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Q&A with Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden-Ried of Syfy’s Lost Girl

In the Syfy series Lost Girl, viewers are getting to know more about Bo, a succubus who uses sex to feed, heal and kill. Bo is played by Anna Silk who believes the reason for the show gaining success is growth. The writers have allowed so much room for the characters and the series to grow and develop since the first episode and the foundation is in place for the series to continue on.

Ksenia Solo who plays Kenzi, a thief, con artist, and Bo’s confidante, believes that the series is very unique. Kris Holden-Ried plays Dyson, the mysterious Fae who is Bo’s love interest and the first lover to survive a night with her. Holden-Ried enjoys the “creative story lines and characters that we can explore.”

The actors are also very happy to be able to continue their journey on the series, as they consider themselves very lucky to be able to talk to the writers and executive producers one-on-one when they need to. Holden-Ried explained, “They’re always open to our story ideas and we’re very fortunate to be able to have input.” The series is not a huge network show but it is big in the world of Science fiction. It stands as an independent production with Syfy, so they are generally able to speak up and be more “collaborative.”

The actors face some challenges but a few of those are welcomed. Holden-Ried’s character Dyson is very physical, and he was inspired to get back in shape and be strong again. He is careful when performing stunts, but he welcomes the challenges and searches for new ways to use his newfound energy.

Silk’s challenge is different. Her character was afraid and vulnerable, and Silk said she had that “down pat,” but does try to stay fit to play Bo. She does not have a sports background like Holden-Ried does, but she has learned a few tricks of the trade along the way. Ksenia takes inspiration from great actors she admires from movies. Kenzi is so full of life, so Ksenia remembers to eat properly and keeps her energy up to play Kenzi as bright and colorful as she is.

Silk finds her role as Bo incredibly refreshing, considering the content of the series is about a Succubus and there is a love triangle between the characters. One thing Silk jokes about is how many people she has kissed on the show. She can’t believe that is an important part of her job. There is a lot of great chemistry on the show, and Holden-Ried feels they’re “really blessed to have that real trust” with each other onscreen and off.

The cast is mum on future details of the series, but Silk confirms there will be some big events happening in the future. This will include something that will impact Dyson and Bo in a big way, and of course lots of new and exciting Fae drama as we continue to learn about Bo.

As for Silk being a succubus, it’s not all that bad, but she would like to see a few more mythological creatures on the series such as an incubus on the show. Holden-Ried deadpans seeing a minotaur and a Leprechaun would be great or an infamous troll.” Silk also discovers that Bo has a few new tricks up her sleeve, as she learns about Bo’s new power and what exactly she is capable of, so there are a lot of surprises in store.

In the end, the people behind Lost Girl are extremely proud of the show. Ksenia jokes that their goal is bringing married couples together in front of the TV.

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