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Survivor: One World – Ep 8 – A Survivor Star Is Born

The other item of note…there was a storm a’ comin’, Tarzan decides to use the shelter for firewood. What? He informs them, “It’s not part of the wall, I’m not that stupid.” Chelsea opines, “The most educated people have no common sense.” That can be quite true. Tarzan senses a problem with the beauty. Except his intuition is that it is not because of the shelter, not because of the poopy pants, it’s because she is mad at her plastic surgeon. Are you kidding me? Because of her boob job. What!! Chelsea had a boob job? Damn.

First, Tarzan, you can only hope to do such great work, and second, I never thought that she was part technology. Oh, and third, way to not read the room, Tarzan. I would like to see Tarzan make his way back to an All-Star season someday. Seriously. But it would have to be a crazy All-Star season – Tarzan, Phil, Brandon, Shambo, etc. Now that’s reality TV.

Treemail Top 10
• 7-Up. The Uncola, as Troyzan said. Leave it to him to call back to their 70s slogan. This was one of the most shameless product placements the show has ever had. It ranks up there with the terrible movies they have forced contestants to watch. I mean, it was so bad, that they had the reward winners bring the reward back to the reward losers because 7-Up wanted to be on screen even longer. Wow.
Reward Challenge – The Giant Wedgie Slide. They are divided into two teams – Teams are Jay, Troy, Kat, Alicia, Chelsea vs. Mike, Kim, Sabrina, Cha, Leif. Tarzan is not picked. They go down the water slide, run into the water, get a giant puzzle block and await the next person. Then solve it. Mike and Jay go first, and we get a nice overhead shot of Jay ahead of Mike, directly after a close up shot that made it look tied. Unless that was a canned shot from rehearsal. It was smart to send out the stronger guys first to carry the heavy block solo. We get a nice shot of Kitten’s grimace, and Sabrina whiplash. But Alicia falling on her ass was a classic. Leif was shot like a bullet down the slide and wound up tumbling down the beach. Cha leaves the pack as they head back with their final piece, which confuses some of them. The only excuse – she went back to study the puzzle. If so, then it worked, she solves it before Troy and her team takes the reward despite losing all along. Good challenge, crappy reward, but good challenge.
• Leif maniacally chants BBQ! BBQ! This prompts a “shut the eff up” from either Chelsea or Alicia. Come on, the poor guy never gets to talk. But he does get to flip into a tiny pool like a maniac.
• At the reward, Sabrina prays. And somewhere Brandon smiles.
• There was a double rainbow following the storm. But what does it mean?!?!
Immunity Challenge – walk across a balance beam and maneuver bags of puzzle pieces across a twisted rope. The top four survive and move on to solve the very difficult puzzle. Jay is in dead last, as he goes rather slowly. However, while Troy, Kim and Alicia each try and fail to solve it, he winds up nailing it. Slow and steady. For Jay’s sake, I hope this analogy is applicable for his game.
• Kitten, regarding the puzzle – “This is too hard for me.” Actually, you really don’t need context – it could apply for anything.
• Mike, giving some great video for the editors – “Jay, he’s really nervous. But my alliance is sticking together, and for every person that’s not in the alliance, it’s your turn to go. I’d like to do a blindside. It’s always kind of fun because there’s no scrambling. Everybody can just relax and go to Tribal. As long as it doesn’t happen to you, then you’re okay. I could say that now and have my tribe blindside me, but I just don’t see that happening.” Oh, Mike.
• Classic Tarzan – “I hate to say it, Jeff, but we’re all just playing you because we know how important this night is. What needs to be said, is the allegiances that were formed prior to coming here, one would think would be relatively firm and not so wishy-washy, and if we reveal too much it will ruin the whole thing. So the game is afoot and that’s why we remain ambiguous. It’s our best bet, and therefore you’re being played.” Boom, you’ve been Tarzaned, Probst. I think it needs a dance to go with the term. Maybe some form of Big Tom’s shuffle? And speaking of dances, can we get a Wedgie Slide too?
• Lastly, the split vote. Two things happened here, either Kim kept Cha/Alicia out of the loop for some reason, or they accounted for the idol possibly being in Mike’s hands. Troyzan, Jay and Leif must have known that the vote was going Mike’s way no matter what, so they elected to play ball and live to fight another day.

Votes – Mike 7 (Chelsea, Kim, Kitten, Sabrina, Troyzan, Jay, Leif), Cha 2 (Tarzan, Mike), Tarzan 2 (Cha, Alicia)

Next week – Jay springs to action and tries to flip Kitten. Not flip a kitten – but I am sure there’s about 2000 YouTube videos about that out there.

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