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The Brunette Bully Brigade – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 6

[i]by atarus[/i]

I apologize for the lateness of this recap, I just finished my last exam this morning, and sometimes school comes before reality TV. (Yeah, I hate it too, but life goes on.)

We start off the episode with Branson telling us that he wants to see how the contestants do when they are taken out of their element. Apparently the women’s element is fighting, because Erica is already talking about how Candida always contradicts herself when she talks. Sara says that Erica and Nikki always put people down and she doesn’t like that they treat people poorly. Candida calls them the “Brunette Bully Brigade.”

Candida is the only person that hasn’t been a team leader yet, so she is automatically one of the team leaders. Branson is facilitating a team shuffle, so Candida has to pick the other team leader, and she chooses Nicole. Candida takes Heather, Steve, and Gabriel for her team, and Nicole has Erica, Shawn, and Sara. Before the challenge, Branson takes the teams to dine at the royal palace in Morocco. While dining, Branson has a confessional about Steve, saying that when he first met him he was a nice guy, but lately another side to Steve has been coming out. During the dinner, belly dancers come in to entertain, and Gabriel says that they “capped off the dream dinner.” Shawn says that while the dinner is enjoyable, he’s stressed about the challenge because he doesn’t want to face elimination again.

Branson says that their task is to decorate a suite. Virgin is building a hotel in Morocco, and they want the two suites to be the most beautiful in the world. The teams have to complete their suite with $5000 by 5 PM tomorrow. They have roughly 24 hours. Branson says it will be interesting to watch since none of the teams speak the language and they need to buy all their things from the market.

Erica and Nicole decide that the theme for their room will be MoRockin’. (Clever, very clever…..not.) Meanwhile, Gabriel on the other team comments that the market is quite large. Candida tells the group that they need lamps and decorations, and she wants something with a splash (some sort of fountain). Gabriel says that she is focusing on the icing on the cake before getting the cake, and Steve says that Candy “has no idea what’s going on” and she got everyone on her team to lose any respect for her as a leader before the first hour of the challenge was up.

Nicole whines that bartering in Morocco is hard. That’s it for that team! Now we’re back to Candida who says that her team isn’t cohesive and calls Gabriel “stupid” for wanting to get a bed for the room first. The other team decides to split up, and Sara and Nikki go into the market for things while Shawn and Erica are going to oversee painting the room. Back on Candy’s team, Steve is talking to Heather and says that their leader is basically useless, and their other teammate (Gabriel) makes no sense. Later at night, Candida starts freaking out because *gasp* people are touching her in the market. She nearly has a spaz attack in the middle of the market with Heather trying to calm her down. Steve remarks that at the end of the day all they have is a bed.

Morning comes, and Candida wants to buy as much stuff as possible with Steve. Steve tells Heather “we’re going to have to overthrow our leader.” Back to the other team, Sara is scared because the curtain person they were going to get their curtains from is closing early and the curtains are a huge part of the room. They manage to get to the curtain person in time and seal the deal on the curtains, and Sara says that they dodged a bullet. Back to Candida, who is begging people for a good deal, and Steve knows that’s not how you barter in Morocco, and he pantomimes shooting himself while Candida talks. Later, talking with Heather, he tells her that Candida negged every one of his ideas and so everything’s going to be blue because Candida’s favorite color is blue.

Time is winding down for both teams, and Shawn commits a crucial error for his team…he spills a bucket of paint that splashes all over the room. Uh oh! He says that he feels like a moron and they have to fix it, otherwise he’s probably toast. Gabriel remarks that they are at a completely frenetic pace, they’re finishing touches at the end and he’s not sure they can do it. Branson arrives at five and tells them to exit the rooms. He inspects Candida’s room first and says it looks like a student version of a suite…he likes the lights but the curtains are awful. The other room, according to Sir Richard, is incredible, he is amazed they pulled it together in 24 hours. With very little dramatic fashion, he declares Nicole’s team the winner. Nicole is ecstatic that she won, and Candida is annoyed she lost to Nicole. At this point, Branson pulls a Donald Trump and very obviously dubs over the episode at the point where he’s “telling” Candida about having to choose someone to go up against.

Candida talks to each person on her team for advice on who to take. Gabriel and Heather both say Steve, and Steve says Gabriel, because “there’s no way he’d lose to Candida in a challenge.” The next morning, Candida chooses Steve and says that he’s said and done things that are hurtful, but Steve says he has no idea what she’s talking about. The twist to this particular elimination is that Heather and Gabriel are a part of it too. Steve and Gabriel work together, as do Heather and Candida. Heather and Gabriel are set off on horseback into the middle of the desert area. Steve and Candida’s job is to find them just by having the other person navigate them to their location. Once there, they will have to use a military helicopter to find Sir Richard in the city of Morocco.

Heather and Candida get off to a rough start, and Steve and Gabriel seem more on top of things. Candida complains that she “has no idea how she’s going to find Heather.” Steve finds Gabriel first, and he opens a letter Branson gave him that reveals five locations Branson might be at. Him and Gabe are off. Candida eventually finds Heather, and Heather gives Candy the advice that “when they were at the Riad (sp?) was when Branson said to “pay attention to their surroundings” so maybe they should go there first. Candida says they are taking a huge risk in going straight to Riad.

However, the risk pays off as they spot Richard at the Riad. The men are having trouble locating Richard as Candy and Heather climb out of the helicopter. Steve and Gabe spot Richard at the Riad, and it turns into a TAR-type footrace to see who finds Branson the quickest…and Candida and Heather beat out the men. *tear* It’s elimination time. Erica says that while Candida made her team lose, Steve’s been shady. Shawn says he expects Richard to send Steve home. Steve complains that Candida is “the worst leader in the world.”

Branson tells Candida that she wasn’t friends with her team and it’s hard to be a leader without the camaraderie. He tells Steve that he has promised to “lie, cheat, and do whatever it takes to succeed.” In the end, one has to be eliminated…..and it’s Steve. Branson says that Steve became “too Machiavellian for his own good.” Steve warns Branson about who he chooses, because certain people will stab you in the back. (Honestly, I think Steve should have applied for Survivor. He would have fit in better.)

Next time on Billionaire, they’re going to Japan! They have to put on a big show, and we see Sara, Nicole, and Erica dancing in stewardess uniforms (and Heather remarking she doesn’t like how overbimboed the presentation is.) For the challenge, two people have to hang on for dear life, but as tensions mount and players start arguing, a “new threat” emerges.

Looking at the editing, I’m going to find it difficult to believe that Erica, Nicole, or Candida will get the position. They are just getting too much negative focus. Heather, Sara, Shawn, and Gabriel all have more positive edits, and I think one of them will be the new Virgin owner. E-mail me at atarus33@yahoo.com if you think differently. Until next week.


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