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Monster Man, Apr. 4 – Giant Spiders and Ghouls

Hill wins the web-spinning contest, as Constance just rolls her eyes. Its back to the lab as Cleve decides that there is no way Mike is going to get his hand puppet his heart desires for the mega spider. Despite only having two days left, the mega spider must wait. Cleve cannot fit his hand in the spider, so he must create a robot puppet, but it has to wait.

The Pretties For You poster is set to shoot tonight, so Constance meets with Chelsea and starts the makeup work on her feet, working her way up with makeup and latex on Chelsea’s face. Constance is in charge and is a little nervous, because now not only is she in charge, but now she has to work with Cleve watching and helping her. Constance did an amazing job with the makeup, but all that really matters is what Josh thinks.

Josh examines Chelsea and is impressed, preparing to shoot. Constance is feeling confident and Cleve is proud of his daughter. Josh shoots for the poster and it looks really cool, dark and ghoulish. It’s back to the mega spider with one day left and Roy is already on Cleve’s case about being late. He seems calm and now even Cleve’s daughter Elora is worried but Cleve is not.

As the mega spider is ready for his closeup, they arrive on the set in time, and it is all up to Cleve to do his best spider impression. Mike is worried because there is no hand puppet, but Cleve explains how it is not going to work Roy tries to show Mike how the spider works, but Mike is still insisting he may have to do the shot digitally. Cleve preps the mega spider for the shot, and Mike will get to see Cleve’s mega spider in action.

Mike begins shooting, and Cleve works with the spider, as Mike yells CUT, but Cleve looks disappointed because he knows Mike is going to get rid of the practical effects and go digital as they call it a sad day for practical effects.  But this is not going to deter Cleve as he is going to finish the next three practical effects.

Roy wants everyone to relax and take part in “smashy smashy time, ” and everyone gets to smash some junk in the shop and blow off a little steam. Roy adds some “burny burny time,” and lights the smash items on fire. That is their opinion of CGI, but Cleve has had enough. It is time to get back to work on the mega spider that Cleve loves.

Cleve has two days to finish the giant spider and has Constance paint it with a shiny gloss so you can really see the evil spider coming at you at night (nice, right?). The next part is the melting head, and Hill and Johnnie work on the gelatin, wax melting head. Today is the day for the spider, and the team preps him and packs him up to go to the set.

Mike will arrive on set soon to inspect the giant spider. Cleve hopes Mike likes it. The moment of truth has arrived as they must deliver a vomiting evil giant spider that melts people’s heads. Hill loads up a fire extinguisher filled with vomit, and if the spider doesn’t vomit, Cleve is going to.

Mike begins rolling, and Hill prepares the spider for his big vomit moment. Mike yells CUT again, and Cleve is worried that Mike is thinking how he can make this digital. The spider does not deliver the amount of vomit Mike expected, so Cleve steps in to help, but they must get a perfect take or Mike is going digital. Cleve is trying to fix the spider quickly because they don’t have enough time.

The problem is the vomit is not making it over the spider’s jaws. Cleve’s solution is Twizzlers. Yes, that’s right, licorice that Cleve picked up from the craft services table (good thinking). Mike sets up his shot again, and Cleve sits and watches his spider vomit in the most massive way. Mike gets his money shot. Cleve is proud of his giant spider.

Adam the actor meets the mega spider and his own head that will soon melt as they advise him that Hill is going to spray green goop on him as his head melts. Mike sets up and Adam sees the giant mega spider and is sprayed with green goop. It is time for Adam’s doppelganger to come out for his face to melt, but they only have one shot, so it must be done right.

As Mike shoots and Hill sprays, the melting head does just what they said it would do. It melts like crazy, and Mike loves it. Mike is happy that practical effects won over CGI and that they created something that will appear on film. Cleve is proud of his physical effects and that his giant mega spider was insane.

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