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The Voice, Apr. 9 – Blake’s Panties are Flying Edition

It’s the 2nd live episode of The Voice of the season.  This time, we get to see Team Adam and Team Cee Lo fight to survive.  Tomorrow, America’s top three from each team are safe. Then the remaining three contestants sing for their lives and their coaches get the only vote that counts.

Katrina Parker singing Tonight, Tonight.

Katrina starts off on top of a set of stairs with a set of violin players.  She’s been instructed to be more Katrina and less Adele.  She’s delivering the song with gusto and sounds decent.  Adam looks happy.

Christina: Your voice captivated me; I kinda wanted you to rock out to it a little bit more.

Cee Lo: I thought it was a commendable effort; I think the song was never meant to be performed as much as felt.

Adam: I’m really happy with you. What you did was you listened to me. There were no frills, but overall, you killed it.

Me: It lacked some of the angst of the original, plus she looks like a very nice, attractive woman singing a song really well. She didn’t wow me in terms of stage presence or connecting with the song.  Vocally, she was great, but it wasn’t quite there.  However, it was well done.

Cheesa singing Don’t Leave Me This Way.

Cheesa is silhouetted in the dark with a spiraling spotlight behind her for the intro before she walks out as the stage explodes with dancers and lights galore.  Her vocals are awesome, and she’s giving a great performance.  Cheesa even rocks a few dance moves.  Hot.

Blake: I loved that; that was like solid gold. That had Cee Lo written all over it. It was dramatic; that was awesome. (Hey, that was my word!)

Adam: It was a great performance. You’re a great singer.  What are you going to do to make it distinct?  I’m not sure that happened.

Cee Lo: I thought you did a great job. I believe that was a success: It was electrifying.

Me: I agree (God help me) with Cee Lo. It rocked.

Tony Lucca singing In Your Eyes.

Tony is standing in front of the band for the verse, then plucks the mic out and takes to the front of the stage for the chorus. It was a nice, if understated performance.

Christina: I thought that was a good performance; I find you to be one dimensional. You have me and all you Mouseketeer buddies behind you.

Adam: That was honest. I think that song for me is one of my favorite songs.  You worked you way around (the falsetto) which was really good.  I was really happy with the way the room felt for the three minutes of the song.

Me: It was an ok. No bad notes. He didn’t fall on his face, but he didn’t rock it. He sounded like a guy who can sing. It was lacking that IT factor.

Kim Yarbrough singing Rolling In The Deep.

Dressed in black, looking like she means business, Kim commands the stage.  She sounds great in the verse, there are a few pitch problems, but she explodes in the last chorus.  You can really feel it, and she roars through the song.  She doesn’t move much, but she doesn’t need to.

Blake: I definitely liked the song better as the song went along.  It was good.

Cee Lo: This is such a safe song, such a current song.  I don’t know that I loved it, but I love you.

Adam: You are an unbelievable singer.  There were some problems. Adele, she’s a freak she’s so good. You’re a freak too Cee Lo. This wasn’t perfect.

Me: I think it was better than they’re giving her credit for, but when you have to compare to Adele, it’s going to be a hard battle.

James Massone singing I Don’t Know Why

Sitting on park bench, under a street sign that reads James Street and a flickering street lamp, James sounds nice. The girls are screaming their heads off, which clearly James loves.  There’s no amazing moment, no great money note, but it’s nice.

Blake: I almost threw my panties on the stage. (There’s an image I didn’t need.)

Christina: I like the more subtle approach coming from you.  There were some pitch problems. (To which Blake adds again that he almost pitched his panties.)

Cee Lo: (First he calls Ladies? and the girls scream) I hope you’re proud of yourself. You’re solid.

Me: I wasn’t impressed. I had no urge to throw my tidy whities at the TV, (Talk about an image nobody needs!)  However, he’s probably safe because of the screaming girl vote alone.

Juliet Simms singing Roxanne

The dry ice is going into overdrive as Juliet is bathed in a red light.  She’s changed the arrangement without destroying the song.  She’s giving a very emotional performance, but we get a glimpse that she’s also having fun.  She’s fiery! The song ends with everyone on their feet, including Christina and Cee Lo.

Adam: Well this just pisses me right off.  I really wanted you on my team.  You’re the best performance I’ve seen so far, as much as I hate to admit that.

Christina: I was into it. I was so into it. Your voice is dope.

Blake: It’s so good.  I just felt like I heard you sing for the first time.  Now I get it.

Cee Lo: Wow, baby, just wow! You did such an amazing job. You don’t need no smoke, no mirrors.  Nothing.

Me: Cee Lo’s team is kicking ass tonight. That was the first time tonight that I felt like I wasn’t watching a really well-produced karaoke competition. It was hot. It was mad. It was, as Christina said, Dope!