappointed that the viewers didn’t get to see much of that in favour of the more dramatic moments?

Sure, I would have liked to have seen the funnier moments on television. But people forget that it’s a TV show – they want to show the juicy stuff, the things that will get people talking after the show is over. And that’s the drama.

There were so many funny things that happened. We had so much fun! And just so you know, that boy who called me that Norelle told you about – he’s my boyfriend now. We’ve known each other for along time.

I remember one night, he left his cell phone in a cab and we were screwing with the cab driver, calling him at all hours on the cell phone. It was just so funny! I don’t think Norelle could say anything that wasn’t funny, she’s just a blast.

When you left the night you were cut, did you have a gut feeling as to who the winner would be?

All three of the remaining girls were beautiful inside and out. They all take beautiful pictures, and I thought any one of them could walk away with the title of America’s Next Top Model.

Thanks for your time Ann, and good luck to you!

Thanks! Thanks a lot!

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