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Monster Man, Apr. 4 – Giant Spiders and Ghouls

On tonight’s episode of Monster Man, Cleve gives everyone arachnophobia and creates an awesome giant spider. Although it may cause your skin to crawl, it is still awesome. It is not just any spider, but a giant oversized one that is Black Widow inspired. Constance gets her own project to work on with a little help from Cleve.

In sunny Los Angeles, Director Mike Mendez is meeting with Roy and Cleve to create his giant mega spider. Cleve sits with Mike and looks over his sketches. He is looking forward to the challenge and there is a catch – the mega spider vomits “like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly” and melts people’s faces. Cleve must create the spider to be able to spin webbing and melt people.

Cleve informs his team about the giant mega spider. Constance is happy about this, comparing it to Christmas morning. Cleve receives a small photo of the spider to work off of, and Elora and Cleve begin working on the spider image to make it bigger, while Constance wants to get a jump start on the design of the mega spider. She goes to Hill for help and asks if he has anything in his “freaky ice locker of death otherwise known as the freezer.”

Hill brings a collection of real Black Widow spiders that he keeps in the freezer, but Sonia believes it is weird that he keeps Black Widow spiders in the freezer. although they do help Constance. She gets a few ideas for the spider and begins the work.

Besides working on the mega spider, photographer Josh Separzedeh, who is responsible for creating ads for True Blood and the Halloween franchise, sets up a meeting with Cleve. Josh is seeks help from Cleve, but it is more for application and make-up, and this is right up Constance’s alley. Cleve calls Constance in to meet with Josh, and she is stoked that Cleve is trusting her to run this project.

Josh has a project for a client who is ready to start shooting, and Constance is excited to start working on it because it will be shot for a movie poster that will be coming out. She begins sketching hopes it will pass “the daddy test,” as she runs her sketch by Cleve. They are going to turn a pretty girl into a lifeless ghoul creature and the actress will wear a foam latex piece. Constance will do the make-up, and that will create the ultra-twisted scream queen.

Cleve goes back to creating the mega spider, but does not have the final design, so begins working on the foam head of the spider. He realizes he is not supposed to breathe in the foam. Sonia puts a mask on Cleve, and he jokes that for once Sonia is not trying to kill him, as he reluctantly lets her put the mask on.

Cleve finally receives the final designs from the CGI company, though Hill and Cleve are not happy. The designs look different from the first designs Cleve was given, and the team does not like it at all.

Cleve must change his design, and everything Constance made has to be changed, because at first they looked like Black Widow spiders, and now they resemble a more alien-type spider. Butv  Cleve is ready and knows exactly what he is going to do. He is going to create the new spider and use a gel mix to make the melting head.

The model Chelsea arrives to meet with Constance to have a cast of her head made and Johnnie is helping Constance, the plaster application can be claustrophobic but Chelsea seems fine and Constance and Johnnie work quickly to get Chelsea out of the plaster mold and Constance begins working on the plaster cast.

Cleve is ready to assemble one big ass spider as the team must get back to working on the mega spider. Mike Mendez is stopping by to check on the mega spider and Roy is once again nervous and upset but Cleve has a vision and Mike is firing the CGI company right away because in reality Cleve’s mega spider is awesome.

It’s back to Constance and her plaster cast of the actress’ head, and she begins sculpting and working on the ghoul girl. Cleve and Hill are working on the webbing for the spider with Hill using a combination of a glue gun and an air compressor, and Constance is using silly string. Constance sprays Hill in the face to prove her idea will be better, prompting Hill to advise them to go to the toy store and buy “cans of stupidity.”

The spider web design prompts a competition for Hill who ends up throwing Constance’s silly string away (Bummer). Roy decides to take Constance and Hill to the park to shoot their webs off and see whose web design is better. They also invite Mike Mendez out to see how the practical effects are better than CGI. Johnnie gets involved using an ancient Chinese martial arts technique involving shredded tissue paper. Johnnie does a warmup and sets the bar for the web competition as he sprays Mike with his tissue paper web.

Constance is next with her silly string, and Mike doesn’t look too impressed but there’s still more. Cleve’s other daughter Elora brings out the net gun, and since the mega spider preys on humans, the spider needs a web that can catch humans. This prompts Mike to say he wants to go with CGI but wait there’s more again. Hill introduces his glue gun idea in his best Al Pacino as Scarface, saying “Say hello to my little glue gun,” but despite the glue being hot, it still looks cool after it sits for a while.



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