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The Voice, Apr. 9 – Blake’s Panties are Flying Edition

Mathai singing Ordinary People.

Mathai begins a capella.  Adam had just told her this was a painful song, but she’s doing a lot of smiling.  Her vocals are nice, but she’s not really connecting.  It’s better if you don’t watch.  Plenty of vocal flair.

Christina: I like your voice a lot.  I like your choices. It was a little loungy. I would like to see you pick it up.

Blake: I love your voice. The thing I like the most is your confidence.  It draws you in.

Adam: I think you’re so just magical hot. I wanted it to be quieter.  Your ability is really surprising. You’re voice is really unique.  I couldn’t possibly be happier.

Tony Vincent singing Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Standing high atop a giant podium like a rocking dictator, Tony begins with some dancers with red facemasks below. It’s a sight to behold as the red troopers grab and spin the podium and Tony marches down.  He’s got the theatrical part down and the vocals are pretty good as well. Of course, the color is red!

Blake: Ah Dammit. I don’t know how to feel about the whole thing… It was so evilish… I was so wrapped up in whatever was going on… I couldn’t concentrate on the music.

Adam then chimes in that Blake was wonderfully vague. I agree.

Christina: I’m from the pop world, and I appreciate the production.  I think there were a lot of vocal restraints.  There were restrictions with that song.

Cee Lo: I apologize if I restricted you. I would vote for Tony. You’re a far better singer than any one performance.

Me: It looked amazing and he sounded great, but it wasn’t the type of song that’s tailor-made for a singing competition.  Still, he was great.

Karla Davis singing Airplanes.

The dry ice machine is back.  Karla is prowling near the edge of the stage.  Wearing cowboy boots with a shiny dress that doesn’t go with the boots, she’s singing well, but it seems quiet-ish.  Adam had asked during rehearsal where Bertha, her big voice, went.  She didn’t show up tonight.

Christina: I was definitely surprised by the song choice and the cowboy boots.  You did a good job, you were the biggest surprise.  It was a little bit of a whisper.

Blake: I think you did as good as you can do with that song, it’s so wordy.  It was such a rapid fire lyric.

Adam: You could have been better.  You did a fantastic job.

Me: It was good, but again, I’m not blown away.  This isn’t about doing great song well; it’s about being amazing with any song.

Erin Martin singing Walk Like an Egyptian.

Erin is pulled out in a chariot while she’s wearing a full Egyptian motif outfit as are the male beefcakes that are dancing about all Egyptian-like.  She looks amazing. The beefcakes are doing cool Egyptian moves.  She sounds …  okay.  She gets in on the Egyptian moves, but I’m not sold.  Cee Lo believes that Twitter followers wanted the Shields Brothers to win during the battle rounds. I said the same.  He thinks she needs to convert the nay-sayers. I don’t feel converted.

Blake: Why are you talking to me?  Here we go again with the male strippers. (Erin hides behind Carson Dal y.) I think you did as well as you can do with that song.

Adam: I think Blake just bought a one way ticket to boner town.

Blake: And it’s non-refundable.

Me: Another image I so could have lived without.

Christina: I love theatrics.  You do have a very unique voice.  But you have to bring it.

Cee Lo: In terms of staging, I meant it to be dynamic not a distraction.  I commend you for learning that lyric. I want you take charge.

Me: Yes, it was another song that’s a great song, but not made for a singing competition, but then again, in my humble opinion, neither was Erin.  She wasn’t bad.  But it wasn’t a great vocal. Count me still as a nay.

Pip singing When You Were Young.

Wearing a leather jacket and a black bow tie with red dots, Pip starts up on a large platform, then walks down some lighted stairs.  He’s also wearing red pants.  He sounds good and goes into the audience.  It’s got a few pitch moments, but overall, not bad.  As he finishes, we see his parents in the audience, also wearing bow ties.

Christina: I appreciate your vocal ability.  I wanted to throw your vocals away; it comes away as throwing too hard. 

Adam: This was an interesting choice.  As far as how it went, I wanted it to be more dangerous. It didn’t totally happen. We gotta work a little harder on it.  You need to be less trustworthy.

Me: He didn’t flop, but he didn’t soar.  I like him, but that’s more holdovers for his past performances.  And because I like the bow ties.

Jamal Rodgers singing Are You Going To Go My Way.

Starting up on top of flashing stairs, Jamar comes out of the gate rocking. He’s flanked by two female guitar players on stilts.  We have a rock concert going on here and he runs through the stilts.  Jamar delivers a larger than life performance and gets the 2nd well deserved standing O of the night.

Blake: Again, I don’t know what the hell the people on the stilts have to do with the song.

Cee Lo: Did you hear this crowd? Do you feel the energy?

Adam: This moment proves you embody what this show is.

Me: It was an over-the-top, flamboyant great ball of greatness.  Lots of fun.

So who’s going home?  I’d guess Mathai, Tony Lucca, Pip and Erin Martin are the most vulnerable.  The only 2 I feel are really safe are Jamar Rodgers and Juliet Simms.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I’m right!

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