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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Big Easy Justice

It seems that New Orleans is following me. While there for the weekend for my niece’s wedding, Cops focused their episode on NOLA. And now, just hours after returning home, it’s the debut of Big Easy Justice on Spike TV. The series focuses on a bounty hunter chasing the bigger criminals throughout the city. I think he might have his work cut out for him. Catch up with all the TV you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The guests today include Jane Lynch, Alison Sweeney, and Bonnie Raitt. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. NBA Basketball. Boston Celtics at Miami Heat. 6:00 PM CT ESPN

3. NCIS. Tony heads to Colombia to aid Ziva and her mentor in a search for a missing Marine lieutenant, and Jimmy Palmer picks his best man. 7:00 PM CT CBS

4. The Biggest Loser. It’s back at the White House tomorrow to join Michelle Obama for a workout! The First Lady is a big fan and shares some healthy living tips in the included interview. 7:00 PM CT NBC

5. Last Man Standing. Ed and Mike have second thoughts about having Kyle on their team in an annual sports competition, and Vanessa is overheard saying she doesn’t want to go to Eve’s soccer game and Mandy’s school play. 7:00 PM CT ABC

6. Glee. Cooper, Blaine’s big time actor brother visits Lima. Matt Bomer guest stars 7:00 PM CT Fox

7. Cougar Town. Jules worries her wedding won’t be perfect if she allows Travis to be the photographer, and Bobby and Angie take the next step in their relationship. 7:30 PM CT ABC

8. NCIS: Los Angeles. An ex-Marine is suspected of creating a chemical bomb, and the team help Nate Getz and the FBI investigate. 8:00 PM CT CBS

9. The Voice. Live results with both Cee-Lo Green and Adam Levine losing some of their team. 8:00 PM CT NBC

10. Dancing with the Stars. KISS and the GOTAN Project perform, and the third couple will be eliminated. 7:00 PM CT ABC

11. Ringer. Catherine’s scheme to drive apart Andrew and Bridget, who is posing as Siobhan, doesn’t go off as planned. 8:00 PM CT CW

12. New Girl. Jess is a Nervous Nelly when she invites Russell to the loft for the entire weekend, and Winston gets hired at a sports radio station. 8:00 PM CT Fox

13. Beyond Belief. Near-death experiences and famous mediums. 9:00 PM CT OWN

14. The Real Housewives of Orange County. Alexis’ husband Jim wants her to give up her career to be a stay-at-home wife & mother. Then, things get tense when Gretchen’s friend Sarah confronts Vicki at a bowling party. 8:00 PM CT Bravo

15. Dance Moms: Miami. Lucas gets the starring role in the group performance, Susan’s outbursts affect the studio, and Hannah and Sammy try to prove themselves. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

16. Raising Hope. Nancy Grace does a story on Hope’s mom and interviews each member of the Chance family, with shocking developments being revealed. 8:30 PM CT Fox

17. Hardcore Pawn. Les and Seth eye a $20,000 sale when a client requests a custom diamond ring be made in 24 hours. It’s a break-neck deadline, but with all hands on deck, the cash is as good as theirs. But when Ashley derails the project for her own selfish needs, no one can stop Seth from going after her. 8:30 PM CT truTV

18. NBA Basketball. New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls. 8:30 PM CT ESPN

19. Unforgettable. Carrie and Al try to stop a deranged conspiracy theorist for blowing off a series of bombs. 9:00 PM CT CBS

20. Fashion Star. The contestants decorate blank window spaces with live models and their collections. 9:00 PM CT NBC

21. Body of Proof. Megan is put in a position to be face-to-face with a serial killer she helped put away. 9:00 PM CT ABC

22. Justified. On Raylan’s way to a bloody final showdown, he sets out to go after everyone he holds responsible. 9:00 PM CT FX

23. Big Easy Justice. In New Orleans, Tat-2 is the top dog of bounty hunters in the gritty underworld of post-Katrina New Orleans. He hunts down some of the city’s most elusive criminals and bring them back to justice. With 12 years of bounty hunting under his belt, Tat-2 has brought back more than 10,000 fugitives to jail, whose crimes range from armed robbery, murder, drug possession, domestic abuse and assault, among other crimes. 9:00 PM CT Spike

24. Dream Machines. Brothers Marc and Shanon Parker have dreamed up some of the world’s most impossible vehicles inspired by movies, science-fiction and comic books and turned them into on-the-road realities. In tonight’s premiere episode, the Parker Brothers build a dream machine specially designed for rapper, 50 Cent. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

25. The Little Couple. In the first half hour, it’s Christmas with the Kleins. In the second half hour, life is stressful because of the holidays and the surrogacy attempt, and the Kleins head to the beach. 9:00 PM CT TLC

26. Top Shot. The Blue team comes together and agrees ona clear strategy to bring them a win in this difficult challenge. 9:00 PM CT HISTORY

27. Love for Sail. A woman juggles two men who are interested in her, and two women fight over the same man. 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

28. Best Ink. The artist creates a tattoo to represent a life-changing event for a client. 9:00 PM CT Oxygen

29. Conan. Phil Robertson, Willie Robertson, and M. Ward are tonight’s guests. 10:35 PM TBS

30. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Tonight’s guests include Sean Hayes, Jim Gaffigan, and Shooter Jennings. 10:35 PM NBC