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Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ep. 20 – “Happiness & Joy”

Toys, party, gifts, and massages.

The season finale is here, and what a season it has been! From Kim’s new happiness with Kroy to the drama-filled South Africa trip.

NeNe and Cynthia go shopping for furniture and décor, like beds. During the chat, NeNe reveals she’s moving forward with the divorce. She’s made a decision. I’m sure her and Gregg won’t be completely done with each other, though. *wink* *wink*

The Cynthia Bailey Agency is kicking off. The doors to modeling school will be opening as Cynthia hopes to find Atlanta’s next “It” girl. As expected, not every single body that waltzes through the doors is really “model” type, but with the right guidance some — maybe a handful can be molded into something “model decent.

Kandi’s auditioning men to be masseuses and pamper the guests at her sexy party. The guys have to take off their shirts to show Kandi, Sheree and Phaedra what they’re working with. That requirement goes without saying. Some men pass the test and others … not so much.

All through dinner, her first times back in heels since having the baby, Kim is anxious to give Kroy his gift. She also struggles keeping the special gift a secret.

Pulling a waiter aside, “Sir could you hurry with our orders ‘cause I have a present for him and I can’t keep a secret.” Kim’s ready to get out of there.

A vale retrieves the car and around the corner comes a black Porsche donning a big red bow on its hood. Nice, very nice.

NeNe makes a major decision about her marriage. She later meets with her “business partner” John, who surprises her with another gift. “So New York, what about New York?” I have a feeling he might want NeNe to relocate. His business is there. It’ll make meeting up together easier, and she could receive more gifts in person. Speaking of that, he presents her with a Rolex.

“A Rolex is timeless. If you work it … it can last forever.” What are you trying to say John? Please speak plain English so that NeNe can get the hint.

All this showering with compliments and future talk is a little much for NeNe. Playing the field and dating here and there is the goal. Not settling down in another relationship. But feel free to give expensive gifts. That’s just fine.

The Happiness and Joy party is classy and the right amount of exciting. Kandi intended for the party to be more of a social event. Off to social media to spread the word. Tweet, retweet, and now more than a roomful of people show.

I have to say, Kandi’s attire for her party makes me want to go shopping ASAP. The long, sleeveless hot-pink dress has a belted sparkly waist for a tapered look. Love it. The earrings practically rest on the shoulders and are just as sparkly.

For the Smalls, it’s a blast and nothing short of pleasant surprises. Phaedra and Sheree happily check out the many products on Kandi’s line. An open mind can lead to happiness and joy. Surprisingly Kim shows up for this outing, taking a short break from Kroy and the kids.

Even she is willing to take home some sample toys, “Let me get a vibrator and get on home to my son.” Yeah, maybe that didn’t come out right in context.

Enter the Talls, and NeNe immediately has her nose tooted up in disgust and discomfort. Also, Marlo’s back! Where in the world has she been? Preoccupied with her new guy, I suppose. Cynthia just wants to give out business cards to promote her modeling school. But she and Marlo are kinda open-minded to the party.

Instead of mingling and going to find Kandi, the Talls have a seat in a secluded corner, waiting for her to come to them. They’re so above all this.

Momma Burrus is even down for the event. Even after that fallout at Kandi’s birthday with the Infamous ReDICKulous.

When Marlo and Cynthia are escorted to a massage by the nice manly bodies Kandi hired, NeNe is over it all. For real. Eye-rolling “Time to leave d**kland,” and so she does. Nobody’s surprised by this, but Marlo and Cynthia try to discourage her. Not happeneing.

Marlo and Cynthia find Kandi to say their goodbyes. Yes, they’re leaving with the Tall boss, mainly because NeNe is their ride. Kandi takes it with a cool attitude. Thanks a lot, NeNe, for the support. “Goodnight b*tches!”

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